Faces at the investiture of the Tinubus as Egba Chiefs

The Faces at the chieftaincy installation ceremony for the Tinubus in Abeokuta today.

From right, Mrs fashola, fashola, Mrs Amosun, Amosun, Oba Gbadebo, his Olori and the Tinubus
Governors Ajimobi, Amosun, Tinubu, Oba Gbadebo, the Olori, fashola and senator Tinubu
General Buhari, Oba Akiolu, Governor Fashola at the event
Senator Mamora and other guests at the ceremony


  1. Anthony

    dont insult any body just pray to God to give u d grace to b a leader 1 day and see what impact u can make ok

  2. Love |Hope

    You people abusing Tinubu are fools.

  3. lesho


  4. henry

    A day of recorning will surely come on this scavengers of our national wealth,
    crowning corruption, investituring robbers will definitely invite divine judgement
    on this looters
    The SWORD of the LORD is dangling we’ll all live to see. NO PLEA!

  5. nelson

    where are the “Boko Haram” of the west to terrorise the looters of the west/nigeria.
    The Chicago boss is buy chieftancy tittles -wanna be like MKO? He can never be like MKO! He is an imitator -He is trying to be what? Chicago !!!

  6. ade

    useless idiots,wat they have done in few years,ur fathers cant do it in 20 years.mshew

  7. Badeola


  8. ogbeni naija

    @Balogun,Sam Ola is completely a sane man.That is how he viewed it.Are they not corrupt? Why are they attacking PDP.This people will be worst than PDP if they eventualy get to power.THIEVES.

  9. Balogun

    Sam Ola, you are absolutely out of your senses.

  10. SAM OLA

    Corrupt leaders gathered to celebrate corruption day.Shame!…..

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