Saharareporters: Patience Jonathan still ill

52 5 this morning, quoting unnamed sources claimed this morning that Patience Faka Jonathan, wife of Nigeria’s president, is still ill, despite the pomp and circumstance that attended her return to Nigeria last month.

“Saharareporters learned that shortly after the public relations exercise that attended her return, she retired into a medically-induced bed rest that has her kept her away from the public, unable to attend to official duties.

“On October 26th Mrs. Jonathan appeared with her husband and the Ondo State governor, Olusegun Mimiko and his wife to cut her 55th birthday cake in the presidential villa, since then she has disappeared from the public.

A presidency source stated that Mrs. Jonathan’s doctors in Germany have also continued to visit and watch her recovery.

When Mrs. Jonathan returned from a prolonged medical trip to Germany in October she spoke effusively about being given a second chance, but denied having been in a hospital.

Our sources say the publicity given her return was designed to end all forms of speculation about her true condition because the presidency had badly miscalculated by not revealing her actual medical status to the country. Contrary to the plans of the presidency, SaharaReporters exposed specific details her husband wanted to keep hidden.

Since her return, Mrs. Jonathan has not been able to accompany her husband on any official trips in or outside of Nigeria, including visits to her home state of Rivers, or that of Mr. Jonathan, Bayelsa.

In addition to all this, she has not attended to her duties in Bayelsa as Permanent Secretary, a position she seized with grand fanfare months before she left the country on an extended trip she said was not for hospital treatment purposes.

It is unclear how long Mrs. Jonathan’s bed-rest will continue as she remains inaccessible to the public, or how her absence is impacting her official duties in both Abuja and Bayelsa.”

By SaharaReporters, New York

Patience Jonathan In the midst of kids on her arrival from Germany in October


  1. naubiko

    @paul …now that’s funny wish you can up with witty comments like that.

  2. Oludare

    Please take the first lady to Dunamis Gospel Church area 1 Gark Abuja, she will be recover her of her sickness we don’t want her to die.
    Please anyone who can pass this information to our first lady should.
    Long live first lady
    Long live our president
    Long live federal republic Of Nigeria

    1. John Mgbe

      this dunmis thing is ADVERT 101——-GOD IS NOT MAN!

  3. paul

    every one in Nigeria is sick so this is not a news item

  4. "Leke

    You people have started again, I know this will be the headline of your paper this evening, Can’t you people for once say something good-well this time you even try to let us know the report is from Sahara (so that when kasala burst you will find that as a lean rope to lean on)
    I hope Sen. Ajimobi is still pressing on with his charges?
    Please leave this people alone and report something constructive…

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