Funky Short Hairstyles

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Wearing braids, fixing long weaveons or keeping wavy or straight long hair, can be an easy way to stay effortless trendy, but there are some gorgeous short hairstyles that could effectively work for you.

New Look… Rihanna cut off her long wavy hair for super cut.

Pixie hairstyle is one of the hottest hair styles this season. It is a flattering edgy geometrical cut that gives the overall look of a woman that is not afraid to experiment and play with her hair. And there are many more flattering well defined short cuts that you can wear to obtain that feminine, alluring look, even though some are male inspired styles.

Aishat Alaya, a.k.a. Hyesha, an upcoming Afro pop singer, is one of the Nigerian artistes that have traded long locks for sleek, short styles. Hyesha wears her hair super low, while the front and top are left a bit longer and curly for that funky look that is often associated with hip hop stars.

Geometric haircut is still very hot since this season. This is when you cut a side of your hair shorter than the other side, allowing your stylist to create a style that suits your unique facial features.

For more adventurous look, take a clue from some of Nigerian artistes’ hairstyles like Eva Alordiah , Coco Ice,  Shaha and Bouqui, among others

Hyesha, a final year French student of the University Of Lagos, says celebrities go for short hairdos  because they are versatile, special and unconventional which work well on stage.

Aside music figures, an average lady can also be gracious and elegant in short hairstyles.  The afro pop singer told Beauty Passion that she preferred to wear short hairdo instead of the regular long hair because it’s comfortable to wear and it is easy to make bold statement with it.

If there is another thing Umbrella singer, Rihanna knows how to do well, it is to set trends. The singer was inspired by one of the Umbrella singer short hairstyles.

But not all women can get away with short hairdos, except those with  an oval face shape.  And sometimes, it takes more than one attempt to get the perfect cut for your faceshape.  Hyesha first experimented with Anita Baker hairdo but had to go for another style when the result was not satisfactory.

Once you found out the cuts that are good for the shape of your face, the texture of your hair and body type, short cuts can always work for casual, trendy, classic and even formal look.

However, super short hair on very tall women can look too masculine and it is not always flattering on petite women. Short hair on women with round faces can make the round face appear fuller. So you have to choose a style that flatter your plus features and downplay your not-so-good features

Short hairstyles can be hard and expensive to maintain  to keep it healthy, strong, and beautiful but it is worth the effort, says Hyesha. To maintain a healthy look, short hairdos  require regular trimming, conditioning and plenty of moisture. And to control your  frizz or curly locks, shop for the right brush and curly thong as well as  shiny leave-in products

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    So amazing and nice informative stuff .It is no doubt that funky hairstyles are considered the latest and modern hairstyles.I like so much the funky and pixie hairstyles .
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