UK charges Nigerian with fraud attempt on dead man

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A Nigerian-born man appeared in a British court in Surrey on Wednesday charged with attempting to defraud a British-Iraqi family who were mysteriously shot dead in the French Alps. Abiodun David John, 33, is accused of eight counts of fraud for allegedly trying to access Saad al-Hilli’s accounts, both before and after the engineer was killed with his wife, her mother and a passing cyclist on September 5.

John is also charged with attempting to obtain a credit card in Hilli’s name the day after the 50-year-old businessman was found dead in his BMW estate car in a car park near the French village of Chevaline, Lake Annecy.

John appeared dazed and fell to the floor during a short hearing at Guildford Magistrates’ Court in Surrey, southeast England.

He was remanded in custody until a further hearing at Redhill Magistrates’ Court in Surrey on Tuesday. His defence lawyer told the court that his client intended to plead not guilty.

Surrey Police say the fraud charges are not linked to the ongoing murder investigation by around 100 French and British police.

Saad Al-Hillis: Murdered with wife, mother: Photo credit Mail Online
The Hillis’ two young daughters survived the horrifying attack.

Seven-year-old Zainab al-Hilli was shot and severely beaten and her four-year-old sister Zeena lay undetected under her mother’s body for eight hours after the shooting.

Police have investigated several theories about why the four victims were killed, ranging from an alleged family dispute over money, to Hilli’s work in the satellite industry and his connections in Iraq.

French investigators have denied press reports that they now believe cyclist Sylvain Mollier was the prime target.

Abiodun david John, charged with fraud. Photo credit: MailOnline



    @COO have you watched it? what is your opinion

  2. COO

    @Ogbeninaija: It very clear to me that you haven’t moved beyond the SW zone and i seriously think that you need a lot of growing up to do. Yes my brother Okoye was charged with armed robbery and NO YORUBA MAN HAS MAN HAS BEEN CHARGED FOR ROBBERY IN THE HISTORY OF NIGERIA ????It will be nice for you to also keep records of crimes committed by your Yoruba “saint” brothers and share with us from time to time to balance issues. Osaro call your attention to fact that the facebook fraudster is not igbo and i expected you to reply him but you choosed to reply Kelechi instead. Your die -hatred for the Igbo race will surely destroy you if dont change from this your uncivilized and primitive views on other tribe, particularly when you are not any better.


    @Kelechi I strongly agree with you,i was amazed when i stumbled into this clips involving this two Nigerians on you tube.the clip is this (2 Nigerians arrested with US $100M) the news is on
    Just take a look at it ,you will see how smart this guys are.IT IS AMAZING.

  4. Femstar

    Nigerians – fraud, fraud, and fraud everywhere. Even our blood stink of fraud.

  5. kelechi

    I’m much as I’m aware that yorubas are in fraud abroad (unlike my igbo brothers on Nigeria Levels) somehow I believe this guy is innocent.
    Either he’s got him self mixwd up with the wrong people or some fellow Nigerian wants to put him in trouble, I maintain that he is innocent.

    Let’s not be quick in condemning people.

  6. Tunde

    Another Ibori in the making!

  7. Osaro

    Ogbeni NAIJA the so called facebook fraudster is from my tribe …not Ibo…But does it make any meaning?I had expected you to at least condemn the actions of this ruthless Fraudster who had the guts to get involved in a high profile murder case,but instead you cleverly evaded the issue on ground and went back to your old ways.Please let us grow above tribal sentiments it does not augur well for the progress of the nation.period.


    @COO THANK YOU VERY MUCH,your brother Okoye the president of Ladipo market that was arrested for armed robbery recently,you are not saying anything about him.YES I AM JUMPING about on online newspapers,check my comments,it is all attacks on the Nigeria big time criminals.How many of your people have attacked as fraudsters. SO WHAT IS SO TRIBALISTIC ABOUT MY ATTACK.

    Suspected Facebook fraudster arraigned over N140,000 fraud

    A 28-year old suspected Facebook fraudster, Benjamin Asuahor, of Eleko town in Lagos State was on Thursday arraigned before an Abuja Magistrates’ Court, Life Camp for alleged cheating.

    The accused, who appeared before Chief Magistrate Rahmatu Gulma, was also charged with criminal breach of trust and criminal intimidation, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

    The Police prosecutor, Cpl. John Ijagbemi, told the court that one Amaka Okoye of No. 2, Gafia Street, Nasarawa State reported the accused at the FCT Police Command headquarters, Abuja.

    Ijagbemi said that on June 4, the accused, who was a Facebook contact, proposed to sell ladies wear and hand bags to Okoye at N140,000.

    He said on June 20, Okoye paid the said money into a UBA account, in favour of one Obiowu Felix, but the accused refused to supply the items.

    The prosecutor told the court that efforts to get the money back proved abortive, adding that in the process, the accused threaten to kill Okoye if she insisted on collecting her money back.

    He said police investigation had discovered that the accused was only a scammer that neither had a job nor a shop.

    Ijagbemi said the accused was charged with criminal breach of trust, cheating and criminal intimidation, which is contrary to the provisions of sections 312, 322 and 397 of the Penal Code. The accused, however, pleaded ‘not guilty.’

    The prosecutor, however, urged the court for an adjournment and urged the court to remand the accused in prison custody till the next adjourned date.

    He argued that the accused had no fixed address within the jurisdiction of the court and if granted bail on any grounds, he was liable to jump bail.

    Chief Magistrate Gulma remanded the accused in prison custody and adjourned the case till November 21 for hearing

  9. Rufus

    Omo yoruba ni!…..omo juen owo, kudi. Stupid boy

  10. COO

    I am expecting a comment from Ogbeninaija who knows how to tribalize issues. I thought his Yoruba people are saints and can never be involved in 419, armed robbery etc etc. Ogbeninaija has been jumping from one online newspapers (Pmnews, Punch etc) to another attacking other non-Yoruba tribes on issues like this one.

  11. L. Kola Adepoju

    This man need to be investigated more and beyond fraudulent activities. Was he behind the death of the man? How did he know him? How did he come to have access to his bank details? Is anyone backing him or behind his vociferous audacity to come for the dead man’s money? Is he an Iraqi man?

    According to the latest swipes from Obasanjo, he said Abacha still has about £1.5bn unclaimed money in Swiss banks. If this man is a financial fraud genius like his grandfathers, what is stopping him from going for Abacha’s/Nigerians’ money in Swiss banks. Omo OLE!

    However, I am against the labelling. If this man has done UK proud like MOBOT that came in from Somalia and won laurels at Olympics, he would have remained a Briton. Nevertheless, it is a shame that he is a cunny person

  12. spark

    Greed and love of money have kill many and will continue to kill more. Why don’t people be content with little they have? Answer?

  13. Murray

    Whaen they finish stealing, they will now come back home for laulautation. He must be sent to 100 years in prison.

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