Robbers Kill Inspector, Corporal, Snatch AK47 Rifles

A police inspector was killed by armed robbers yesterday at Ajao Estate Lagos State southwest Nigeria.

The incident occurred around Osolo Way near a popular eatery at Ajao Estate, Lagos.

The police officer, simply identified as Inspector Ogedemgbe, was shot when he led a team of policemen attached to Ajao Estate Division to rescue some security guards of a hotel around the area where the gang went to operate.

The gang, on sighting the patrol team, shot the police inspector, who died on spot and a coporal, who was severely injured.

According to eyewitnesses, the robbers took away  the police men’s AK 47 rifles and other valuables, while they shot sporadically to scare away residents as they fled the scene of the incident.

The police officers were later rushed to a nearby hospital.

While the police Inspector was certified dead and his body deposited at Ikeja mortuary for autopsy, the coporal whose name was not yet ascertained, was critically injured and was still receiving treatment at the hospital as the time of filing this report.

When contacted, the Public Relations Officer of the Lagos State Police Command, the Deputy Superintendent of Police, DSP Ngozi Braide, confirmed the incident.

She told P.M.NEWS on phone that the robbers had a gun battle with the police and in the process killed the police inspector and injured a corporal.

Braide disclosed that the police recovered one AK47 rifle from the robbers and one of them escaped with a bullet wound during the gun battle.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe & Dedigbo Ayodeji


  1. TT

    May his sould rest in peace…very unfortunate that he die when serving his father land and protecting the good nigerians

  2. TT

    Ayour Pee,
    I quiet agreed with you but not all of them.Some of them are passionate while some of them are devil,some like you and me.Your other side may be worst,we never can tell.

  3. Ayour Pee

    @ Koya … am so sorry because i am also guilty of your accusation. I have had several bad experience with the Nigerian police that makes me so insensitive to their cause. When i read the news, many scenes flashed into my mind: may be negotiation broke down between the robbers and police? were they concentrating on harassing some innocent motorists when the robbers caught them unaware? Were they atoning for some evil curses rained on them by some people they have extorted their hard earned money?

    Nigerian policemen are human, yes indeed but if you are so unlucky to enter into their trap, you will see the other side of human beings. Just last Sallah break, some patrol police blocked me at about 6.40pm just because i was reversing my car to enter the express. All my pleas were useless and i ended up at their police station at Ojokoro. They went away with my car key and i had to wait till 12 midnight before they came back. Even then they insisted that they will charge me to court the following morning unless i give them 20k. i had to abandon the car there, trekked back to the express middle of the night before a friend came to pick me. If not for the intervention of people i know, the car wouldn’t have been released the next morning after still paying 6k to them.

    Tell me: with an experience like this(which is just an instance), how do i show empathy to any policeman. Praying for such people’s soul may be in vain because they will hardly rest in peace!

  4. Koya

    It is wicked for those of you castigating the Police here. Why can’t you even commiserate with the family of the dead. If they repond swiftly to the scene of robbrey, you complain; if they are late, you curse. Shame on all of you who continue to live in a fool’s paradise. With comments like yours, do not blame the Police the next time, when you place a distress call. Yeye people!

    1. Bade

      @Koya, u are the only one talking sense, police are also human being like us and not all of them are bad, is it a crime for him to respond to the call??? May His Soul Rest In Perfect Peace. Amen.

  5. Sesan

    Pastors are increasing their fleets of jets and armed robbers are increasing their desperation/rampage for the Christmas. Signs of times!

  6. Ayour Pee

    Shame on Nigeria Police! …. @ De Tiger, u still breathing? Methink you had visited the north and Boko had done the needful! Let’s read more of you!

  7. Don Mike (De Tiger)

    Rushing to robbery scene without perfect
    head-track logistics? ?? Nigerian Police
    with ANALOGUE operational method..

    Shame on Nigeria Police!

    De Tiger.

  8. Amaechi Ede

    At least, the innocent civilian souls they have wasted can not go in vain.

  9. paul

    So this bastard Deputy Superintendent of Police, DSP Ngozi Braide can quickly confirm this report but if civilian the police kill she will say she is still waiting useless report, idiot ashawoooooooooooooo police woman

  10. otunba sege

    naija what a shame if it were innocent vicitms police would have shot them now see how they meet their water loo

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