Oritsejafor marks 40th year as pastor with new jet

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President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayodele Joseph Oritsejafor has celebrated in Warri the 40th anniversary of his being called for high service in the church.

He was converted and ordained a pastor in 1972 by the late Benson Idahosa, the first pentecostal archbishop in Nigeria.

He later founded his own ministry, Word of Life Bible Church based in Warri.

President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta state were at the ceremony today.

The highlight of the celebration was the announcement to the congregation that Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor has joined the league of rich Nigerian pastors who own private

Bombardier jet 601
jets. Other pastors in the league are Pastor Enoch Adeboye of RCCG, Pastor David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

The new jet marked N431CB is a bombardier Challenger 601 heavy jet and is estimated to cost a minimum of N600million

The jet was reportedly bought for the pastor by the church.

Inside Oritsejafor’s luxury Bombardier luxury plane

Speaking during the celebration, Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan, a special guest of honor at the occasion, described
Pastor Oritsajafor as a national Christian, visionary leader and a great man of faith.

Oritsejafor’s jet has stirred controversy on social media, with commentators describing it as one more proof that the followers of Jesus, who did not own a donkey, have derailed.

“Listen Folks if you wanna become rich and can’t get on the political ladder try Pastor Now, New Get rich quick via the people’s gullibility.”, wrote
Segun Adekunle Alli.

Kayode Ogundamisi, Nigeria’s activist based in the UK, penned: “The damage most Nigerian Pentecostal churches are doing to Nigeria now is becoming unbearable. It is now more like Pentecostal economic Jihad against the gullible mass. Ayo Oritsejafor’s Jet is just a minute example of how insensitive the pastoral section of the Nigerian ruling class can get. Colonial missionaries blessed us with schools such as CMS Grammar school, CKC in the East and loads of free health services for the poor masses but today Christ is now a reason for the suppression of the poor mass and when they want to fight the oppression of pastors friends in power, they are told to suffer well here and enjoy in heaven. Rather than join the mass to get government to fix death traps called roads, the pastors join political office holders in the jet race, they would fly over us and avoid the bad roads, they sure will also get a section of the Bible to justify the wickedness”.

Chiedu Uche Okoye said he expected Oritsejafor to turn down the gift of jet by his congregation and use the money for the good of members and the community.

Uche Ezechukwu, a public affairs analyst, wrote: “The claim is that it was donated by the members of his flock, most of who cannot afford two square meals a day and had flocked to him for miracles. It doesn’t now matter that Christ did not own even a donkey. Until the government gathers the courage to tax these ‘men and women of God’ who wallow in profligacy but put nothing back to the society, they will lead us to trouble, not heaven.”

Prince Agber Hon Adum a.k.a Prince Kent, based in Washington DC said: “The devil is really having a field day with we the so called believers , even those whom we thought should have known better. Many faces of Satanic temptations: from garden of Eden, to Christ on the cross, to the modern times. No o hiding place for humans, except by his grace and mercies.

Chindima Onwurah Chris appealed to critics to leave “the men of God alone”.

Here are some photographs at the ceremony:

President Jonathan, Oritsejafor at the ceremony in Warri, Delta state today


Oritsejafor, his wife, Jonathan, Uduaghan at the cutting of cake of the 40th anniversary of Oritsejafor’s ordainship


  1. Collins A. Anyanwu

    Judge no man, that you may not be judged. God knows d heart of every man and He awaits every man for the reward of his work. What have you being doing with your life n wt d opportunities God has giving you to affect lives?

  2. yemade

    if you are a civil servant or a worker of some sort after 40yrs of meritorious service without blemish any gift would worth the while, how come everybody is complaning about the glory after 40yrs you all forgot that the humble beginnings and the early days of how he must have laboured to build the church . abeg hypocrits pray for God’s blessing upon your life if a man who serves God cannot own a jet i wonder who on earth deserves it.

  3. pst Isa Oyigebe

    my humble self thank God for his grace upon you for these past 40yrs. We have never met any where before but on getting to Harare in Zimbabwe on Gospel assignment in the yr 2006 I was told that you Pst. Ayo left three days B4 my arrival,the Period when President Mugabe was persecuting the church. Thank God 4Ur courage and boldness. Your yearly financial empowerment for the less previll- edge cought my attention and as a Pastor, I refused to be envious of Gods reward upon you. God that raised Igbo smoker choose you to comfirm his word. I know your testimony to some extent. I am against those other Pastors that benefited from the missionary schools and enjoy free education but hike the fees of there own institutions,affordable mainly by 419ers, Ritualist and corrupt politicians. Hell is real. Personally ownng a private is enough to land me in hell,with the poor aroud me? Except God speak expressly.

  4. Samuel Olufunmilade

    Most of our present day Pastors do not fall into the category of the Godly as highlighted in the book of Psalms, Chapter 1. Their present success would as the Bible say be like the chaff which the winds will definitely blew away… and should not be emulated by any serious God worshiper.


  5. Amos524

    No good student of the Bible who is familiar with the Bible book of Amos will be taken aback by the profligacy and materialism of today’s Church leaders. Nothing is really new under the sun. Certainly the impending judgment on these plunderers in God’s name can not be averted. God speed that day!

  6. Muyi

    All i know is that People are really Suffering in this Country than all this expense. Some people can not go to Church any more because they have nothing to offer, Graduates are there looking for Jobs, Some dont have houses under their roof and you want this people to Bellieve. How will an Hungry man Serve God Dutifully with all this Flamboyancy in the Service of God.

  7. Joseph

    James 4:4 tells us that friendship with the world is enmity with God. From these photographs and others not recorded here, it clearly shows you that Ayo’s regular visits to Aso Rock has finally paid off.
    Those day as a child mum or dad will send you out of the house if you pick one penny and used it to buy sweet but these days it does not matter where you get the money, just bring to the man of God. Christ told a rich man to go sell all he has and give the procced to the poor, today , it is bring it to the man of God. We were blessed by the early missionaries with good schools and hospitals but today it is the opposite. We were thought salvation, today it is prosperity and enemies.
    Where is the so called EFCC to investigate the source of the donors wealth and to find out how much tax he has paid to the country is actually it was not bought by Jona and Uduaghan?

  8. Kamor Lawal

    All these pastors are buying jets in the midst of very poor people. They are really “‘Olusho Agutan” taking advantage of docile christians.

  9. Jay

    The blame should go to gullible fools and not the pastors!!!!!!!!

  10. otunba sege

    walai i will soon become a pastor

  11. R.S. D

    Pastor Adeboye does not own jet yet so also Sam Adeyemi. Do not mind most of these media web pages who cook stories so they can sell. My earlier comments were not posted. I know they will not do that. They may also not post this. Read this click this link.


    1. naubiko

      @R.S.D That article talked about Sam Adeyemi , but never mentioned Adeboye, did Adeboye personally call you to deny he never owns a jet? Always verify your fact before talking on people’s behalf.

  12. R.S. D

    Be careful. ome news published by some of our media are junk. I do not think that Pastor Adeboye owns a jet yet. If you do not have fact to substantiate what news you read on these web pages just allow God to judge so that you will not partake of other people’s sins.


  13. Buchi

    @Olatunde,no to put it in view,they are gods of men and not men of God!

  14. Austin A

    May the Lord continue to bless and protect His servant for the many souls that the Lord have saved through the preaching of the Word of God. I used to wait all day to hear him preach on the air way back in the 80s and am so glad to know that he is still faithfull to God. God will continue to bless and up lift him in Jesus name, amen!

  15. Olatunde Okedara

    It pains me when people refer to Enoch Adeboye, Oritsejefor, Oyakhilome, Oyedepo, Bakare and others as men of God. These guys are not men of God but “Tin-gods of Gullible Men”. Until those who are enlightened are prepared to correctly describe these men for who are and are not they will continue to fleece the gullible and un-discerning people. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing and they will get their just reward on the day of judgement.
    Our people are too spiritually lazy. They prefer to listen to these thieves than to read the bible and try to understand it. The bible is totally against the lifestyle of these tin-gods. The other painful aspect of it is that these tin-gods of gullible men have avid defenders among wretched followers who willing to go to any length to defend their ostentatious life-style. Sad! Very sad!

  16. isioma

    Judge not for your judgement comest quickly. Whatever u sow u shall reap. Enternity is real,where u want to spend it, is a matter of choice. Every man shall give account of his works on earth. Yes,they maybe be wrong,but we that have little,should spend it wisely. Change begins with u they have their life,u have yours. The end shall tell

    1. Collins

      God bless you.

  17. Jay

    I hope you don’t end your life with this jet!

  18. Menyoooo

    All these pastors are fake and materialistic…. they buy private jets while their so called worshipers in their various churches are hungry…… GOD hope you see what is happening…

  19. concerned Naija

    Hmmmmmm, Na Wah oooo, N600 Milla, i hope they are also going to pay for the maintenance fee, the hanger fees which should be like $300 to $600 per day and if he goes abroad its different. And this is a country that doesnt even have a National Carrier but have individuals owning Fleets of Jets including uncle Jona!!!
    What if the money was to build a modern school, hospital, orphanages for the Church. Sorry even the one wey them Build for the Church na 250k be school fees. i wonder if there were no rich people to donate dis kain tin to Jesus during his time, even the time he rode donkey enter somewhere was documented. Na Wah oooo, Men of God doing wonderful things and followers languishing in abject poverty. Abeg which exam dem dey write take qualify for this honour make everybody begin join body write him own. make person rise from being Children to Men… God have mercy on us all…

  20. Gist Naija

    Congrats pastor Ayo. wish you many more years. We thank God for your life.

  21. naubiko

    40th Years… I pray we open our eyes to these fake people we have in Nigeria. Did he use that forum to tell his friend GEJ that he should wake up from his slumber?

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