Nigerian soldiers massacre 40 in Maiduguri

No fewer than forty people have been summarily executed by Nigerian soldiers in Maiduguri, capital of Borno state.

The soldiers, according to reports carried out the executions last night, after a raid of four areas considered strongholds of the Boko Haram insurgents.

Residents of the Kalari neighborhood, said to be infested with Boko Haram elements, said troops of the JTF swarmed the area late Thursday and “segregated the young from the old.”

“They asked our children to lie face down on the ground and then asked us to turn away our faces. All we heard were gunshots,” said the elder resident, who requested anonymity and clarified that the victims were largely teenagers and those in their early 20s.

“They did the same in three other neighbourhoods. We went to the morgue to collect the bodies and we found 48 in all,” he added.

A resident of the city’s Gwange area told AFP that the alleged massacre was “like a movie scene.”

The troops “picked young men from their homes and were shooting them dead before everyone and took the bodies away to the hospital. I have never seen something like this,” he said, also requesting that his name be withheld.

A morgue attendant at the Maiduguri General Hospital said they “received 39 bodies yesterday which were brought in by soldiers. They all have fresh gunshot wounds.”

A military source declined to comment on the allegations when contacted, saying only that if such killings had taken place, they were “unjustified”.

In a report released Thursday, Amnesty International said Nigeria’s military had committed massive rights violations in their campaign against Boko Haram, including summary executions, many of which were reported to have occurred in Maiduguri.

The army has denied the report.


  1. olaolu

    We are all guilty of sin but not of terrorism. JTF are doing what they can to fight Bokoharam. It might not be the ideal way but if it results to fear among the population and denouncing the real culprits, then it is ok. I personally think that rule of power is the perfect antidote to Boko Haram.

  2. andy


  3. Eleshindudu

    I think boko haram about to meet their waterloo,thank to jtf since the northerner can not bring out boko harams among them, pls continue to kill them as much as u can jtf. Is now they want to negotiate with government when they are losing out ,May Almighty ALLAH punish them all( the boko haram) they brought shame to Islam( religion of peace)

  4. Trojan Nuke

    The choice of Saudi Arabia as point of dialogue is totally an insult on Nigeria. Also releasing boko aram terrorists from detentions, slaughter house and prisons is not an option at least for now.
    The only condition for peace is for Imam Skekau to leave his hide out in that politicians house in the city and report to the nearest police station or barracks for questioning.
    I had a dream yesterday that Imam Shekau is hiding in one of Borno’s politicians houses in qwaj town. I think I remember the politicians face and I am cross checking his name to give to the authorities. Shekau dresses like a woman and is in one of those hidden rooms.


  5. Ahmed

    D way d press report activities of JTF carries tones of sympathy with bokoharam. I will suggest families of victims of bokoharam bombings and killings should form a common voice against media outfit sympatizing with bokoharam group.
    Why do you think bokoharam ask for ceasefire if not bcos their cover has bn removed since their sponsors are now exposed. Govt should allow JTF to continue like this for the nxt twelve and let see what shall become evil.
    Bokoharam members dont wear uniform and they dont live in heaven but among people moreover old men dont carry guns.

  6. Ahmad rufai

    I think d whole drama was orchestrated by can & cia in order 2 disorganise the northern predominant muslim community by sharply cutting down pop of young generation given its multiplier side effect on islam.
    If govt is serious then y killin people pls find them the sponsors destroy the sources & giv amnesty 2 fighters & leave the north alone pls & pls stop xtra judicial killings y must u kill one who hold no fire arms 4 god sake?

  7. emma

    it takes the guilty to know the innocent, those who are saying that the JTF are killing innocent people, which means they know the real boko harem.

  8. ejiofor

    There is no Northerner who is not a terrorist. Every Housa/Fulani person is a Bokoharam. Any one JTF can waste go ahead there is no wahala.

  9. Banji-F

    We should all know that the JTF is handling a difficult task fighting a faceless enemy.
    People should cooperate with JTF by giving useful information and stop being sympathetic with Boko haram bcos there is no difference between boko haram and whoever is sympathetic with them.
    Having said that JTF should also carry out their assignment with utmost professionalism to avoid any innocent person being killed bcos this will also defeat the struggle against terrorism. They should always find away to identify the real culprits, their sponsors and their sympathizers and deal with them squarely.
    They should protect whoever provide useful information to JTF.
    JTF should enlighten the people a modern way of providing information without revealing the identity of the informant. E.g provide a telephone line which people could call or send text message to and ensure that all the telcom companies protect the information and the identity of the informant. Also they could also own a website, email address where people can communicate with them and ensure all the media are well protected against any threats.

  10. man alone

    Why is that any time the JTF kills any of the persons that bomb people, people will complain and yet people want the government to stop boko haram? Please allow JTF to do their work. Terrorists and Terrorism is not handle with kids glove. He who kills without mercy must die without mercy. Any community who does not want the wrath of JTF to visit them should by themselvs name those youths involve in boko haram activities in order to save the innocents from being killed.

  11. GreatTony


  12. falma

    thanks Tunde and Omide for sticking up to my people who are being slaughter like rams by the military of Nigeria.

  13. TUNDE

    what a useless comment! “useless people kill them all” How useful have u been to yourself and ppl around u? We all are guilty of evil. God save us all!

    1. winoceros

      We are not all guilty of evil. We are all guilty of sin. There is a big difference. Militant Islam is one of the worst evils of the world.

  14. omide

    @paul you are so heartless, just like the ALUU Murderer. Considering the fact that boko haram are faceless group does that give the consistituted armed personel to embark on summary execution without any proper investigation, this is not way to solve crises unless if there were exchange of fire.

  15. paul

    So if nobody is Boko haram who is the boko haram spirits, who ever condon with evil will share the purnishment,

    When the soldiers continue kelling them they themselves will point out the real boko haram.

    They all deserve death until they learn how to fight evil among themselves.

    Useless people kill them all

    1. falma

      how dare you suggest all to be kill. you have no idea what’s happening there, if people were to point out how is bako haram do you know that, that too is a authomatic death sentence. the jtk or alike will not protect the informat from the bako haram .

      1. paul

        I maintain my position these were the same people who enjoy killing the youth copper sent to liberate them from their backward situation and what did they do killed them and cut off their heads no villagers among them cry out them.

        Let me tell you people something the casualties in any war like this are not just those who go killed but those who die before they were kill and that is the condition of the entire North.

        They die out of fear before the Boko Haram remembers their names so I am in support of total elimination of any villages Boko Haram uses.

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