It’s From My Heart

Stella Damasus

I got a message from someone I work with who wanted me to go on television for an interview. When I asked what the interview was about, he said it was about my involvement with the Delta State Relief Campaign for the flood victims.

I turned the invitation down because I knew there was no way I would do it, hoping he will not get offended by my action He asked why I did not want to do it as he had seen so many others doing things for the world to see their good works. I commended all the people who were doing wonderful things for my people but immediately made him understand that all I have been doing, have been from my heart.

There is no need for people to see me doing it because I know that God sees all, even when no one does.

When you do things for people from your heart and you don’t put it out there for the whole world to see, God blesses you immensely.

My foundation is involved in so many things but I do not see the need to turn it into a media event, especially if there is really no need.

In this case,  I am not a goodwill ambassador for the flood issue, I am a Nigerian who wants to help her people. The pictures, documentaries, news reports and other things are more than enough to tell people how bad it is.

I have written about it and done letters and people have responded. Is there still a need for me to go on television?

He argued and said people are quick to write negative things about me and people are also eager to read them. So, the question was: “Why is it that when you now do something good you don’t want people to know?”

I told him that people do not need to see me taking pictures to prove that I helped before they know that there is a major issue on ground and they need to help.

What I am trying to say is that we as human beings do not need to let the whole world know that we gave someone some money or paid someone’s school fees. God sees our hearts and actions so He would reward accordingly. I am not one who wants to please the world and make them see me as a wonderful person. Instead, I will do what God has laid in my heart to do and how He has asked me to do it.

If you are reading this, do not hesitate to lend a helping hand to the flood victims in Delta State, Bayelsa, Lokoja and the other places that were affected.

For people in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, please call these numbers: 08120776757 or 08030818705.

You can also send  relief items to 19, Karimu Kotun street, Victoria Island Lagos.

We do not accept cash donations. Please ask someone to use the cash to buy items that they need in the camps

Blankets, clothing, food, books, baby baths, plates, cups, spoons, shoes, pillows,  mattresses, toys, etc.

Please remember to pray for Nigeria. We do not understand why we are having natural disasters at this point.

Most importantly, ask your young  children to pray for the country because they are blameless and without sin. Our country needs cleansing from all the evil committed in it.


  1. Fred E Robinson

    This is nice to see a Great Black Nation where the people within helping their Brothers and Sisters in need. We are always getting a different negative misleading message here in the US about Nigeria and other African Nations.
    And Stella is correct about not broadcasting her good deeds to the world to receive rewards of praise form people, because her rewards are/will be far greater in Heaven! As long as she Know Trust Believe and acknowledge God see’s All she’s doing from her Heart she is Good counts the most, in The Eyes of God The Father!!!

  2. Sam Oviawe

    Right on Stella. The Jesusean law is ‘let not your right hand know what your left hand is doing’. This is the Jacobian age which thrives on the worship of Power and Glory, deceit,oppression,greed,subversion, other vices, love of self and hatred of Godly principles. Calamities we are experiencing are true signs of the approach of the end of this age and the coming of the Kingdom age that Jesus taught us to pray for. God’s Will will be done on earth. It is sad that Christians, when saying the ‘Lord’s Prayer’, do not believe that God will hear and answer.


    Hello Stella thanks for the good work,and thats a mistake to call this flood thing a natural disaster NO it is man made just done by our so call rulers. please get the information right. Cameron and Nigeria and the issue of DAM been full and the water was relised to nigeria because nigeria did not do her own part of the deal period. please tell nigerias the truth may be the good people of a great nation rule by idiots we wake up from sleep and take up the rulers is the right will good people like you counti to donate for flood,boko haram,bomb,accident,police,etc.victims. Nothing like natural disaster in nigeria as far as the truth is concern my sister.

  4. Spark

    “We do not understand why we are having natural disasters at this point”. Sorry, Stella, if you are closer to your Bible you will know. This is the end time Read Matt 24 and 2 Tim 5:1-5. Note too that coming year will be worst; it is not about evil committed by anybody, but fulfilment of prophecy, it may be another crisis different from Boko Haran and Flood. Be strong and be courageous because your deliverance is near so state the Bible.

  5. jobby

    This is very correct.

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