Dead man boarded Arik plane from Lagos

Simon Ateba/Aviation correspondent

Nigeria’s biggest airline, Arik Air, said on Monday it has established that the man whose corpse was found on the wheel well of its Airbus A340-500 in Lagos last Friday boarded the plane from Lagos, southwest Nigeria.

After the plane returned from London, the body was discovered when engineers conducted a routine check on the aircraft on Friday morning.

But the identity of the deceased has remained a mystery.

“The identity of the man is not known as there was no form of identification on him when the body was discovered. However, we are able to establish that the body has been in the wheel well for more than a day suggesting that the stowaway originated from Lagos,” said Ola Banji, Arik Air Public Relations and Communications Manager.

Banji added: “Curiously, a bottle of medicine produced by a local pharmaceutical company was found on the body laying credence to the suggestion that the stowaway may have boarded the flight from Lagos.”

Also found on the body was a Bible which has an American flag drawn on the back cover.

“The body of the stowaway which has since been deposited in the morgue is awaiting autopsy,” he said.


  1. Master

    All we do is argue and criticise each other. It is obvious that the person was trying to enter a different country without a passport, visa and ticket. This won’t be the first.

    Only recently in the U.S, a Nigerian-American man pleaded guilty to stowing away on a commercial airline flight from New York to Los Angeles in an incident that revealed an apparent lapse in airport security.

    Olajide Oluwaseun Noibi, 24, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles to one-count of stowing away on an aircraft. He currently faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

    Let us focus on the situation at hand and stop criticising each other….When you’re perfect, then you can criticise others.

    May his soul RIP…..

  2. peter

    The truth is for those of us that have boarded Arik before like every other airlines, u always have a ticket. And each ticket has ur name on it. So where is the dead’s man ticket, what was written on it. Come on, someone is certainly not saying something. I guess the airline is trying to downplay the whole thing

  3. Cucamonga

    Was he dead before he boarded the plane? Did he purchase a ticket? Biz class, first class or low class? The title seems he was dead b4 borading the flight. bad journalism…

    1. pmnews

      Thanks for the observation. This story is a follow up to another story earlier published weekend, about this guy found dead in the wheel well of Arik plane. Since he was found dead and since he even has no identity, subsequent reference to the ‘dead body’ can only be by calling him ”Dead Man”c . We neither see any ambiguity in the headline nor any justification for questioning our journalistic accuracy.

    2. Jimco

      @Cucamonga Are you that dumb? If he bought a ticket, what would he be doing on the wheel? This is not bad journalism but it is you who cannot read and understand!

  4. sunday

    Somene is not sayling the truth.

  5. Dj boyo

    Wonders shall never end

  6. Sesan

    Incomplete report. Mr. Editor, where was the body found? Did flight originate and land in Lagos?

    1. Olaolu

      Spend time to read with understanding. It is clearly stated that he might have boarded the plane illegally from Lagos to London(with no ticket- that’s why he hid himself in the plane’s wheel well) . His body was only discovered after the return flight from London suggesting that he might have died before reaching London. Investigations are still on course. For more info, read the article “Arik Air puzzled by corpse in plane’s wheel well”. It is all clear!

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