Kaduna: Christian mobs in counter attacks

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Christian mobs with machetes and sticks took to the streets of Nigeria’s Kaduna state targeting people they suspected to be Muslims Sunday after a suicide attack on a Catholic church in the Nigerian city of Kaduna.

A correspondent of the French news agency said he saw mobs targeting people who they believed to be Muslims in the neighbourhood of the church.

A spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency said a rescue vehicle was also attacked in the violence after the bombing.

Earlier today, a suicide bomber had slammed a car bomb into St. Rita Catholic Church in Malali area of the city during services, killing at least three people, including himself, officials said.

“At least three people are confirmed dead,” the rescue official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to give out figures.

He added later that the toll included the suspected attacker and that there were a number of injuries.

The strong blast shook the neighbourhood and led to fears of a fresh outbreak of reprisal attacks and clashes between Christians and Muslims.

The source said the attacker had sought to drive into the church, but seemed to have hit a barrier. There were conflicting claims about whether he was able to eventually make it inside the church or not.

A spokesman for Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency said it had received reports of a bomb blast in the area of a Catholic church and rushed rescuers to the scene.

“They were talking about a bomb explosion,” said Yushau Shuaib of the reports, while adding that his agency was however seeking to confirm details.

“A number of casualties evacuated to hospitals. The incident was suspected to be triggered by a suicide bomber in a car …”

Residents spoke of a loud explosion and said there had been claims of clashes breaking out afterward between Christians and Muslims.

“There was a loud explosion and I could see smoke on the horizon,” one resident said. Another resident also reported hearing the blast.

In June, Boko Haram claimed responsibility for three suicide attacks on churches in Kaduna state, where the city of Kaduna is located, which led to deadly rioting. Dozens of people were killed in the violence.

Boko Haram’s insurgency in northern and central Nigeria has led to more than 2,800 deaths since 2009. While Muslims have often been its victims, it has in recent months specifically targeted churches.

President Goodluck Jonathan has said the group is seeking to incite a religious crisis in Nigeria.

Kaduna is a large city in Nigeria’s north and includes a sizable Christian population. Indeed the city is divided into Muslim and Christian zones.

Nigerians have grown increasingly frustrated with security forces’ inability to stop Boko Haram attacks, and there have been warnings of more reprisals if the violence continued.

Some Evangelical church leaders in Nigeria have said Christians may be forced to defend themselves if something is not done to address the violence.


  1. sega

    If as many mosques have been bombed in the same way, this issue would have died down by now.

  2. mukaila hassan

    hello, please send me information. thank you

  3. joseph gardner

    @ john and Ade, pls for GOD sake can you people repent? bcs all muslim and christian are suffering from this barbaric attacks why abusing a religion of GOD ie islam why? every reverend knows that islam is the only religion brought by all the prophet of GOD starting from prophet ADAM down to prophet MOHAMMED (SAW) so pls stop this rubbish you are trying to preach ,and let me tell you that prophet ISA (AS) brought morning two raka;at prayers, so stop decieving yourselfs pls ,what i espect from you is to condole with the familys of the victims and pray to GOD to exposed those behind the carlous ad barbaric act.

  4. ADE

    Islam is a violent religion. That is what Muhammed taught them to do. He has promised them 7 virgins and assurance of heaven: ‘fools’.

  5. JOHN

    It’s just a pity that islam is a dangerous religion.The imam and all their islamic leaders dont teach them the value of human life. In the bible killing is a serious thing and God is very angry with any killer.Koran says kill in name of god and get reward,so these islamic leaders should be held accountantable for these killings too.The muslims are angry with the christians and not government as boko haram claims,if not why go to church? those you kill in church what have they done to you?

    If the president was a muslim i dont think this will be happening,boko haram was there b4 GEJ came to power,but we didnt hear them doing all these,why now that a christian is incharge?all the northern political leaders as well as the islamic leaders are behind this,and i suggest all christians who are not from the north leave there now.Relocate to the south or east,lets see what development will look like in the north by the time that is done.Or if nigeria can cut the north off will be better.I dont even see their use than to fight to rule the country.

  6. blessing

    eye for an eye.blood for blood.attack is is the best form of defense. attack them back. may the lord give you the wisdom , ability,power and he be with you,guide you and increase your faith . that is how the started in Sudan they kill the Christians and black to steal the land and impose sharia law on them can you see that when the Christians fought them for several years the retreat that is how south sudan become a state same can happen here if you kill them back you will be respected. may the lord be with you .dont forget eye for an eye.

  7. Nympha S. Dara

    May God in his infinite Power continue to guard and protect all the Christians in this country…… Amen!!

  8. lagbaja

    GOD forgive them because they do not know what they are doing. The devil is using them.

  9. Bennie ocheme

    We pray God to see the nation through this hell of killing of innocent souls for the seek of religion.

  10. kehinde


  11. Q.C

    God will see all the christians through in the mighty name of jesus amen.

  12. Sunday christopher

    Why always in church

    1. Nan

      Their religion counsels them to kill the unbelievers and that their god is the only true god. This killing is sanctioned by their leaders.

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