Fashola: It’s Total War On Okada

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The Lagos State Government has declared total war on commercial motorcycle riders also known as okada riders plying the 475 prohibited routes in the Lagos metropolis.

Gov. Fashola.

It said police enforcement of the ban was just a tip of the iceberg of what would befall the riders still flouting government’s order that they avoid the prohibited routes.

Speaking at the 2012 Annual Council of Prophets Convention of the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church, Surulere District, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, to sensitise members of the church on the new road traffic law, Fashola said police action was just to test-run how the raid on okada riders would be.

The governor added that by the time officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA, Kick Against Indiscipline, KAI and other security agencies joined in the enforcement, there would be no hiding place for okada riders.

Fashola, who was represented by the Commissioner for Transportation, Mr. Kayode Opeifa, said total enforcement would soon begin, saying what was currently ongoing by the police was not full enforcement.

He stated that the thinking of the government was that by the end of this month, no okada rider should be seen on any of the prohibited routes, saying that government was more determined to enforce the ban.

According to Fashola, there were lots of jobs to do for okada riders that might lose their businesses, saying that many of them abandoned their vocational skills to make quick money through okada riding.

The governor told the gathering that the law was not meant to punish people but to sanitise and regulate the transportation system and by making people comply.

Fashola said the new law gave power to LASTMA to arrest anyone who flouted it as well as impose stipulated fines on erring members of the public.

He stated that the law recommend outright dismissal for LASTMA officials found to be corrupt in the course of performing their duties, as no one would be spared.

“Our plan is not to send people to jail but to make people comply,” he said, adding that beginning from January, commuter buses would only be allowed to ply the route routes they were registered to ply.

He vowed that any commercial bus caught plying routes they were not registered to ply would be impounded and the driver arrested and prosecuted.

The governor appealed to leaders of the church to educate their members to obey the traffic law, saying that they should preach it from the pulpit so that their members could obey the law.

“Talking in the church to members is one of the most effective ways to sensitise the people. The church should help us send the message to people to obey the traffic law. Let your driver go to the Lagos drivers institute to get certified,” he stated.

District Chairman and General Leader, Cherubim and Seraphim, Surulere District, Dr. Gabriel Fakeye, who was represented by the Deputy District Chairman, Senior Apostle J.A. Toriola, said the church would assist the state government in sensitizing members on the new traffic law and the need to obey the law.

Meanwhile, okada riders went on the rampage in various parts of  Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, today to protest the ban on them from plying 475 roads in the metropolis.

At Onipanu, on Ikorodu Road, the irate okada riders vandalised about 10 BRT buses during the violent protest against the Lagos State Government.

P.M.NEWS gathered that the okada riders stormed Onipanu area very early in the morning and vent their anger on BRT buses, destroying them.

Armed with sticks, iron roads and other dangerous weapons, the Okada riders hauled stones at BRT buses on Ikorodu road at Onipanu and Palmgrove bus stops.

There was pandemonium in the area  and a team of policemen from the Rapid Response Squad, RRS was deployed to the area to quell the protest.

It was gathered that some arrests were made by the police but our reporter could not confirm the number of arrests.

Similarly, the riders also protested in Ikorodu and Ejigbo areas of the state this morning over the ban on them by government. In Ejigbo, the riders  blocked the road, causing traffic jam in the area while they carried leaves and chanted anti-government songs.

They outrightly rejected the ban placed on them from plying 475 roads in Lagos, saying it would cripple their businesses.

Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide confirmed the protest, saying that the police moved in on time to quell the protest.

She said she could not confirm if arrests were made as at the time of filing this report, but said everything was under control.

—Kazeem Ugbodaga, Dedeigbo Ayodeji & Lucky Lawal


  1. Susan

    No going back on okada ban. The governor is right, Lagos will not be a dumping ground for motor bikes. The state will be better off ridding itself of a hazardous means of transport that has deverstated so many lives amongst its indigenes.

  2. David

    i believed that okada do more good than bad, banned okada will never solve traffic problem in lagos, lagossian need the services of okada in one area or the other. pls my governor thinks and revise ur decision, leave the okada alone.

  3. oshybs

    I think the 475 roads should be listed out for the public. Police is taking the advantage to arrest okada even from the roads that were not listed.

  4. Tope

    d guy called Fash fall my hand…if you are facing any problem with the okada riders or their system is corrupt…you should fight the problem not erasing dem without considering the people that voted you in…he should have tackle every aspect of the problem with solution…Yoruba adage says “Ori bibe ko ni ogun ori fifo”…I wondered why all of them in the state house of assembly are so wicked…God will pay them back one-by one…


    Since you have stopped Okada, find work for them now

  6. IKE

    I totally understand the Governor’s goal but then he should have had in place alternate trade for those rendered unemployed. can someone answer this question for me CAN I RIDE MY OWN MOTORCYCLE TO VISIT FRIENDS? will I be harrassed or considered OKADA man? i’m just curious as I dont live in the country

  7. Ibrahim

    God bless you opinion

  8. Ade

    On this note . The Govt is making the right moves but he should have put measure in place to assist the unemployement .. Bcos I know some grads that r okada riders .. Life is tough for some people .. And that’s the only way to earn a living .. Govt shld have created more vocational schools and training centers .. And as soon as they graduate .. They can establish on thier own or work for an establishment.. God will help us all..

  9. Ala

    The is law is not good….. Why implement this law so fast every day we see beggars on the street no Kai official to arrest them… Also every street have mechanics no Lagos govt official kai is implementing that law that ban street mechanics and beggars…… Please always be of help to your man cause man’s inhumanity to man is not good

  10. opinion

    He must ban okada riders because of accidents. What happens when a plane crashes, ban all plane from flying, What happens when there is vehicular accident- Bann all cars from the roads. Bad Govt Bad Policies.

    Have you asked yourselves Why are people taking to bike riding as a means of livelihood?

    What happens to the Over 500,000 Okada riders now? What happens to Business men involved in the importation, sales and repairs of Okada?

    Fashola has just distroyed the source of livelihood of at least 3 million Lagosians without blinking an eye.

    1. There is another 3 million peple who just joined the umemployment market
    2. More criminals have been created.
    3. No matter where you live ensure you enter you house b4 8pm in Lagos
    4. 2015 is ACN judgement day with destiny.

    Accidents ha[ppen everywhere even atr home there are better ways to take care of citizens.

    Concerned Nigerian

  11. Femoo

    For any sensible and serious Okada rider, 475 roads are not the only roads in Lagos state where they can ply. Listed among these prohibited roads are majorly express roads which are not save for Okada. We cannot continue to give excuses of joblessness and bad roads to support lawlessness and insanity in our society. Are we not existing, working, going places before the advent of Okada as a means of transportation? The answer is Yes. If at all any graduate by circumstances is riding Okada today, he will definitely not be part of the group damaging and destroying things like they are doing in their protest, it is only the miscreant that could be going to such extent when the ban is not an outright one but just restriction from some routes.

  12. Mantu

    Am just curious. It happened during Tinubu’s time, it will happen again when 2015 election gets so close, ACN will lift the ban, people will applaud, they will come back again and cause more pains. Wating.

  13. Sunkanmi Bello

    Some lunatics who are making senseless comments here should go and read another story on this paper where an okada was crushed to death by a car in one of the roads where they have been restricted from plying while the left arm of his passenger cut into two. I am suprised that i did not see a single comment on that story. One lunatic who called himself ghost even insulted the Yorubas but as I am writing here,Okada has been banned in Aba, Umuahia, Portharcourt,Abuja ,Yenegoa,Owerri and Uyo. Heave has not fallen. So, why the noise about Lagos ? If Okada is good, why is being banned all over the place. I use okada a lot,but am happy it is banned bcos i know i endanger myself each time i jump on it

  14. nnamdi

    when okada was banned in abuja and other states they all came to lagos..likewise if they are banned in lagos they will go to other states to work..so really they wont be suffering…or turning to armed robbery
    okada needs to be banned in lagos..they are out of control and cannot be policed or regulated..go to igbobi..it is a house of horror filled with okada accident victims….okada drivers that have no drivers license, no motorcycle license and no vehicle insurance..therefore it is the state government that is paying for this disaster called okada…..they cannot be regulated and do not want to be regulated…
    i’ve lived in lagos before okada was around…we did not die and we got from place to place…the heavens did not come down…
    okada should go and leave lagos state just like how they left abuja…abuja citizens did not die…

  15. Yoruba Riot

    Iyabode, leave US out of it.
    US is United states of America while this is Nigeria.
    In the United States if you don’t pay your electricity bill you get cut off even in winter. A lot of old folks have died this way.
    So if a governor of a state decides to ban Okada from major roads in the state to create sanity, who will know better except the governor of that state.
    Don’t be sentimental about all this issues, we live in a society where there is rules and regulations and laws if not we might as well move into a banana republic which Nigeria is fast turning into.

  16. Shangiv Potter

    i dont blame people that are in support of this..you stay in the comfort of your car and comment rubbish.if yall know how the ORDINARY people are living..you wont be saying this…ok what the alternative????nothing!!!!!!!!!………they should had tell them not go near the highways or whatever..placing a full ban on them is just stupid!!!!!

    1. Femoo

      You actually got it wrong. Lagos did not place outright ban on Okada, they were only restricted from plying 475 road throughout Lagos state. Just do the analysis, in your own area where you live how many roads do you have there? Lagos cannot have less than 3000 roads altogether.

  17. iyabode

    What these people are saying is: The Okada riders are not from Lagos State, so shouldnt do business in Lagos. Yet you travel all the way to the US and expects to be treated as a citizen.

  18. Ghost

    God punish all you yoruba.fuck u all,dont worry wait till 2015 Labour party is coming to flush u out.



  20. Adviser

    Yoruba riot…, You made some good points, but you must again watch your comments closely. we must be our brothers keeper.

  21. iyiola

    war on okada riders will increase touting, the governor should tell us alternative way of getting home fast with the kind of traffic on the roads – oshodi – sango good example.
    a law without initial move to cushion effect on the mass is simply good decision at a very wrong time. please put the road in good order and ensure traffic free road before saying no to okada. Agbero( tout) are still very much on the road why only okada.

  22. Yoruba Riot

    Police must shoot all this miscreants at site. The government is too timid. When idiots decides to take laws into their hands and damage government property, then the police must act decisively and quench all such mad gatherings.
    This is totally unacceptable.
    Riff-raffs from other societies coming to make trouble in Lagos is totally immoral. Government must get to the root of all this protest and prosecute those caught vandalizing government property.
    Bring back capital punishment please and ensure that the cost of repair of those BRT buses is obtained from those arrested in the act of the vandalism.

    1. Ola Ahmed

      If your blood brother who has been looking for job for years happens to be among the okada rider, will you advise police to shoot him ?Pls, lets be sensitive to other people’s plight any time we are making comments on issues, some of them are bread winners of their family, they are loved just like your self among their families.

  23. Yoruba Riot

    God bless you my amiable governor.
    When Calabar bans Okada, they rush to Lagos.
    When Abuja bans Okada, they rush to Lagos.
    Is Fashola the cause of your problem that you guys have to make your problem Lagos problem and by large a Yoruba problem.
    Boko-aram is causing wanton destruction in the north and all northern youths up to Niger-republic are now Okada riders in Lagos. Yet, their brothers have made life difficult for others instead on choosing the path of dialogue.
    To curb all these excesses governor Fashola should ensure that all citizens in Lagos are duly registered under their Residential/Work permit status and and must remit tax to government.
    Those that cannot cope and that are not citizens of Lagos state should be forced to relocate back to their parent states. Other state governor’s lack of performance must not be Lagos problem.

    1. Dipset

      I totally agree with you on everything you have said. Its very hard for you in lagos to tell if someone is actually from the north or from other countries like chad, niger or mali. After all this people are the ones causing problems in the north not making life live-able for their fellow citizens. It should be a total war on okada.

    2. Mondula

      People like you are the real enemies of the state, can u listen to yourself talk?

    3. paul

      The banning of okada riders is the only meaningful thing this useless FASHOLA has done that I have seen.

      All okada riders must be ban if they like let them commit robbery and the law will find them out soon.

      All okada riders must be ban, no negotiation

    4. paparazzy

      Hello, Your suggestion is too harsh. Everyone knows that there is need for sanitation in that aspect of Nigeria’s means of transportation and need to overhaul Nigeria transportation service. It shows in your statement that your heart is engrossed with perfect hatre to other Nigerians who are not originally lagosians but reside in Lagos. That is really unfair, and does not portray you as a Nigeria who desire unity of the country, rather as a Nigeria who wants disintegration of Nigeria along geopolitical zone.

      I urge you to be more liberal in your contribution to a general issues like this.


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