24 Boko Haram militants shot dead in Maiduguri

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Despite using grenades, rocket propellers and improvised bombs to battle Nigerian soldiers in multiple attacks in Maiduguri, 24 Boko haram militants died in the counter attack by the Joint Task Force (JTF) on Operation Restore Order (ORO).

The militants carried out the attacks Monday night and early Tuesday, virtually locking down the Nigerian north eastern city that has been the epicenter of the Boko haram insurgency against the Nigerian government.

The persistent gunfire and multiple blasts kept the frightened residents of the neighborhood of Gwange indoors.

“It is terrifying,” said one resident. “We sat up the whole night because of gunshots and explosions. Everybody is inside because it is not safe to venture out.”

About a dozen explosions were heard in the area late Monday, with some reports suggesting a telecom mast and primary school were set ablaze.

Residents said the military then swarmed the area, engaging suspected Boko Haram Islamists in running gun battles through the night and into Tuesday.

JTF spokesman Lt.-Col. Sagir Musa said today that the Nigerian forces were able to overcome their attackers.

“Suspected Boko Haram terrorists launched attacks with rocket propellers, grenades and IEDs and gun fires at different locations in Maiduguri on Monday night.The locations are Zannari, Lagos Street and Gwange General Area,” he said.

Musa explained that the terrorists made use of residential homes in launching the attacks at different times in the night.

“They used civilian residences and homes as launch areas for the attacks at different times,” he said.

Musa said that the attacks were all repelled by the JTF and no soldier or civilian was killed.

“All the attacks were repelled, no soldier or civilian was killed. Twenty four suspected terrorists were killed,” he said.

Musa said that a number of weapons were recovered by the JTF after the operation. “The following items were recovered: one RPG tube, four RPG charges, one General Purpose Machine Gun, seven AK 47 rifles, one FNC rifle and 24 assorted magazines. Other are two pistols, IED materials, bows and arrows and cutlasses, among others,” he said.

Musa said that the city had returned to normal after the counter attack by his men.

“The JTF wishes to warn residents of the city to stop allowing their homes to be used as launch pads. Any person caught will be dealt with, according to the law,” he said.


  1. Nigeria News Villa

    Whoa… okay if they are truely boko haram guys then its a good job… more power to their elbows

  2. ADE

    Military hear me and hear me very eliminate boko haram and anyone that camp them. They are animals, they dont have brain. They say they are martyrs and that they are fighting for God. All of you as you are been killed you are going to HELL FIRE. Boko Haram hear me and hear me very well It shall never be well with your generation yet unborn

  3. Kolofo

    @ ayo, d truth is dat in a such situation, definitly innocent soul will go either u like or not.

  4. Don Stan.

    anyone who allows his homes to be used by boko haram to launch attack should also be treated as terrorist. whatever that is given to boko alam should be give the person.
    if it warrant killing boko alam and the person is there, let them finish all together. the other time, one lady says that his blind father was shot and killed, but she did not mention that her blind father was in the same room used to launch attack by boko alam. JTF PLEASE DO FAST AND FINISH THE REMAINING TERRORIST OUT THERE, SO THAT THE INNOCENT PEOPLE LIVING IN THAT STATE WILL HAVE A FRESH BREATH.

  5. tony ibe

    That guy name is Musa and not Ayo

  6. Isah

    Kpuyaka JTF.One luv!

  7. Jingarih Toto Isah

    Ayo, you are more than a big fool. Some of you are so stupid that it is difficult to describe you – no proper adjective. Who is innocent here? What of the weapons recovered? Some of you lack what to say but feel it is their right to talk no matter how stupid they sound. Those of us living around this area will tell you what is happening better. Its shocking for people to come together to kill for no just reason. What is boko haram looking for? Ayo, as one of them tell us what you people are looking for idiot!

  8. Ikechukwu

    @Ayo i echoe u on this one,all we have in those JTF guys are just bunch of killers of innocent pple and am wondering why some pple are criticising you for saying the truth the way it should be told,i learnt from a very reliable source that after every attack by Boko Haram our millitary men we just vent their anger on armless civilian which they are meant to protect.
    Jonathan should call his unprofessional soldiers to order becos the killing of these innocent civilians will not help matters rather than worsen it …a word is enough for the wise

  9. Leo

    Abeg level ol of dem, kil dem ol, hw i wish u culd arrest 1 of dem nd jst hand him or her 2 me. . . . .

  10. Axeman777

    Level that useless Boko Haram state…Nonsense!

  11. Seriki

    Pls kill them as much as possible …..they r all boko haram…..if it is possible level the whole state…….I don’t know how you want the JTF to differentiate b/w boko haram and the civilians . Boko haram no get uniform……….

  12. jonbo

    Ayo, u are stupid with your comment. it means u are one of th boko haram. who is innocent, how i wish the joint task force eliminate all of them at once and allow Nigeria to have peace.

  13. ayo

    Please, stop killing innocent people by labelling them as Boko Haram. If actually all the people killed by JTF were truly Boko Haram, by now we shouldn’t be in fear. This is genocide, please stop this killings.

    1. Logos Jacob

      Ayo’ are u sure u’re OK?

    2. ADE

      You are not serious. Tell your Boko Haram brothers to stop attacking innocent people and they should stop attacking soldiers because by doing so they are declaring war against our internal force

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