Cocaine Hidden In Pendants Found At Lagos Airport

Simon Ateba/Aviation correspondent

Oluigboka Chukwuemeka Emmanuel thought he had cleverly concealed about 2.4 kilogrammes of cocaine in pendants and female belts.

But his luck ran out when he was intercepted by Nigeria’s National Drug Law Enforcement officials.

Oluigboka with the cocaine stuffed bag
The 33-year old suspect had just disembarked from a flight from Brazil when he was arrested at the Murtala Muhammed international airport in Lagos, southwest Nigeria.

“During search, powdery substances that tested positive for cocaine were found in his bag. It took several hours to extract the cocaine from the pendants because of the complex method of concealment,” said Mitchell Ofoyeju, NDLEA Head of Public Affairs.

Cocaine, cocaine
The agency’s airport commander, Mr. Hamza Umar, disclosed that the drug was factory packed inside assorted pendants. He described the mode of concealment as unusual.

“This mode of concealment is strange and it is the first time of discovering drugs inside jewellery,” he said.

Umar explained that the drugs were industrially packed in ear rings, buttons, necklaces, bangles as well as in female belts.

“We had to forcefully open them to recover the drugs. The entire quantity of cocaine found in the jewellery products weighed 2.472kg. One arrest has been made in connection with the seizure,” Umar said.

NDLEA said preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect, who had lived in Brazil for over five years, is believed to be working for a suspected Brazilian-based drug syndicate.

The suspect was quoted as saying, “I needed money for the burial anniversary of my late father. As the breadwinner, everybody is looking up to me for the sponsorship of the anniversary. I have lived in Brazil for over five years but I have no money to undertake this important family responsibility. My interest was the 2,000 euros they promised to pay me”.

Oluigboka is married and has a child. He hails from Imo State. The arrest took place last week.

Chairman and Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade, was quoted as saying: “Although drug barons are becoming more desperate, the agency is determined to frustrate their efforts. This seizure is yet an indication that drug traffickers can go to any length in hiding their drugs from law enforcement agents”

The NDLEA boss also called for more public support in the anti-narcotic campaign.

“The suspect will soon be charged to court,” NDLEA said.


  1. sussy

    it has nothing to do with igbo’s, its an individual crime. some of u guyz here are lookin for opptunity too to make fast money. so stop comdeming and face d music d country is playing while we all strive to make our country a better place.

  2. Mbonu Afamefuna

    In every situation; my people give thanks.let’s leave the things we can’t control for God who can to do his without interruption. Our only part is to make our selves available for Him to use us.
    Many have left their comments here, some were optimistic while others were pessimistic. It’s only God that searcheth the heart of men to know whom will impose the positive change we’ve been longing for. Trust in the lord, God and lean not on your own understanding even the statistical analysis of the country’s economy indicates a break down.
    Though the change starts from the tranformation of our mind, it’s not by our might. But because we are the instrument chosen to be used for a purpose. We did not choose this, He chose us to represent the light of his kingdom.
    Speak good of the nation! Think good about our wellbeing, hope the best to come. Above all trust God with your most holy Faith.

  3. Funky

    @Femstar, u av said it all. Prof Achebe’s opinion has succeeded in setting Yoruba against Ibo & come what may, let see how Igbo will succeed in their in bid to rule Nigeria NEXT YEAR. @pmnews, thanks for enlighten simi.

  4. Simi

    Baba Suwe na Igbo too? You people should keep focusing your naive attention on every step an Igbo man takes while Nigeria boils. Fortunately, you guys are no better. I have lived enough in country to know the penchant in pinning Igbo man down. What have been the result ? Our collective inability to get off the ground.

    1. pmnews

      Just to provide some information: The NDLEA found nothing on Baba Suwe after detaining him for about two weeks, on suspicion that he had ingested some drugs. And Baba Suwe has won multi-million naira damages against the NDLEA.


      @Simi baba suwe has been vindicated,because NDLEA could not find anything incriminating on or in him.The court ruled in his favor when he sued NDLEA. So where dd you get your own news.Igbo apologist.


    @Femstar you are right,but my own opinion is this.Once a reknown and a supposed to be a well respected intarnational Prof like Achebe can reject national award just because he is grieved about what hapened over 40 yrs ago and, confronting the Yorubas and can descend so low to level of ridiculing himself by indirectly trying to the set the nation on fire and beating thedrum of war with his sectional tribilized fiction,it truely mean that things has fallen apart for him,it means that he no longer sees himslf and his people as Nigerians.For this reason i as a person will never address or rcognize any Igbo man of the same opinion with Prof Achebe as Nigerians rather as fictitous and non existing Biafrans.I dont know what Achebe is up to at his age by inciting and setting the younger generation against one another.

  6. Femstar

    See what Achebe’s ;There was a country’ is causing Nigeria. Now, instead of people condemning bad behavior we now result to ethnic bigotry. Things indeed are falling apart between the East and the West.



  8. otunba sege

    fool death aniversary my foot

  9. ferdyokwu

    Until all image demeaning crimes are given the optimum deterent punishment – death sentence, Nigeria will continue to be champion of all abhorent, despicable crimes worldwide. Kidnapping, armed robbery, terrorism, drug peddling, money laundering, corruption, 419, yahoo yahoo, ritual killing, sea pirating, illegal bunkering, product pipeline and infrastructures vandalisation, human trafficking, etc. etc. etc. can only be contained through capital punishment to place the country on a clean slate, end of story!

  10. Francis cole

    NDLEA you all doing a good job, especially their boss. But, the major problem is that, all these drug barons can never ever stop the business. Our law on sanctions for drug carriers is too soft. They are destroying the country’s image. We need capital punishment for all these crimes. I don’t know why they keep looking the other way. Goverment is not helping to stop the drug barons.

  11. Captain Naija


  12. Apu

    Why are we always tribal when discussing national issues.

  13. dj mikol michael

    If our economy is good I don’t think any !+5) will engage in such act. Big SHAME to our so called leaders for not making our economy ok for investors, because every body needs money but there’s no job. U can only survive in this hell! Called naija if only u have support. Free me joor for d place . Dj mikol naija finest 08036745716. Mikoldz entertainmentz. Owerri

  14. Igbo Hater

    Ibo people again!!! This people are extremely wicked people

    1. J&J

      Igbo give Nigeria bad name all over the world,I don’t know there problem ooo.

  15. Tony O

    I think Nigeria should reintroduce capital punishment for some of these crimes. Drug trafficking, yahoo yahoo, 419, political fraud, bank fraud etc, all shuld be items for capital punishment. These few desperate Nigerians whether in jeans, agbada or kaftan are giving Ngeria and Nigerians a very bad name. When we are treated badly like criminals by other countries, some of our law makers will cry foul, but we are not bold enough to enact laws like China, Malaysia etc that will arrest these scourges. Death penalty could just do the magic. Also, when we have frequent arrests like these, we should also know that many other cases have passed through successfully either without notice or by collusion with NDLEA agents. So, we should also prescribe the same penalty for connivance.

  16. Seriki

    I tire for this Igbo people …se na only them dey Naija ni……pls Igbo is not the only tribe ….pls stop giving us bad name ….lazy people

  17. Segun

    Because you want to bury your late father, you will now go to jail for some people, well l say bye and enjoy yourself as you cool your feet in the cell.

  18. Princewill Egbema

    These people can do anything for money. I’m always surprised when they claim they are jews. Jews don’t have anything in common with them

    1. goodman

      is this your contribution to the news item? some people are always looking out for stories like these to activate their tribal simcard. if his name did not sound igbo which we know is very irritating to other nigerians would you have opened your mouth so carelessly in response to a crime committed by a consenting adult who should face the consequences of his action. nigerians quit your unnecessary beef against the igbos. let the law take its course

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