Smoking, Heavy Drinking Primary Causes Of Pancreatic Cancer -Study

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As cancer has continued to ravage the world, a new study has found that people who drink and smoke heavily can easily develop pancreatic cancer at an early age than those who are not addicted to the habits.
The pancreatic cancer, according to experts, is a malignant growth which affects the pancreas, a digestive gland close to the small intestine which helps in digestion of food.
Pancreatic cancer has been rated the eighth most common cancer killing people around the world.
The report stated that beer drinkers suffered from pancreatic cancer earlier than those who drank other types of alcohol including wine or hard liquor.
The report released Monday by the University of Michigan Health System experts in gastroenterology, and published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, said there was a close link between heavy smokers and pancreatic cancer.
It said those who drank heavily or are chronic smokers could be affected by the cancer thus shortening their lifespan by more than ten years.
According to the researchers, the study makes a step towards understanding at what age screening for pancreatic cancer should begin when it is available.
The lead study author and gastroenterologist, Michelle Anderson, said “as screening programmes are developed, an understanding of how personal features influence the age of presentation will be important to optimise the timing of those screenings.”
The assistant professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan Health System, lamented that detecting pancreatic cancer early in a patient is difficult and contributes to the poor survival rates.
Scientists have said that the symptoms of pancreatic cancer could not be discovered at the early stage of the disease.
It is often detected at its advanced stage and by then, it would have spread to other organs which could ultimately lead to death.
The research defined heavy smokers as those who had more than a pack per day, and heavy drinking was measured at more than 39 grams of alcohol day, or about three average drinks per day.
The report advised people against heavy intake of alcohol and cigarette.

By Eromosele Ebhomele

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