Jonathan, A Trainee President —ACN

The Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, has described President Goodluck Jonathan as a trainee President.

In a statement issued in Ilorin on Tuesday by its National Publicity Secretary Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party wondered how else one can describe the administration’s lack of capacity to be proactive or respond in a timely and robust manner to the recent catalogue of woes and national calamities.

In the opinion of the party, the continued bungling of the Boko Haram insurgency which is harvesting more deaths almost on a daily basis, the unstoppable carnage on our roads, the executive somersaults of the administration on policy issues, and in general the slow, unfocused and uncertain responses of government to issues depict a government on internship.

According to ACN, “the closure of the Lokoja-Abuja highway which had cut off Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city due to flooding of roads and bridges along the Abuja-Lokoja highway, signposts the extent of our decayed national infrastructure and exposes the incapable hands entrusted to salvage them. However, even worse is the fact that the President has not deemed it fit to comment on this disaster, neither has there been any visit by a federal minister or any co-ordinated response to the disaster from the central government.

“On a week-end of multiple disasters such as the Lokoja flooding, the bomb blast in Bauchi, and the two weeks of non stop flooding all around the country, the President’s handlers showed more concern in informing Nigerians about President Jonathan’s trip to the United Nations General Assembly summit than explaining or proposing a co-ordinated response to these calamities.”

The disposition of President Jonathan’s administration to the welfare of Nigerians confirms the widely held belief that the welfare or wellbeing of Nigerians is definitely not a priority to his government otherwise why could the President not find time to visit even by helicopter the disaster zones to at least give hope to the victims or their relations, the party queried.


  1. lepe ademola

    President Ebele Jonathan need to be taught on how best to run a country like Nigeria. I advice him to go for inter ship in the hands of our past leaders with good sense of belongings.

  2. kufre

    AAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCNNNNNNNN!!!!, Una get mouth die no be small. In a whole country like Nigeria, you call a president a trainee president? This is an abuse to this nation. Most you guys should watch your mouth.

  3. Desmond Ogbiko

    I guess the primary interest of ACN in the present day Nigerian politics is to run around town finding faults and releasing press statement without decorum. This is too sad and demeaning and goes to show that the party leaders do not have a sincere interest of Nigeria at heart. Rather than profer workable solution to burning national issue, their actions depicts a group sitting, watching and praying for the fall of Nigeria so that they rejoice that the Jonathan and PDP led government has failed. Please know that if Nigeria fails, you too have failed also being a national stakeholder.

  4. shandy

    Nna! I tire for Mr. President oh! inshort and indeed the man naa President trainee! lol! goodness me!

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