Shortchanged Paralympians To Petition Jonathan

Crisis looms between the country’s athletes to the recently concluded London 2012 Paralympic Games and the officials of the National Sports Commission (NSC) over the Federal Government largesse, as the athletes are set to petition the Presidency.

President Goodluck Jonathan, had announced monetary awards to the athletes and their officials for making the country proud at the Games during a ceremony to honour the athletes and officials last weekend.

Goodluck had announced N5million for gold medalists, N3million for silver, N2.5 for bronze and N500,000 for all athletes that did not win any medal, and N2.5million each for all the accompanying officials, coaches, secretaries, medical team members and the loaders.

To the surprise of the athletes they have been shortchanged by the NSC officials with only medalists being paid fully.

Some of the coaches,  who craved anonymity, disclosed that only N1million was paid to their bank accounts by the officials of the NSC. A member of the medical team said that he got an alert for N1million, while the 3 loaders, according to investigation, were paid N500,000 as against N2.5million announced by the president.

The affected officials have resolved to petition the Presidency over this ugly trend wondering why the NSC officials should disregard Jonathan’s publicised directive.

“We have resolved to petition the Presidency over this development because this took us by surprise. We want to know if the president has changed his mind without informing us.”


  1. williams

    same way the official of national team kill the spirits of the sport men &women.
    they must be made to release the cornered money.a news of shame.

  2. yam pounder

    Must they cheat to acquire wealth. This mentality is killing this country of ours.

  3. perkins

    why would money be the most contoversial issue even in the lives of those that are helpless so to say, the only people that made us proud in all the sports involvement of the year. pity.

  4. ogbeni naija

    This guys has refused begging for alms,they have decided to make themselves useful to the nation even better than many able body people that are into crimes.Still some useless,shameless,wicked Nigerian officials are still stealing from them.SHAME ON YOU WICKED OFFICIALS,MAY YOUR CONDITION & THAT OF YOU RCHILDREN BE WORST THAN THESE GUYS & GALS THAT HAS MADE NIGERIA PROUD. IDIOTS.

  5. Dick

    This is the only country on earth were anything can happen and no action will been taken

  6. Olalekan

    where are we going in this country? must we cheat ourselves? it’s just 2 bad if we continue d way we are.

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