Tukur, 77, launches biography, The Global Villager

Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, the 77-year old chairman of Nigeria’s ruling party launched his biography, The Global Villager in Abuja today.
The launch was attended by President Goodluck Jonathan, the elder statesman, Chief Edwin Clarke, former minister, Professor Jerry Gana and Chief Arthur Eze and a host of others.

The book was written by veteran journalist, Chief Eddie Aderinokun.


  1. Sparzo

    ‘The Global Villager’ sounds like some hippie on a troll. Bushman.

    1. Omoibile

      It is his book, why not write yours? City man

  2. dayo

    Nigeria want gud justice n ds must b done aluta continue

  3. Chiedozie Alex Ogbonnia

    It is very unfortunate the way some Nigerians react to old age. Old age is treasured in mankind. Alh Bamanga Tukur is rather lucky and blessed with vitality at 77. The legendary Owelle of Onitsha, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe bemoaned the attack on old age with a curse that those who do not cherish old age would not live to see it. I wish Tukur more active service years to the fatherland.

  4. Lakeside

    AT 77 what a shame,BT being the Chairman of a large party like PDP! Give me a break. Please these never die Politician has nothing to offer. The PDP should please give us somebody more vibrant, energetic(not somebody with several health issues) and intelligent.


    With the battle line now drawn between the PDP and the Governors forum technically, we would see who wins the battle?

    Those who want to become president after their second tenor or the ones that have barely done one tenor and are hoping to get another?

    Lets know who calls the sot in Nigeria politics

    1. Omoibile

      No wonder you write anonymously! You mean TENURE not tenor. They are not in the hour!

  6. Bright Maduagwuna

    Bamanga Tukur, Should retire from active politics. As former governor of Gongola state, he should be thinking of how much he has invested in development of the less priiledged people in the society through his foundation not how much crook and cranks he will deploy to manage a clique of thieves, armed robbers, loots, miscreants, ritualists and other evil people of Nigeria under one thatched umbra called PDP

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