Patience Jonathan: Aso Rock Keeps Mum Over Health

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Aso Rock, the seat of government in Nigeria, kept mum Monday over the whereabouts of Patience Faka, the wife of Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan.

Patience Jonathan

She was said to have been flown to a  Germany hospital called Horst Schmidt Klinik where the late President Umaru Yar’Adua received treatment for his kidney ailment.

 P.M.NEWS’ efforts to seek clarifications on the First Lady’s health were unsuccessful at the time of this report.

Reuben Abati, spokesperson to President Jonathan and the Chief Press Secretary to Mrs Jonathan, did not pick their calls or respond to text messages asking for their clarifications on the issue.

There are, however, speculations that the Presidency may react to the story through a statement before the end of the day as a result of the interest the state of health of President Jonathan’s wife is generating.

However,  a national newspaper quoted Patience’s aide, Ayo Osinlu, as saying that she travelled abroad last week to take a rest since she had not taken any rest since last year’s presidential election.

“If you look at her itinerary in August, you will be wondering how she was able to accomplish that,” Osinlu was quoted as saying.

Reports in the media say Mrs. Jonathan has not been seen at public functions in the past one week and there were concerns at the weekend that something was amiss.

She did not accompany the president to a major function in Anambra state last Thursday and was also not with the president when he visited Ethiopia for Zenawi’s burial at the weekend.

Concerns swelled when news started spreading that she had been flown to a German hospital for the treatment of an undisclosed ailment.

But there was no indication that the alleged ill health of his wife is affecting the President in any way.

President Jonathan appeared very bright and cheerful when he launched the second edition of Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria, YOUWiN a job creation scheme of the Federal Government specifically targeted at women at the Banquet Hall of Aso Rock Presidential Villa on Monday morning.

The President even cracked jokes about women buying things they don’t need or want while urging potential beneficiaries of the scheme not to use the loans that will be granted to them under the scheme on frivolities.

—Ayorinde Oluokun/Abuja


  1. De Angelo

    A nation so blessed yet the comments posted thus far shows that most of you are fools & nonentity.How can you wish your fellow human being dead just because she is the Presidents wife.Its really sad that Mrs Patient Jonathan is now now the cause of your age long generatioal poverty situaton/traits.My friends they are there for a short while & who knows if a goat like you will come to lead us someday.What does your Bible or quran teaches you about our leaders? Does it not teaches that we pray for our leaders to lead us well.We know know that unless God leads man will continue to Make a mess of there earthly Government.Etheist pls,don’t just post that latherine,toilet,shit out of your mouth.The fact you now have a Nokia phone that browse does not mean you should come online & express your confusion,poverty + wrong grammatical composition. LET’S PRAY FOR OUR LEADERS,THAT GOD SHALL LEAD,DIRECT,KEEP THEM TO GENUINELY BE OF SERVICE TO US & THE NATION AT LARGE.THANKS BUT NO THANKS.

  2. okey

    she go die for that way,she no go return amenoooo!!!

  3. Oluday

    Nigerians dont believe in going to hospitals, they are used to self medication,just because they can’t afford hospital bill. A man voluntarily brought out N5000 for us to take care of people that were involved in an auto crash and promised to take care of further expenses. When the man left, the victims demanded for the money,saying they will take care of themselves when the get home. Claiming that their injuries aren’t serious even when someone has paid their treatment.
    Ridiculous!! POVERTY is killing nigerians,and some people think is not too heavy saying someone went to Germany with Nigerian money to rest, when a man could not afford to pay for his pregnant wife who can only deliver her baby through surgery?
    Let me reserve their curseseseses..

  4. berry

    May God Almighty heal our first lady soonest. She shall not die but live to see the goodness of God in the land of the Living……………..Amen!

  5. Bola

    Stolen money is already turning to stone for them.May be she went to Germany for tummy surgery.

  6. Edo

    Another boob’s job gone wrong?

  7. COO

    I hope this not another case of tummy-stucking!! We can’t afford to lose another first lady.

  8. Sam

    We don’t want to go back to Yar’ adua era.Presidency is supposed to let us know whatever we Nigerians want to know cos they are accountable to us.

  9. Mumu

    Why not rushed to “Pastor” Joshua? No be there she de worship?

  10. victor

    I pray the Almighty God will heal her fast Amen.

  11. kings

    Mrs patience should use this time of her ‘rest’ for sober reflection,many Nigerians are suffering ,living below poverty line.all we hear everyday is mass looting of our common wealth by govt officials and their cronies. It is high time GEJ sit up and stop doing as if he does not know what governance is all about.Many are crying and God will surely hear and come to our rescue.

  12. Ashiru Adeshina Titi

    Wishing the president’s wife Patience a quick recovery and clean bill of heath if it is through that she is ill. However, what is the for hidding it the Nigerians if actually she is sick. It is only in Nigeria this type of thing will happen.

  13. Moussa

    They need a Health Farm in Aso Rock. She needs to go on a diet and close her eyes and not see a leg of lamb to wack every night. They eat too much yet Abati says people should stop telling lies on them. God has replied Abati with this ailment.

    We wish Madam ‘Umblerra’ a fantastic recovery. For the past six months obesity has not allowed her to talk properly. On TV, it was as if she was gasping for breath sometimes. Didn’t anybody notice? We knew she was not feeling well but hiding it.


    She’s in a German hospital receiving treatment after FOOD POISONING. Or do you think she might be there for other reasons? cosmetic surgery perhaps?

  15. Joe Ibeh

    Dame Patience, I pray that the Almighty God heals you faster….we dont want to lose you. But please call Uncle to tell Sanusi that the N40B to be wasted on new 5000 notes should be used to equip our hospitals so that you will not take the risk of flying overseas to go and treat yourself again…pls tell Uncle because i know he will listen to you….God bless you.

  16. Miss Jane

    Poisoning or no poisoning let us all put our first lady patience jonatan into prayer, bcos there is nthing impossible for god to do, pls my good people of nigeria,it will be very ridiculous &paniful if what we dont expeat happene thanks &god bless u all.

    1. Toni

      keep on praying, foolish girl. You mother is in the village hungry and you are praying for people who feed with 1billion Naira every year. MUMU!!

    2. okey

      jane,you are a fool.that is why people like you dn’t succede in u think she will give u something if u write good about her?you fool!!

  17. Rufy Prince


    1. Toni

      You guys are looking for people to kidnap and rape again. You will not succeed

  18. Richard

    Whatever is wrong with the Villa? May God heal Mrs Jonathan and restore her health. Let us all pray for her.

  19. Ayour Pee

    Successive federal government in Nigeria wont stop at putting shame on us as a nation. Isn’t it ridiculous that we have to fly somebody to Germany over food poisoning???? PDP promised to rule this country for ever. What they failed to add to it was that we will remain forever backward as a nation … which is becoming so obvious.
    Well, i wish the First Lady “soonest recover”. She will not die. She will live to see the goodness of this country after the captivity of her husband and his party!

  20. Iska Countryman

    she got poisoned…we have to replace her with virgins…

  21. naubiko

    Maybe she’s on a shopping trip for the best tummy tuck doctor out there? So Pashe has been buying stuff you don’t need at the villa? But the big question is with a billion Naira for budget on food how come she got food poisioning? accorinding to the rumours…..
    So Aso Rock is not big enough for resting?

  22. Alesh2

    We are at it again. History is about to repeat itself.
    Abacha died.
    Obasanjo left without his wife.
    Yar’adua died.
    What next.
    Will Jonathan leave without his wife?.

    1. omowunmi Adelowo

      …who cares !

    2. paul

      Over Feeding Ailment (OFA) May she never return in peace.

      Idiot they are caursed.

      The food they took away from the masses has become poison in their body

      1. Joe Onye Amachara-Avuvu

        Paul you are wicked. what has Madam done to you to warrant wishing her dead? Is she responsible for your mother not becoming a first lady in your village not to talk of your LGA…? Whether you or your likes, like it or not, Dame Pat. will surely return to Nigeria in peace in Jesus Name…Amen.

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