Facebook: Fraudsters Clone TB Joshua

The General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, has raised the alarm over the activities of fraudsters who now swindle people using his name and the church.

He described the situation as disheartening as the fraudsters had introduced several blogs and Facebook accounts to swindle unsuspecting members of the church and other donors worldwide.

Prophet TB Joshua who raised the alarm at the weekend through the church’s official Facebook page, said he had never had a personal account on the social internet site, but was shocked to discover that several people had opened accounts in his name while others have done it through the church and some of its ministries through which they swindle unsuspecting members of the public.

In some cases, some of the fraudsters have thousands of followers and loyalists on such fake Facebook pages.

“Although the fraudulent Facebook pages are too numerous to mention, our attention has been especially drawn to the following account: ‘TB Joshua Ministry Can Change The World.’

“We were shocked to see the account has well over 40,000 followers and the writer of the site is even receiving prayer requests from people in the name of TB. Joshua. What appalling deceit! It is time to put an end to this,” Prophet Joshua lamented.

According to a warning the Prophet posted on his wall, TB Joshua Ministries, and titled: ‘Beware Of Fraudsters On Facebook,’ he called the attention of the public to the alleged nefarious activities of the fraudsters calling it an urgent message to all true friends and partners of the SCOAN and Emmanuel TV.

According to him, “we are saddened to discover that people are still being deceived by individuals on Facebook claiming to be representing Prophet TB. Joshua, the SCOAN or Emmanuel TV.

“As we have stated several times before, TB Joshua, the SCOAN and Emmanuel TV has only one official Facebook page, which is: TB Joshua Ministries…any account claiming to represent TB Joshua, the SCOAN of Emmanuel TV is fraudulent.

“There is no official account on Facebook for TB Joshua, the Wise Men or any individual connected with the ministry,” the prophet said, adding that a quick search on Facebook “shows well over 100 people have created pages claiming to be TB, Joshua and countless more are deceptively using the names of SCOAN and Emmanuel TV.

He said many of them are on the social site to extort money under false pretence.

He urged members of the public to disregard the fraudsters, stop linking them on Facebook and even report them to Facebook so that they could be blocked.

“Once again, beware of any imposters claiming to be Prophet TB, Joshua or claiming to represent The Synagogue Church Of All Nations, demanding for money in the name of either of the above in the promise of providing anointing water or other materials from the ministry,” he said, maintaining that the Anointing Water was not for sale and was not being posted out from the church located at the Ikotun-Egbe area of Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, as claimed by the fraudsters.

—Eromosele Ebhomele

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  • I have been longing to come to Nigeria (SCOAN) since 2008 but due financial hicups i couldnt make it. Iam suffering from various ailment due HIV/AIDs possession. I need deliverance and healing. I therefore request if you could in Jesus name pray for me. Due to limited faith i despite the daily joining of SCOAN in player im not delivered from sins i commit. Please Man of God pray for me,
    Frm malawi

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  • My names are Lewis Kamenda, 46years, Zambian.
    I have been following tbjoshua television programs and I have seen how many people are helped spiritually and materially.
    I have been out of employment for a long time and my former wife who is a police officer divorced me.
    I have a lot of misfortunes in life. Whatever I do always leave me in problems. I have a lot of debts which I don't know how I will pay back. some of the debts are in courts and at the Police.
    How I wish I had any little money I would have come for help but I can not afford even to have access to the water others have benefited from after using.
    Man of God. Help me to be delivered out of poverty and the misfortunes that surround me.
    Lewis Kamenda
    Email: lmkamenda@yahoo.com
    Cell: 260 964 490353
    260 955 645507

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  • Even d bible said it dat a prophet is nt respected in his own town. Man of god don't mind them.it is only a tree that bear fruit that children throw stone upon.ppl must talk.

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  • The Cloner must be Dozie Eronini, alias Eronini Dozie A., alias Eronini Chinedozie. He is a face book predator and claim to be 2002 Government Secondary School Owerri and 2009 Unizik Awka graduate. Eronini claim to have come from a wealthy family in Imo-State but specializes in fleecing unsuspecting naive and shallow minded married women. Eronini is a wolf in a sheep;s shin and impersonate SSG, FBI CIA, SSS, EFCC and Police. Eronini a scam-artist also operate with fellow cultist criminal gang.

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  • Dr of crim

    IT is a good thing that they are using the name of tb Joshua and not the name of God . It would not be very good if they were using Gods name whom no one knows

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  • When you use God's name to swindle people and now people are using your name .... What goes around come around....Bitter pill to swallow.

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    • You get am. You really know what is going on. The guys are only copying him to get a little of the much he is getting.

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  • Sir, make a prophetic declaration on them that they "should be exposed and be disgraced" in the name of Jesus - amen.

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  • Who says Nigerians are not smart... any innovation is an innovation for smart naijaboys. do you blame these yahoo-yahoo boys? blame oyinbo mentality.

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