A miserable day for Team Nigeria at Olympics

Team Nigeria capped their London Olympics outing Saturday in a miserable fashion, dashing the hopes of their nation for even the least of medal, a bronze.

The under-par team lost in athletics, taekwondo and wrestling.

The women’s 4 x 400 metres relay team of Omolara Omotosho, Idara Otu, Bukola Abogunloko and Regina George was disqualified in the final match to place last in the event. They had crossed the line at the point of exchanging the baton.

Andrew Dick also lost in the men’s freestyle wrestling, losing in the round of 16 of the 84 kg. category to Puerto Rico’s Jaime Espinal.

He had drawn bye from the qualification round, only to lose 1-3 to the 27-year-old central American at the ExCel-North Arena 2.

The 36-year-old Nigerian had another chance to redeem himself in the event’s repechage later in the day but he lost 0-5 to Dato Marsagishvili of the Republic of Georgia.

Earlier in the day also, Chika Chukwumerije failed to get a chance for the bronze medal in taekwondo when he failed to qualify for the repechage.

Chukwumerije had lost to number four seed Robelis Despaigne in the qualification round earlier and could have had a chance for the repechage if the Cuban had progressed to the final.

However, Despaigne lost to Anthony Obame of Gabon to dash Chukwumerije’s hopes and what was earlier seen as Nigeria’s biggest medal hope.

And so Team Nigeria will head home, without any silverware.


  1. D J Adu

    We need revival in all areas. Our guys are not be blamed, they really tried but the preparation was quite small compare to what can bring us joy. To be honest, something must happen in Nigeria before we can regain our glory again. It is not in sports alone and prayer may not do it bcos we trouble God so much in Nigeria than any other nations of the world. Do we need to pray for water, electric etc. These are just natural things that God had given us. Our government is very very sick and weak in everything. Something must happen………….

  2. omonaija

    southafrica,uganda,kenya,ethiopia,algeria,egypt,morocco,gabon,botswana,tunisia …all did africa proud @ the london olympics.
    and nigeria….no comments.

  3. Jokos Interbiz

    When the head is weak, other members of the body will not function well. That is the story of Nigeria, my Nigeria. To your tents O! Israel.

  4. naubiko

    Once I was going through heathrow airport and one of the attendants checking me in asked “Are you a Nigerian” to which I said yes… She was shocked because I had nothing in my Luggage apart from a few clothes and my laptop for a Hand luggage.

  5. Babatunde Taofeek Olaide

    Hmm… U sleep on your bed as u laid it!

  6. Sam

    Pls allow team Nigeria to sweep the stadium,maybe they can find any misplaced medal o. Hw can dey return without even a plastic medal. Allow them sweep abeg. Anyhow,anyhow, dem go find medal wey fall from china or America.

  7. Abu Ab

    Good riddance to the bad rubbish we took to London. Sentiments apart, Olympic is not for the ill prepared, you don’t expect Nigeria to defeat nations with standard and well implemented sports policies. Excellence should not be disregarded for national pride, the one who has worked hard should be acknowledged irrespective of Nation or tribe. Kudos to those who won medals and SHAME to those who didn’t.

  8. Chucks nelson

    while small countries like Cuba, trinidad or Jamaica with population density of less than 1.5 million won several gold medals Nigerain team kept wallowing in mediocrity, a perfect indication of the scale of decay in nigeria polity, nothing works no roads no water no electricity no sports facilities to stop the youth from turning to four-one niners or criminals. Every thing that makes for social and economic development has been abandonned for corruption and infectious greed of our official.

  9. Chyta

    The glory has departed.. All d blood of innocent souls shed by boko haram is at work. God hav mercy.

  10. james osho

    Nigeria is sick and confronted back home with many regional problems.On swimming alone the Ijaw people can make us proud but there is no facility to develop.Nigeria is to be ashamed. This is a challenge to the sport minister.

    1. naubiko

      Let’s blame Shell and Agip /GEJ for Izon on swimmingor that … And for the Igbo wrestling will have been a medal hopeful for the way we are built. Yoruba can run faster for been lightly built.. And the Hausa/fulani long distance so the Boko haram can be blamed….
      Yoruba we can always blame Tunibu….

  11. Onwo williams

    When the head is weak, and the tail is also weak, what do you expect from the other part of the body?

  12. ademola fagbemi

    London 2012 Olympic has come and gone, None of Nigerian athletes were among the last three standing in all eight competition we participated in not even talking of being called and rise up above others to mount the podium of gold medalist. Can we now accept as true without proof that over two billions of naira and all other petty materials spent for the tourney is nothing but a waste? Whereas it was not like this in the days of Nwakwo Kanu,Bose Kafo, Funke Osinnaike and Segun Toriola among others when their blood were still fresh not to talk of their old age. There is no doubt about it that the glory of Nigerian sports of the olden days are no where to be found. to cut the long story short, all we need do is to call on the one who have all things in his capacity to restore back the lost glory, not only on sports activities this time but to everything that has to do with Nigeria.Please pray my Brothers and sisters because there is no Nigeria without you.

  13. jonNy

    we are nation of prayers. Other nations are already preparing for 2016. The worst is that we will not start now to pray towards that year. We will start preparing six months to that time. Then start praying before each event. How will God abandon those that prepare for our emergency prayer athletes. Pray

    1. naubiko

      One of the participants from Nigeria blamed witches and wizards for a false start. Interesting someone is even blaming Boko Haram as well and innocent blood on this forum… I would blame principlalities for our woeful performance.
      Please add to the tally if you wish

  14. New Nigeria

    This is no news. We all know this already. We only went to London for the jamboree and shopping. You will see the effects when the mountains of shopping items bought with estacdes and embezelled money by the officials clogs up the airport baggage handling system on their return.

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