Bus Drivers Cry Out Over Extortion By LASTMA

Commuter bus drivers plying Oshodi-Apapa Expressway today cried out over extortion by an official of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA, simply called Asa.

According to one of the drivers, Mr. Dickson Samuel, the LASTMA official was taking advantage of the yet-to-be implemented new Lagos traffic law to extort money from the drivers at Oshodi.

In a telephone chat with P.M.NEWS today, the driver claimed that Asa arrested three commuter bus drivers yesterday and collected N5,000 bribe from each of them. Dickson said when the matter was reported to a senior LASTMA official at Oshodi (whose names he did not mention), Asa was ordered to refund the N3,000 he collected yesterday.

He added that the same senior official had advised the three commuter bus drivers who paid N5,000 each to Asa to come this morning for identification parade and refund of their money. The driver said that the senior official made it clear to Asa in the presence of the drivers that he was on an illegal duty.

When P.M.NEWS contacted the Public Relations Officer on phone, she promised to get across to LASTMA’s senior officials at Oshodi for briefing.


  1. This is exactly what i have been saying abt this law,i remember one Mr samuel saying all manner of rubbish when i talked abt going to court to contest wrongful fine or abuse by these idiots called lastma,their boss also wrote in the pm news of yesterday that such will never happen.Now the law has not even started properly,just within days of announcement lastma has started the very action all lagosians will live to regret if this law is not amended properly.This is democracy for christ sake.And it seem’s like we have to go back to the very defination of democracy and right of human beings living in a state,be it citizens or foreigners.Govt shld 1st educate the pple who shall be responsible to enforce this laws and put harsh punishment also against any enforcer breaking the law or abusing it,as they should even know better than ordinary motorist.

  2. amaechi, just shot-up if you dont know what to say. am sure you are from a PDP state… go back to your state… maybe you are an irritated and displaced oshodi trader… LASTMA has done a lot in Lagos eventhough I have been their victim before. Mention one harm that ACN had done to you… is it because the Party cleanse oshodi, where people like you constituted nuisance? For your information, I am a freeborn and original Igboman. so dont think i am a yorubaman, when i see red, i dont call it black.

    • Joe Ibeh,dont talk from one side i am an Ibo man like you who speak Igbo language.I am not in support of bad thing,there are things the present government has done that is anti-people.Cleansing of Oshodi makes no meaning when it was cleaned and replaced with area boys in uniform.Come out every thursday morning and what KAI Brigade is doing with people more especially food vendors they carry there food and later eat it at there office under the bridge at Oshodi or the LASTMA boys who has turned the dustbin area where APC for Police was kept as a jungle court where they prosecute Okad riders who are looking for daily bread.Look at all the LGA,s none of there chairmen is working.Taking Oshodi as a case study,no road in oshodi.is it from post office to Ayo,Brown to Oja, name the the roads nothing is happening yet they are busy collecting one money or the other from people.I pay heavily on tax yet cant enjoy anything that we are told if you pay your tax they will use the money to provide,So dont talk any how because amaechi is entitled to his opinion.

  3. My group will mobilize Lagosians in 2015 to put an end to ACN rule in Lagos,they have done more harm than good to Lagosians.

  4. pls set good examples. some of these agberos use as tugs to defraud innocence citizens, care should be taken before the still child away form mothers

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