Photos: Life on the water front

•A local bridge on the waterfront.
•The kids at home with their pet.
•Future leaders at the Makoko waterfront in Lagos, southwest Nigeria.
•Mother and her children on the lagoon.
•A mother taking her children out in her canoe.
•A mother with a child strapped to her back, alongside her little boy, go fishing on the Lagos lagoon.
•SHOP ON THE LAGOON…Selling her wares from her canoe on the Lagos lagoon. Photos: Idowu Ogunleye.


  1. oliver

    God have mercy on this children. leaders of tomorrow and the star to be who knows.

  2. Taiwo Ladeji

    our trust and hope should be in God and not man. Fashola is trying and should continue the good work; and he should provide an alternative accommodation for the displaced. No matter what, these people are human being and their children too constitute the future generation of this country Nigeria.

  3. Verses S


  4. NKIRU

    o God help your poor children, by using the Government to help them look at the little suffering innocent children. Those children you see there who knows they are the potential leaders of the nations, why not save them today to avoid the violent they will cause tomorrow because of what they passed through. May God help us and help our Government. Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  5. julade

    my man do not bother yourself on human being, we are all fumble. god is the best. let’s do our best & leave the rest.

  6. artoj

    believe in god and in yourself, more so be positive. and never realy on man.

  7. MR TEE

    So what succor has Fashola provided for the Maroko people or the Ayobo people that their houses were demolished ? u better believe in God like Victor said

  8. victor

    You better believe in God, man will fail you and you fall yakata

  9. Jim bobby

    This is quite pathetic. The government should endeavour to provide an alternative. Please let’s think more of those small children. God bless Gov. Babatunde Raji Fashola for providing a succor. I’ve always believe in him.

  10. famo

    all of us cannot live a life of wealth, and all of us cannot be rich.

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