In Pictures: PHCN Protest Unpaid Salaries

Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) Staff, staged protests at the office Headquarters in Abuja this morning over unpaid benefit . Photos: Femi Ipaye


  1. murphy

    i think phcn shuold be probe and government shuold not pay them anything cos they have distroy this country for the selling of our light to another place. ride on soldier we dey enjoy u

  2. olayode tj

    phcn so you people can shoot for money when some of you are collect illegal money and destroy nepa, since military took offer from you, light are getting better, thank for soja men

  3. komhu

    go and learn from nitel staffers

  4. bamgbola oluseye

    These phcn big shots are busy collecting huge sums from community development associations as electrification fees. They should be probed. I hope someone is listening.

  5. oluwole

    Capitalism can never guarantee job security, there various reforms are to make the poor workers suffer more despite their efforts………….

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