Fashola arrests 2 army officers On BRT Lane

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, Tuesday arrested two top military officers who drove on the dedicated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lane, expressing dismay that those who should show the highest form of discipline and professionalism were the ones violating the BRT regulation.

The two military officers, who were accosted on the BRT lane at the Outer Marina in Central Lagos, are Colonel Ki Yusuf who drove in an Army Green Peugeot 406 with registration number BO1 – 150 NA and Staff Sergeant Adeomi A.J. who drove in a black Toyota Camry.

Realizing that the game was up, Colonel Yusuf came down from his car, saluted severally and kept muttering “I am sorry, very, very sorry”, with the Governor enquiring why, as a senior military officer, Yusuf would choose to break the law instead of preserving it.

The arrest drew the attention of commuters and other passers-by who commended the Governor for showing good leadership and expressed joy that the senior military officers got caught in the act at last.

Fielding questions from newsmen after the incident, Governor Fashola described as very unfortunate the fact that those who ought to stand behind in defence of the democratic values of the nation are the ones violating the law.

Governor Fashola, who noted that the highest levels of the Military Command have expressed continuously their commitment to supporting democracy and to subjecting themselves and their officers to the laws of the country, declared, “those officers that I caught today are a very bad example for the military.”

The Governor said he had already made a representation to the superiors of the culprits, expressing optimism that they would be sanctioned appropriately.

He, however, added: “but it signifies my commitment and the commitment of the Lagos State Government that all those who will not comply with our laws should leave our state. We will not back down.

“There is a zero tolerance for lawlessness. There is zero tolerance for breach of our regulations and we are going to do more of this. We are going to take control over our traffic. We cannot build our way out of traffic congestion; our responsibility is to manage traffic and manage congestion.”

Insisting that people must behave themselves, Governor Fashola declared: “I don’t use the BRT lane, I sit down in traffic and I expect everyone who wants to drive his car to do the same. The alternative is to use the bus.

“The bus is for those who cannot afford to buy cars. They have the right also to use the road and we cannot encroach on that lane which we have reserved for them. This is democratisation of the road and I will defend it.”


  1. McDavid E.

    Firstly, kudos to Babatunde R. Fasola and Col. Ki Yusuf for their respective role.
    But in a real sence, BRF went too far by dishonoring the Col.
    I believe, respect is reciprocal and should have taken place in this situation because a Colonel can/equal to be a President of a country, if a souldier like him can
    1. Accept his mistake regardless his rank,
    2. Humble himself to say “am sorry, very very sorry”
    which is somehow against military rule, I think the Governor shouldn’t go far to that extent.

  2. Fidelis.0.

    Goodjob gov fashola, the are messing up the laws mostly security agents going against the traffic unofficialy it was a very big shame to them even from the top, do more sir i wish i hav the power to stop this mess, go to England and see for your selfs nigerian when when when everbody want to be known with evil and coruption, sir pls do more appreciated.

  3. Sunday

    The law is 4 man, not man 4 law. Brt laws be expanded to allow people on special dutys and the private who moves ‘rapidly’ use the lane. Much people on the road, much victims of accidents, robbers, assasins. Holding tight the RIGHT of brt law, how SAFE are some or most people on the service lane. All animals are equall, but some are more equall than the other. If the public buses use the parks, traffic jams will reduce, and the ‘innocent’ offenders may stop!

  4. Wasiu Adeoti

    Noble’s points are very vital. In fact the Lagos State Asset Management should bring those points before the Governor’s office i.e. to review BRT law. Presently, the new system introduced towards improving BRT is not working or the operative staff are not allowing same to work. They should evolve or look inward.

  5. Simple

    Brf u are too much.. Those pple think dey are above d law. EKO O NI BAJE.

  6. Jide Oduyoye

    @ Emmanuel, your submission on this matter beggars belief. The Col violated an existing law on brt usage. It is not for individuals to determine the magnamity of a violation or errant behaviour, that’s what the law is there for. Sentiments such as youhave tabled is what is generally dragging our country backwards because we refuse to subject ourselves to requisite deiscipline to make progress happen. We come up with all sorts of flimsy excuses to cover our self centred desicions to take advantage of others! Queue jumping, bribing et al! The brt says only brt buses and genuine emergency vehicles en route are allowed at any time on the brt lane. What part of that specifics is not clear to us? Do you think the Governor was on a less urgent assignment or my assignment is less critical or important to that which is assumed on behalf of the Col you don’t even know Sir? please let’s be guided about our comments because we really don’t know the younger members reading all thses stuff. Surely we do not want them to end up like us in our own country….mostly feeling helpless though hopeful that one day it shall be rosy.

  7. MR TEE

    i dont blame Fashola for embarrassing the ARMY it is the fault of the so call Generals in the Army who are afraid of retirement, it happened to a junior soldier before now a col in Nigerian Army I pray it should happen to a General then they will realize that they are all coward

  8. Omooba Adeyemi

    It is good everybody should obey the law of the state no matter his/her status in the society. This will serve a good deterrent to others, military and civilians. But there is one thing the Lagos Government should enforce, The BRT buses should not be using the remaining lanes left for toher motorists because they too are not above the law. I will seize this opportunity to call on Hon. Minister of FCT to visit Lagos and Fshola and see how traffic is maintain there. It is emmbarassing to see people driving one way, especially Policemen, Military men.and even comercial drivers in Abuja when there is small traffic grid and atimes when their is none, lawlessness in Abuja was not like this during the tenor of El-Rufai. The most affected roads are Kubwa-Zuba express road, Nnamidi Azikwe road via Berger to likn Kubwa Express road and Karu- Nyanyan Expressway.

  9. Emmanuel

    Having read all contributions on this matter, I think we need to be more objective about it. Taking for granted that the Col has done so badly and the Governor did the right thing for chiding the Col. But I think Fashola went too far, let’s consider the following:
    1 The col did not follow one way
    2 The Col was in Uniform and traveling in official car
    3 It is not unlikely that the Col was on urgent official assignment
    4 Having realised his actions the Col sobed and saluted the Governor
    5 If fire service or ambulance had followed the BRT the Gov wouldn’t have stopped them
    All these taking together, the Gov should have soft pedal in the way the officer and by extension the image of the Army was subjected to public ridicule
    Let’s note that the security successes Fashola is achieving in Lagos are made possible by this guys and Police in tandem with other security services. If it were to be Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, He wont even allow the media to publish it because he knows that one day he will need them. Am sure if Fashola is allowed by law to seek re-election he wont do what he did. We are all living witnesses to how military contributed to the success of elections in Edo State. Oshiomole will forever be grateful to them.

    1. Katanga

      @Emmanuel, BRT has a legal backing. No person, no matter how highly placed should break the law. What manner of errand is this fellow running. You don’t get to see military men in uniform on the road in other countries. It is only in Nigeria where you see them on the streets, some of them escoting frozen chicken on trucks around town.

  10. ife

    First of all, I commend the Army Colonel who ‘submitted’ himself to “civilian correction”; it shows that our democracy can and will thrive.

    second of all,Governor Fashola deserves praise for showing true courage by not allowing a ‘law breaker’ get away with a slap on the wrist. It is hoped that this singular event will serve as a reminder to all who believe they are “highly placed” to display good conduct as example to others. “Order is the first law in heaven” and flouting of the law is a sign of weakness, nay indiscipline not of strength.

  11. Bode

    @ Leke… so what is your point? what sort embarrassment was that? he breaks the law, or is there different law for the military to break the law?
    unless you wanna make Nigeria lawless country, that when you won’t get bothered about law breakers….the military too must help in keeping and upholding the LAW

  12. Leke Feso

    Dats good but can Governor Fashola do without the Military is embarrassing, we had OP MESA is back to Lagos. Fashola begged FG / Soldiers to help him curb crime in Lagos State and dis are the same soldiers his embarrassing. in a situation where Soldiers or Police are pursing armed robbers, can they follow the BRT or not and morover, the road belong to the Federal Government and not Lagos State. Enough of this embarrassment is ok bcos these same military officers are the people You will still call for Security Meeting at Alausa to beg.

    1. mk

      @Leke, do you know the military are being paid with tax payers money to protect the law, and not to do otherwise. pls stop your sentiments.

  13. Noble

    Democracy is all about the people (masses). If I may ask. Does BRT serve all the people in Lagos or is it for a selected few? Of course, the answer is the later because it does not cover all the routes in Lagos. It serves mainly those who move along Ikorodu Road to Victoria Island.

    My office is along Mile 2 and there is no BRT service on that route. I spend hours on hold-up on the service lane inside commercial bus as it is an offense for it to follow Express road even if it has no need to stop.

    My questions are:*** Those who move along Ikorodu Road that are provided with BRT services (with a dedicated lane that should not be interfered with), are they paying a different higher tax rate or is it the same PAYE I am subjected to?, *** Are they (Ist) first class citizens while the (OTHERS) are (2nd) second class citizens. *** Since it is an offense to enter BRT lane no matter the cause with another vehicle, What is the offense of BRT bus leaving its dedicated lane to enter the other lanes?. BRT buses are not up to 2% of the number of vehicles plying lagos road but it took about 25% of the usable road space. If say ‘A’ is penalized by coming to ‘B’ , equally there should be a commensurate penalty for ‘B’ coming to ‘A’. Any law that is not balanced is skewed and therefore punitive. We are all tax payers. (1) the state government should provide BRT services to all other routes for equity. (2) The state government should come up with the penalty for any BRT bus that leaves its dedicated lane and enter another lane.

    1. Jide Oduyoye

      @Noble, public transport infrastructure costs is very capital intensive. Lagos -Badagry which also covers Mile 2 will soon have both rail and brt. Surely you would noticed the development currently going on. This City is a growing Lagos and the government is doing all it can within the obvious constraints to ensure there is progress. The state does not generate enough income to achieve the type of overall public transport system for the benefit of all the citizenry at the same time. The brt on Ikorodu Road is quite a unique one because it was implemented within an urban environment and on an existing carriageway. for it to have attained the level of success it has needs to be commended. I assure you that you will also begin to see the dividend of all the government and it’s agencies hard work and perhaps you will forward your appreciation when that time comes. Please drive safely and support a true working government.

  14. Abolade toyin

    Lagos state govt u are too much continue the good work

  15. Austin

    Governor Fashola declared: “I don’t use the BRT lane, I sit down in traffic and I expect everyone who wants to drive his car to do the same.
    If a governor can sit in traffic to lead by example why cant military officer either senior or junior also do same,Abeg make governor bite them small for other to learn from it.

  16. A.T Hassan

    They must be deal with seriously,cos they understand d law but just to prove their ‘KAKI’
    3 gbosa 4 BRF.

  17. Omo Bishop

    They were not trained with law so that they dont know what they call law, they were only trained for WAR. That is the reason why they always violate the law………….if govnr can form a JTF Comprising Police,Army,Lasma,Civil defence to monitor only uniform men. The Issue of violating the law by plying the BRT lane by uniform men wil stop

  18. affyj

    Meanwhile, the Governor was on his way out when he came across those military men violationing the law. BRF, u ar the real man.

  19. mikeobanjo

    Where were the LASTMA and KIA officials if it takes a state governor to apprehend traffic offenders? However, kudos BRF. Eko o ni baje!

  20. Alabi Sheriff umpreh

    Good riddiance to bad rubbish.

  21. umaru Moshood

    Well, the action is good. But the money generated from the fine is not spent appropriately. School unaffordable, Lagos State Residential Doctors always go on and off etc. They do need to do what is right for the average lagosians. Or there is no place for the poor in Lagos?



  23. Oladayo Adio

    Why does it take whole Governor of the state to arrest offenders, what was the transport commissioner and co doing while the Governor took up his job as a sign of inefficiency in this respect. I believe..
    Someone should tell the Governor to kick the ass of this lazy commisioner and pass the
    job to me for less wages….I promise him that he will sleep peacefully at home without no more worries about traffic offences in LAGOS STATE.



    2. Jide Oduyoye

      His Excellency did not specifically go out there to enforce the brt lane, he just happened to be on his way and he noticed the infringement by the military personnel. LASTMA does a fantastic job daily in the face of very serious challenges. I was also out on Sunday and I stopped to assist Lastma officers who were having difficulty stopping the military officers. The record in Lastma office shows how many Lastma officers had been beaten and molested for doing their job….simply because they do not have weapons. Your comment about the Commissioner in my opinion therefore is unfair and unthought of.

      1. DUDUYEMI


  24. Olowa

    Fasola u r just 2gud.

  25. olu


    You are entirely wrong.
    The buses are not enough. We are not in UK OR USA.
    In Lagos state, the state buses are supplementary at least for now.
    Those who have the means of transportation should be encouraged to use their own means until the government can provide enough public transportation.
    As of now, the government does not have the capacity to provide public transportation[buses, rail, etc etc] for all of us.

  26. Hmm

    “The bus is for those who cannot afford to buy cars…”
    This statement is not absolutely correct. Everyone should be encouraged to use the bus and not just those ‘who cannot afford to buy cars’. This will eventually reduce the level of air pollution as less vehicles would be on the road.

    However, kudos to the governor for the exemplary attitude.

    1. nizing

      oga Babatunde fashola nice one boss keep it up, that is how all this officer’s does in in the morning on the island.

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