4 Arrested over murder of Oshiomhole’s aide

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Jethro Ibileke/Benin 

 Four persons have been arrested by the Edo state Police Command in connection with the murder of Olaitan Oyerinde, Principal Private secretary to the governor of Edo state, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole. 

Acting Inspector General of Police,  Mohammed Abubakar,  disclosed this on Wednesday in Benin while addressing journalists on the level of preparation of the police ahead of the governorship election holding this weekend. 

Oyerinde, the Deputy National Secretary of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) was gruesomely murdered in the early hours of Friday, 4 May, 2012, at his Ugbor Road residence in GRA, Benin, southsouth Nigeria. Following his murder, Governor Oshiomhole gave the police 14 days ultimatum to fish out the killers.

 “I can confirm to Nigerians that four persons have been arrested over the murder of Olaitan Oyerinde, and investigations are still ongoing,” Abubakar said. 

Reacting to Edo state government’s rejection of the police investigation report of the accident involving the convoy of Governor Oshiomhole, Mr. Abubakar said no one was in position to determine the outcome of police investigation. “We were not part of the accident. The police have the constitutional responsibility to conduct investigation. Those who were involved were interrogated, and they made statements to the police. They made the investigation based on the preponderance of evidence. They have given statements to the police, and based on their statement, the police came to the conclusion, and we have said what we said. Whether anybody dismisses it or not, that is not the issue. “The facts available to us as at now inform what we have said. If anybody has anything contrary, he should be able to come forward to defend it. We cannot allow people to sit down and make statement they don’t have fact about. We cannot sit down and take reckless statement. ” We expect Nigerians to be responsible while making statements. If you have evidence to say it was A, B, C or D, you must be ready to prove it. But you cannot make reckless allegation you cannot prove. As far as we are concerned, we stand by that statement until otherwise proven,” he said.    


  1. Bless2cul

    My prayer is that, our GOD will disgrace all d blood sucking forces of darkness in edo politics, all those who thought Edo state seat of power belong 2 them, those who feel they can kill at will & getaway with it, those that think that they wil live on planet earth 4ever, even in their 80s, without considering their entenity wit a living God who wil judged their every secrets and open sin & may the original killers of ACN sec & those who was behind the the attacked of comrade convoy, MAY THEIR JORNEY 2 HELL BE ACCELERATED. OUR COMRADE GOVERNOR WILL DO THE DOING, WHILE tonyanenih & his cole blood suckers wil do the dying. D pple of edo can never b decieve or b fool again. It is only a Fool that will vote for pdp. PRINCIPALITIES DARKNESS PARTY.

  2. Nnanna

    Government agencies in Nigeria NEVER say anything resembling truth or near that and the worst is the Police. Police is the worst government agency and anything around it smells. These people talk as if they are talking to people who are just dropping from the sky or coming from another planet.

    If the Police is saying that they based their position on what they gathered from the unfortunate people arrested for this assassination attempt, we all can also base our public feeling & position from all that we heard and read in the press.
    How can a tipper crash into a governor’s convoy reminding us those old days of wild wild west when a similar incident happened. A tipper was used to crush an opponents children just returning from overseas.
    People in authority should know that the people they address have common sense even as we know that their own expired the moment they took up appointment in government !

  3. Zaid

    Why is it that its now that they are arresting the culprits behind the murder when its jst days to the election. Or is this a kind of distraction? PDP will never seize to amuse me @ all. Change is government is what we need.

  4. salenko

    sege you are right, the real culprit has long gone and the area which the said event took place has military men in all section of the market,so who ever did this only god knows

  5. osaro okhomina

    These are great times for the police.I thank IG for his disclosure and the fact that the era of “RECKLESS” claims are over.If you have a contrary evidence to that of the Police,they should come out with it for the sake of Peace,Rule of Law and equity!

  6. Sege dudu/Oroman

    IG, l dont belief those arrested by your men are real cuprit.l belief they are arrested unjustly to serve as scap goat of unknown if proper investigation is conducted, IG will find out that they are innobent of the heightest order.

  7. Sege dudu/Oroman

    IG, l dont belief those by your men are real cuprit belief they are arrested unjustly to serve as scap goat of unknown if proper is conducted, IG will find out that they are innobent of the heightest order.

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