Boko Haram: Dasuki visits Kano


National Security Adviser, NSA, Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd) on Thursday assured the government and people of Kano state, northwest Nigeria of security of their lives and properties.

The newly appointed security chief who has been on a tour of Boko Haram flash-points since last week was in Kano to have a first hand appraisal of security challenges facing the ancient commercial city in the wake of Boko Haram insurgence that has claimed hundreds of lives in Kano and other troubled northern states.

He assured Kano state governor, Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso that his office was ever ready to partner with the state government to surmount rising security challenges in Kano.

Dasuki said the government of President Goodluck Jonathan was ready to give full assistance to the people and government of Kano state in their bid to ensure adequate security of lives and property.

“Considering the importance of Kano, a major economic hub, the last place anybody would want any disruption is Kano. The effect of anything in Kano is like say when Nigeria sneezes.

“Tthe sub-region catches cold. It is the same thing that if Kano sneezes, all of us will catch cold in terms of the fever. Therefore we would want to make sure that did not happen, that is why we are here,” Dasuki stated.

The NSA, however, lamented what he described as not too good experience with the Nigerian media so far and appealed to journalists to ensure restraint while reporting issues related to national security.

“My experience with the media has so far not been a very good one. Normally, what happens is that some people record what I have said and once they are out, everybody tries to translate what I said and somehow in the process of translation the meaning is lost.

“And some of the things I said were not reflected and those that I didn’t say were somehow stated as having been said. I would like to caution you that you should be very careful with what you report and most of the places I visit, the media has been one of the problems and it is all this idea of sensational journalism that everybody wants to publish a story that is not necessarily a story to make good headlines,” he noted.

Governor Kwankwaso expressed delight over the appointment of Col. Dasuki as NSA, adding that his entrance has changed things for good in the country.

Kwankwaso said the government and people of the state will join hands with the NSA to make his job a success, while appealing to members of the National Assembly to use their positions to ensure that peace and order were restored in the country.

The Kano Chief Executive also used the opportunity to commend the efforts of all security agencies in the state for their roles towards ensuring peace and stability.


  1. Ramon

    good move!! total war on terriorisms

  2. chinemerem

    @ paul why don’t u think positive abt this country?the new NSA merely took over some weeks ago?ur pessimist kind of nature will never let u move ahead.we will have peace in this country and DASUKl God will help u..we know u are focused so just carry go.

  3. Tafidan DDAJI

    Paul,why the uncomplimentary remarks against the new NSA,Dasuki?
    If i were you Paul,i will avail Col Sambo Dasuki a benefit of doubt to read between the lines.As have been singing all along,i still beat my chest to say,i am confident and optimistic that Dasuki will succeed Allah’s willing!One,of his track records.Two,the handiworks of his fore-fathers worth emulating by all and for his resolve to go to the round table with members of the Jama’atu Ahlis Sunnah Lidda’awati wal Jihad popularly called,Boko Haram.
    Dasuki,be steadfast and foward yourself to Allah for He will be your shephered.Best regards!

  4. paul

    He knew them because they as the same people so we don’t expect anything different.

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