Police Roadblocks gone for good, says Abubakar

Nigerian Policemen.

Nigeria’s acting Inspector-General of Police Mohammed Abubakar said the removal of road blocks from the nation’s highways has reduced corruption in the force by over 80 per cent.

Speaking at an interactive session with stakeholders during an official visit to Bayelsa state, Abubakar said that the action had also removed hiccups on the roads as Nigerians could now travel faster by road.

“Removal of roadblocks must go for good. Removal of roadblocks has reduced corruption by over 80 per cent,’’ he said.

Abubakar, who admonished police officers and men against receiving money for bail from members of the public, emphasised that bail was free.

He stressed that women also had the right to take somebody in detention on bail, saying: “I pledge a police force that would not collect money for bail.

“Responsible women can take someone on bail because there is no law restraining women from taking somebody on bail in the nation’s statute books.”

The IGP promised that a befitting headquarters would be built for the Bayelsa Police Command in 2013.

He said there was a serious disconnect between the police and the citizens, adding, however, that “we will reconnect with members of the public.”

Abubakar said although he was appointed at a very difficult time, Nigerians would continue to enjoy police protection to advance the country.

The IGP said Bayelsa was one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria and called for partnership with the public, especially traditional rulers as the custodians of the people’s domain.

He warned policemen against unlawful detention of persons, saying: “we will ensure that unlawful detention at police stations are reduced because the common goal of security agencies is to protect Nigerians.”

Responding to a question from stakeholders on unfriendly posture of some policemen at some stations, the IGP gave his personal mobile telephone number to the public to report genuine cases to him directly.

He warned against giving false information.

Abubakar promised that the welfare of policemen would be given priority during his tenure to ensure optimum performance.

The police command is currently operating from the defunct National Republican Convention (NRC) secretariat built for the Yenagoa council since the creation of the state in 1996.


  1. I personally commending IAG resurgent and orientation in police circle since he attain office. continue your re-branding methodology and strict with your orders without been bias or seeking favoritism from any quarter ……….well done

  2. This is d only I.G ,that I have seen that gave orders and was followed by the subordinates.
    It shows the quality u are made of-best rgds

  3. God bless u Mr Abubakar n your families n give good protection of live.i really thx you for removing police frm d way high ways in nigeria,is only Nigeria tht u find police on d high ways,all other Africa country r nt doin like tht,go to cotonu here very near to Nigeria no police on d high ways,their police respect d citizens,d citizen also respect d police.
    I could remembered my visit to Nigeria in feb till march,d first week in Nigeria,tht i was taking my daugther tht spent à wk hoilday with in my home Osogbo,tht i was taking to Lagos where she school,on frm Osogbo to Lagos toll and flow i spent 20,000 for police bcs of foreign international driving lincences tht used asking for money in all checking point.l learn hw to drive in France tht i went to driving school six months b4 i obtained my driving licence.They molested anyhw,put my life in danger at nite,bcs of d road block police i get to Osogbo at 2am at which i left at 4pm to Osogbo,is tht monday nite d cheif of police annoucéd no more road block.Thx IGP.

  4. Police force are still on road block, last week i was coming from Ikole Ekiti, Ekiti State on 3rd of June, 2012 around 10am in between Ilupeju-Ekiti and Ido-Ekiti, I met a van and 6 police men doing there usual stop and search duties, i was stop and ask where i am coming from and i told them from a funeral at Ikole-Ekiti but they ask me to go and there after stop the second car that will move in convoy and was forced to parked. they asked all sort of question and ask us to proceed on our journey, i think they would have request for bribe if not because of the no of people in waiting and cars.
    The van carries Ido-Ekiti police division.
    Acting AIG, Please act fast.

  5. Do some of these officers excercise at all?. Look at some them with big and protuding stomachs. makes you wonder how many months pregnacy they are carrying .Too much pepper soup and beer.

  6. Well said Mr. IGP. Please ensure your men are strategically positioned as a replacement for road blocks. That way crime can be controlled.

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