UNILAG renamed Moshood Abiola University

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The University of Lagos, with the acronym UNILAG, will now be known as Moshood Abiola Univerity.

President Goodluck Jonathan renamed the university, founded in 1962 on two campuses, after the winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential election in his Democracy Day broadcast this morning.

Jonathan, whose first year in office had seen his public approval rating dip, said the roles of Abiola in the enthronement of democracy cannot be wished away saying the labour of our heroes past must be rewarded.

Abiola died on June 8, 1998 after being incarcerated for his insistence to reclaim his June 12 mandate.

Former Nigerian leader, Olusegun Obasanjo refused to name any major public institution in memory of Abiola who hailed from Abeokuta like Obasanjo.

Daughter of the late politician, Hafsat Abiola-Costello, described the honour well deserved.

She told the Nigeria Politics Online in a telephone interview: “It is honour well deserved. We should just remember that his commitment was to end poverty. That was what he was fighting for. It’s honour for him and those who fought with him.”



    Jonathan Should not think of using these to win Lagos People’s mind, what we need is more job. electricity, security among others….. or How does naming UNILAG after M.K.O Abiola affects ordinary Nigerian on the street

  2. Halimat

    Hahahah what a name…..mr jonathan doesnt knw what nxt @all…..wat a shamless leader.

  3. Obe S.A


  4. Salami holuwashyeun

    Yes i lyke dat.Nw those dat are posing nd fumbling of federal universities wil nw c d reason of choosing state universites.As 4 me i reamin a ladokite til i graduate.

  5. Albee Ovie

    …We like Unilag as is. Not MAU (Moshud Abiola) or MALU (Moshud Abiola Lagos Univ);
    Pls Great Akoka (Unilag) comes wth a great history & traditn of Excellence!
    Plsss, GEJ shld leave Unilag alone!

  6. Albee Ovie

    MKO Abiola was d 1st truly elected President, tht was not acknwledgd by Nig.(IBB & Abacha) due to thr greed 4pwr. But MKO was also d pillar of sports in Africa. So, if Mr President truly wanna honour MKO, He must 1st name June 12 our legitimate Democracy day & then name d Abuja Nat Stadium after MKO. 4a start!!
    He shld just leave Unilag out of it!

  7. Jude

    Moshood Abiola university 4 university of lagos, what nonsense ! is dis ur present to Nigerians for ur one year tenure, u lack bad advisers why didn’t u rename abuja national stadium after him, if u know u really wanted to honour him.

  8. Oyekanmi Waheed Abiola

    It does not matter how the new name sounds but the important fact is that he has done what others has refused to do including OBJ who is a Yoruba and Egba like MKO.I think he deserves to be praised even though he has really perform below 9ja expetations. Several Universities like OAU, NNAMDI AZIKWE University,Ahmadu Bello
    University. Tafa Balewa University. Among others including state Universities and Polytechnics has been Named after various Heros in the past without noise and condemnation. Or are saying that MKO should not be honored like others. Or Eastern University should have been named after him or Northern University? Common let’s critize constructively so that who ever that is wrong can know how and when to make amendments.

  9. Win Dele

    This is retrogressive and backward thinking from a president that has run out of ideas and clueless. To rename an icon institution known as such world wide is an abomination and a cheap popularity gun mad. Students present and past should rally round to oppose this irrational and treasonable act. A race without history is a lost race. The rename is nothing but an act of wiping off the history of Unilag and must be resisted by all concerned.

  10. dennis

    instead of our useles president to fight corruption nd diz light problem e dy change university name

  11. Sob

    Weldone Mr President. Shame to Obasanjo. He was blinded by greed, self-centeredness and pride. He should have done this 12years ago.
    But Mr President should rename PHCN

  12. Anonymous

    I don’t like the new name.. UNILAG is so much better and if there is any word like tusher or touche, that’s what UNILAG is!

  13. robert eghagha

    ots ok!

  14. victor d gr8t

    …And of d gr8test Nigeria Students! what a nice name. dis is called REBRANDING. Jonathan is truly rebranding Nigeria! WE @ MOSHOOD ABIOLA POLYTECHNIC(MAPOLY) are happy to have you as our SUBORDINATE! U GUYS SHULD BE HAPPY,U HAVE BEEN GIVEN A GREAT PRIVILEDGE 2 BE NAMED AFTER US! IT is a great priviledge INDEED!! [MAPOLY VS MAU] OR [OJERE VS AKOKA]

  15. Adebiyi

    Greatest akokite wont accept d name fuck u Goodluck ebele jonathan u are a pain in d ass go to hell

  16. Niyi

    Is a welcome gesture Sir,because GOD Himself dislike an ingrate someone,because for any politician to overlooked the pains that Chief MKO has passed through for our democracy to sustained that everyone is now enjoy is an ingrate. So kudos to mr.President for this idea,but we are expecting more improvement on social amenities. God bless and save Nigeria.

    1. Albee Ovie

      Babanla Nonsense!
      …GEJ shld know tht d adviser tht came up wth ths idea of changing d name of Unilag is d enemy. I can guarantee u, Mr President, U’ve lost all d support of d west, & a better advice 4u;
      1. If u want 2win back d west, & truly want to honour MKO Abiola, u’ll make June 12 d Nig. Democracy day.
      2. U will reverse d new name u gave to Unilag, whch is a mockery to d entire western education, as Unilag comes wth a proud history & tradition of Excellence!
      3. Or consentrate on ur promise 2fixing & buildg more refineries & settling our PHCN problem.
      …GEJ, u see ur life?

  17. sunnee dee

    A good and welcoming point from GEJ the only thing remains now is for Federal Government to name MKO ABIOLA past president becos he laid down his life for this dividend of democracy Nigerians now enjoys.

  18. Ajayi morayo

    u all are just blabbing, wat do u guys knw abt govt, democracy nt to talk of Nigeria as a whole, u guys should go back to ur various basic skools nd start affresh maybe somtin will come into ur heads, even if jonathan as bn makin d wrong choices, diz dat he has made is neva a bad idea, morealso, its nt only in sports late chief MKO faught for, wen u go nd read history, u’ll cee wat he did…..What did u guys even knw, mtchew

  19. akinyemi seun

    Hw can u elect a paraga home based man who said he has never wear a shoe 2 skul n his life b d nigeria presido,is kinda rude 2 us,luk @ wat d madt man is doin nw,out of his sense n frustration n his reign he declared rubbish,is dere nt. Staduim,market,government company 2 use as a remenba of wit due respect MKO,well plss my fellow stdt we gat 4 our right,n declared war 2 dis idiot so call BADLUCK can u imagine d idiot!!!!!!!!

  20. ;ide

    @ Ola you guy are playing double standard,come june 12,same Unilag students will come out protesting non immortalization of MKO Abiola.by the way the School do not belong to any one group,but the government.

  21. sunday adekunley

    janathan is a failure

  22. utility

    voting goodluck jonathan was a very very big mistake

  23. tunde

    i support OLA for that statement..why didnt jona name bayelsa state university as MAU .bt why unilag even without seekin d students opinion.this country is f***ed.the vc of unilag jst died & renaming the school is d next tin he culd think of.yabatech jst became univesity.why cant he jst use yabatech..whether he lyks it or nt Unilag remains unilag..it depends on d students whether dey wil cal it dat name or nt…b***shit

  24. bigdo

    our leaders dont have 4 sight, lack vision, and are profoundly dum set of people, Unilag a school which has just celebrated its 50th birthday with so much international recognition, as one of the leading university in Africa and as a profound university located @ the center of Lagos the 4th largest commercial city in the world, was all of a sudden use as a bait to continue their political bulshit, why did jonathan who so much want to honour Abiola not build a school in his name, he would have contributed 2 education and development, jobs and infrastructures that this country need so bad. why cant this people think properly.

  25. organo

    we dont need changes in the names of our skls,all we need is transparence,accountability,increase in standard of education,low poverty level,good road network,potable water supply,standard health care service and good standard of living among Nigerians…..GEJ u are a disgrace to manhood and Nigeria…..

  26. Edemenya Chukzy

    Have u thought of the history and international credence unilag possess, changing Unilag will only lower it international repute…. GEJ should have built a university and name it after MKO, I jst feel UNILAG ain’t the right institution to deface. That’s my opinion anyway.But on the other way one could as well argue professionals and then take a look at issues in a dispassionately manner. That said, I asked myself, what did MKO represented while he was on planet earth? Some referred and still refers to him as a Martyr. We witnessed his generosity at the various donations he made to schools (primary, secondary and tertiary), house of worship etc. He was very at home with sport and was even named “Pillar of Sport”. And he paid the ultimate price in his quest to actualize the mandate bestowed on him by the overwhelming voters at that time. So and in summary, MKO was a philanthropist and a martyr.
    I then asked myself, how best can you honor and preserve such uncommon traits and if not through symbols or institutions that represent and at the same time project such ideologies. It is on this ideological basis that I subscribe to renaming any symbol or institution after those two uncommon traits – philanthropy and martyrdom. One is then tempted to ask, why University of Lagos? Then I ask, why not University of Lagos? The choice of University of Lagos (Unilag) to me is very instructive bearing in mind that institutions that share such history as Unilag have mostly been taken. Therefore, Unilag, because of its strategic and vantage positioning best befit the propagation of those two sterling qualities the name MKO has now become synonymous with. I also think the National Stadium either Abuja or Lagos could as well serve this purpose. I will even prefer that of Lagos maybe and just maybe that might spur the government to arrest that decaying monument.

  27. Jonathan is a complete failure

    Jonathan is a wasted Animal that turns things upside down. Why can’t you name Abuja University after Abiola because this is capital? Unilag sound better more than Abiola University. Jonathan Lack of Good adviser and he does not have common sense to move Nigeria forward. Yoruba does not need Unilag to be renamed after Abiola now. What common man asks for i.e standard Education, Good road, good electricity, good security, creating Job. What a wasted Ruler in Nigeria. I pity a nation without sense of creativity. Nigerian expected you to announce your achievement for 1 year in office. Brother ODE. “Paraga niger delta deys worry u”… I tired to be reading nonsense about MY country NIGERIA. No good news from this Nation. I can never allow my children and my future children to attend this Useless rename school. UNILAG more Unique, sound Good, attractive, lovable but you mess it up…Mr. Bad LUCK…. all Nigerian can see he is truly failure. Paul Nigerian Ghana


      Are you a shareholder in Unilag-gin? D presido has spoken, it will take 3 years or more 4 someone to reverse, so u better get used to it & stop cursing your God ordain President. Dankie mia bru

    2. Kingsley ifeanyichukwu

      The change of an institution name has nothing to do the certificate that you will obtain.you are so stupid to call jonathan a failure,it so clear that you dont have anything to say.next keep shut.you are a fool and if u dont respect yourself i will get u arrested,freedom of expression is not a room or an avenue for idiots like u to say nonsense

  28. Adam

    This is total nonsence

  29. Seyi sure

    I don’t kwn y our leaders don’t reason b4 taking decision, dis is democracy 4God sake, y unilag,y not a new school, Jonathan technical advisers have noting up stairs, hw dos dis name sound 2 our unilag!!!

  30. organo

    GEJ z brought us shame,tears and agony in dis Country…enough is enough,dis is not democracy,it is wickedness…why the change of skl wen we already av MAPOLY…pls we dont want democracy again…

  31. etiko

    why not rename a university in ogun state.that name does not make sence for a college such as lag

  32. julius

    Jonathan doesn’t have second thought, and sometimes act like a foolish man, where is he coming from to come and rename University of Lagos, name which is worldwide recognised and identified with the most populous city in Africa with one unsound able name like that. Jonathan is becoming something else to this country

  33. Anita

    Ha!!!Mr President,do hav a re-tink.D name now made d sch sound some how local compare 2 d grt unilag it has alwys b kwn 4.Ur point is a good one bt u could actually build a new establishmnt and name it afta him

  34. angry

    This is very stupid. Let him change it back to unilag ooo

  35. alimi hakeem

    He should create more university and name them whatever he likes. This appellation wil short change unilag both locally and internationally

  36. Aremu

    University of Lagos still remain Unilag. Jona you can jump into an ocean and get drowned. You do not have good advisers and you are making so many mistake. Please grow up. You should have named Abuja stadium in honour of Abiola because Abiola tried his best in the area of sport (football) and not education.

  37. Dayo

    Really, Thats just sooo ridiculous on all levels.
    How does this affect the poor people on the streets, haha Mr President looking for cheap publicity again

  38. Tee


    How ridiculous is this? Has Nigeria run out of problems to solve without adding the disapproval of students to its teeming issues? I hate this new name – not the person, mind…..

    Unilag it was, and Unilag it MUST remain!!!!

  39. Ola

    Ha…what abominable demotion for a prestigious university! Even the former name alone commanded respect. No wonder students are protesting. There’s nothing wrong in honouring a worthy hero…but come on, you don’t dig up a hole to fill up another. Whichever way you look at it, the name UNILAG sounds more lovable, reputable, creditable and by far MORE enviable than MOSHOOD ABIOLA UNIVERSITY (YUK!)

  40. Gentle o

    This is pure madness! He called it democracy but did he consult anybody? We ‘ll not take it!

  41. Abolaji

    @ least one good news!

  42. Musa Adesina

    Unbelieveable at last the man of the poeple Are Moshood Olawale Kashimawo Abiola is finally remeber. Thank you Mr President

  43. Badmus


  44. Dav

    Mr President thanks’ for remerbering a great Martyr!

  45. inu

    if u want to honour someone,
    while not build something new in the person’s honour. We want the result of what they died for not jst honours… He died to end poverty yet poverty is eating deep into the system,corruption is now the normal way of life for all Nigerians… How long will this continue???

  46. thmony

    I luv this

  47. Folly

    we no want mko for our institution oooooo, abeg oga president

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