PHOTO NEWS: Ukraine’s Parliamentarians Fighting

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•Like Nigeria, Like Ukraine: Parliamentarians in Ukraine fighting on the floor of the parliament this afternoon. PHOTO: AP.


  1. Jerry Mchotice Mamah

    there are all fools, greedy politicians… i wonder why the Nigerian Boko Haram keep missing areas like this to explode… pure Bunkum

  2. Iteh sunday

    If it was in nigeria people will shout nigeriaaaaaa,what can the say about ukrain,infact the whole world is corrupt,Ngozi okonjo was the right candidate for world bank,did they give her the mandate?crazy world(luky dube RIP)

  3. Emma

    Na wa ooooooo. So, not only in naija. Endtime anywhere.


    unbelievable that white will still behave like black because of money

  5. basiru

    what happened at ukraine shows real Democratic government. how I wish

  6. Ola

    What an incentive for nija lawbreaker.

  7. mary

    it pity the two leader fight and there behaviour like black a ho ukraine if u finder dout what is hap u will know that there is know ture think there fight for

  8. Black

    I can’t just stop laughing, pls watch d video

  9. Amico

    di na naija ukraine

  10. Lawal adeshola

    Na waa o.

  11. AFIS

    they are also human

  12. Pst Paul Olagunju

    White fighters shameless like d Nigerian Reps.Na waaaa ooo!

    1. raphael Lasisi

      U don c oyinbo kpata b4?,na violence 0oooooooo,aboki fight sef na small pikin boju boju 4 wia oyinbo dey!

  13. AFIS

    they also human

  14. Jimaktol

    Even in Ukraine….

  15. Ramon

    selifish and money mongols politicians.

  16. Rotimi shittu

    Just fool people like nigeria leader

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