Thousands of job-seekers “invade” Marine Police headquarters in Lagos

Thousands of job seekers, including women, have since Sunday been trooping into the premises of the Marine Police headquarters on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, in Lagos.

They come from all the states of the federation to participate in the recruitment into the Marine police.

For example, job seekers from Zamfara came in several white-painted Zamfara State Transport Authority buses which are parked near the entrance of the police facility.

Authorities at the Marine Police faced the challenge of hosting in their not-too-large premises the large and unexpected turnout of the job seekers, some of them spilling on the the road.

A police officer in the office said that they were ill-prepared for the large crowd of job seekers who turned up for the linited vacancies that exist in the specialised police section.

The job seekers, most of whom brought their luggages with them, defied the downpour on Monday to complete the formalities that go with the recruitment.

Their presence created a stir in the area as residents and workers in nearby offices have never witnessed such a large turnout of people around the police unit, not even when Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola, visited the Marine police last week.


  1. temi

    Wow i just heard abt †ђξ marine vacancy in lagos tanx god for the internet if not i would av regreted goin down to ikoyi only to meet such crowd. Wher i wan start from. I’ll just look for the nearest joint and fix myself ₪α afa go home and hope for a better offer

  2. okey

    if dey like let dem be millions but i tell u dat police authorities has already knwon whom 2 recruit,beside are dey really interested in doing d job or what?

  3. bighorn

    Has they love to be police or do the police work with their good heart? They are only tripping there to join Nigeria police bribery business

  4. Oyigbeche

    Everybody can’t work in government institutions we should try to be self reliance not to depend on white collar job

  5. joshua okeke

    Where are we going with this unemployment rate. May God help us ooo…

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