In Pictures: Tambuwal visits Governor Aregbesola

30 7

House of Representatives’s Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal visited Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola at the weekend in Osogbo, amid criticisms by a mischievous opposition that Aregbesola and his party were plotting to break Osun away from Nigeria.


  1. Ojomatthew

    If u pple can not appreciate the good work of dis amiable governor, hardly u can appreciate God. Why???

  2. Ojomatthew

    Aregbesola is our governor. Leave sentiment & face reality. What do u pple want self? Ingrates!

  3. murfy pressy

    who is omisore to stop and search d security entourage of governor rauf………………..he is a failure let him try it first

  4. TANKO

    Allaah is the best of protectors! I’m beginning to feel as though the enemies of God have been trying to get Aregbesola eleminated, and this Tawun has remained an impediment for these devilish people from reaching Aregbesola. If not, why the hue and cry about Tawun? AbdulRauf , your security budget is meant for your safety so protect yourself, though Allaah is your protector. The holy prophet says–“tie your camel first and then,put your trust in Allaah”. If this incorruptible governor had employed the services of Isreali guards, these enemies of humanity wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow, so protect yourself as deemed fit. How many leaders have been killed by their guards in this world? Please ignore Omisore the devil and put your trust in Allaah. We will not cease in remembering you in our prayers. The holy prophet(saw) says “— believers are like a body and, if any part of it is hurt, then the remaining part becomes restless–” Omisore we there advise you to carry out your threat please and you’ll know the difference between AbdulRauf and Bola Ige.

    1. Ade

      keep shut your mouth. It is in the name of Allah that Boko Haram is killing people. Is it not in your koran to fight jihad? You say Allah is God and you are fighting for God because they have brain-washed you people that their is marriage in heaven and if you are killed or die during the process of carrying out your jihad certain virgin is awaiting you in heaven. You an imbecile. It is hell fire you are negotiating with God Almighty has the judgement in His hands not in the hands of you suckers of blood and eaters of flesh that are killing people about. Tell aregbesola thatb if he mistakenly do anything that will affect the cututral existense of osun his generation yet unborn will have themselves blamed. Let him just try any nonsense

  5. Sokunbi

    Which way?you people,and your sponsores are worse than boko haram,and the religin acrimony u pple are planning will fail.


    Hmmm…Hmmm! to set d record straght, we have never had d misfortune of such “misfit” as a gov in d history of d southwest. a gov that has dedicated his time, programme, utterances & action to d gratification of a supposed leader who also left the political elected scene as a gov, it is a damn shame. so, if there is anyone reading this have access to aregbesola to tell him to change his ways.

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