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Fashola Bans Okada In Ikeja

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State has placed a total ban on commercial motorcycle (okada) operation in Ikeja area of Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

As a result of the ban, okada riders in Ikeja have sued the Lagos State Government for banning them from carrying out their legal trade at the Federal High Court, Ikeja, while the matter came up at the court on Wednesday.

As a result of the ban, okada operation in Ikeja has been paralysed, except for the few brave ones who dared to move as police are everywhere on the order of the Commissioner of Police to arrest any rider found operating in major roads in Ikeja.

Hundreds of motorcycles have been impounded by the police.

A statement issued by the Office of the Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos Police Command and signed by the head, Joseph Jaiyeoba, said the state government and the police took the decision to ban okada because of the high rate of robbery involving the use of okadas.

According to the statement issued the okada unions in Ikeja, the police stated that “due to increasing rate of criminality through the use of motorcycles, popularly known as okada, the Lagos State Government in collaboration with the Lagos State Police Command have decided to put a total ban on okada within Ikeja axis.”

The statement said no okada rider must be found in areas such as Oba Akran, Bank Anthony Way, Isaac John, Opebi Link Bridge, Adekunle Fajuyi Way, Acme Road, Alausa, Oregun, Simbiat Abiola Way and Kodeso Road with immediate effect.

Following the ban, okada operation has been restricted to inner and remote streets in Ikeja.

The police in Ikeja are aggressively enforcing the ban as several of them could be seen on almost every major road arresting okada riders.

Disenchanted by the ban, one of the two okada unions in Ikeja, the All Auto-bike Commercial Owners and Workers Association, ANACOWA took the Lagos State Government to court yesterday, praying the court to restrain the government from harassing them while carrying out their businesses.

Counsel to the okada riders, Bamidele Aturu told P.M.NEWS that the okada riders were suing the state government for infringing on their fundamental human rights, saying that government had no law governing the operation of okada riders, thus, it had no power to restrict them from carrying out their businesses.

He said the okada riders were praying the court to stop the government from banning them from doing their legal businesses.

The Ikeja Branch Chairman, Motorcycle Association of Lagos State, MOALS of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW, Joseph Amadi, said the ban on okada might heighten insecurity in the state.

He stated that with the level of unemployment in the country, banning okada riders meant taking food from the mouth of their families and numerous dependants, while appealing to the government to rescind its decision.

“It is not the commercial motorcycle riders that are using them for robbing. Robbers just capitalise on it to escape fast after carrying out operation. The way the police are intensifying arrest of okada riders since the ban, if they have intensified efforts like this in curbing crime, they would have stopped this menace for long.

“Banning okada will have security implication. Police collect between N5,000 and N15,000 from us to get our bike released. Is government encouraging corruption? If government wants to ensure sanctity, they should allow only one okada union to operate in Ikeja,” he said.

— Kazeem Ugbodaga


  1. Fashola, you have just use power against the people that voted you in. It is an accepted fact that you can never ride okada again in this lifetime because of your wealth but others would are not so fortunate like you should be given the right to live. Afterall this is the time of democracy, people are supposed to have freedom of movement and freedom of choice.
    Please help look into this matter because motor vehicle are also use to commit armed robbery, they also get accident and they are not banned.
    Let the security agencies wake up to their responsibilities and tackle the criminals rather than the innocent people going about thier survival.

  2. Huuuuuuun, okada is this okada is that,now u ban okada in ikeja without any means living for d riders, do u know they have family to feed? Secondlly what is d difference btw commacial and private? Remember the day u are beging this people to vote u, u are so confortable and forget d poor, God will judge.

  3. My advice to the Governor and the NPF is that they should join hands together and install CCTV in sensitive positions to checkmate criminal activities.

  4. many okada riders come frm remote areas of lagos to do evil in the city. The case of banning okada may not solve the problem, they will only shift their base. Imagine, going to the banks nowaday to do transaction, you will always be afraid to board okada because you wont know who is who. I have had several customers being robbed of their things by okada robbers in ikeja area immediately they stepped out of bank. It is very common everywhere now. Even early morning bag snatching is everywhere. Proper restructure is needed. The bad ones are very few and can be trapped if govt restructure their operation.

  5. The contribution I have on this is very simple. Firstly, did the Gov. ban okada in every where in Lagos? If they are banned in some Area, does that mean they should not migrate to other Area where they can continue their business? Secondly, if this ban have effec on the workers along those areas whereby trafic jarm holds them till they late their offices as some always go on express with okada so as to maintain their official time, must they be sacked? No, lae lae.
    Nevertheless, I note that, Ikeja is not only Lagos, so, let all the okada riders find another poor area to operate and leave the rich folks to their fate. This is very simple.

  6. I wish BRF should ban Okada all over Lagos.Inshort,Let Goodluck ban Okada all over Nigeria.The disadvantages are bigger than advantages.Go to a developed country like India,what they use as a local and affordable means of transportation is keke napep.I could rememeber when BRF brought big TATA buss to Lagos as a safe and the affordable means of transportation,They criticised him,But when i was in London,that is what they use they.Indians also use same bus,keke napep and railways.Pls let BRF ban Okada but help us in getting keke napep all over Lagos since the long TATA buss is there already.finally railways all over Lagos and there will be no hold up.I swear

  7. Its a welcome development, but alternative in form of tri-cycle should be made available to interested ones among them with instalmental payment opportunity. Dis is b’cos d risks of Okada riding are far above d advantages. They constitute nuisance, they break traffic rules @ will, no respect 4 pedestrians – they can’t walk freely as they desire, use helmet they will not use, don’t carry young children, pregnant women, they would not listen, even some masses put their lives @ risk by allowing these Okada riders to expose them to avoidable danger.

  8. It is a welcomed development. A man was gunned down two weeks ago in Ikeja n his bag taken away by two men on okada, maybe they trailed him from d bank or so, many people were wounded while fleeing for safety, it was a horrible sight n it should not continue.

  9. I am worried about the knee-jerk reaction of Babatunde Fashola to some issues of governance. Just like the lawyer stated, Government cannot ban an activity for which it has no regulation. Why not restrict the hours of use after all I want to believe these Okada operators pay taxes(as Okada Operators); and they most likely voted for Fashola. So voters who pay taxes are banned from their source of income. The same way school fees are jerked up arbitrarily (LASU). But when Fuel Prices are increased, the common man is asked to tighten his/her belt. E go better.

  10. Raji Fashola, it is very easy for you to pronounce a ban on Okada since no election is around the corner. Have you forgotten how your arranged the various okada union for a chat prior to the last election and you stated it in clear terms but as you’ve gotten what you want, every lesser mortal (okada riders) should go to blazes.

    If you talk of crime, my Toyota camry was snatched along Nurudeen Olowopopo by bandits in a space bus and not okada. Crime comes in differents form and you should not shift the security challenges in Lagos on okada riders.

  11. Hmmm…Hmmm! myself have experienced “okada-robbery”, thank GOD that i never experienced “one-chance”, but on a serious note which of this robbery is more traumatic? “ONE-CHANCE” ofcourse. some complained about “okada-accident”, ve they forgotten that “motor-accident still claims more life in lagos. if u need to know, i don’t ride okada nor do i ve a close relationship wit any rider. but people shld stop this blind “folo-folo attitude” they are doing with every fashola’s policy. START THINKING INDEPENDENTLY

  12. When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw. Be careful fashola this what created boko haram!

  13. Hmmm….Hmmm! it’s a shame d way some people reason, TRUE. how many people has been robbed by entering ‘one-chance”? then why haven’t they moved for d ban of commercial buses in lagos? “verily i say unto u” that most of those supporting d govt. action are those “fortunate idiots” that accidentally found themselves in a lucrative job, & ve thought themself to be better than d have-nones. are this people not goña fend for their family? infact dis kind of “selfish monsters” are d reason govt. don’t see d light

  14. Firstly will like to tell everyone who is in support of the ban of okada dat robbery has just started in lagos, and the mistake u all make is that Lagos is the busiest city in Africa and as such u can’t compare her with any other state. Let me put it straight, we have bad roads in lagos, many people still have their job courtesy of okada for example Apapa. This same Okada has fetch may graduate a source of income. In a nut shell I think d governor should have a rethink over this issue coz I foresee more harm

  15. Governor Fashola, u re just telling us that cutting off a head is d medicine u will recommend 4 a head ache. How many jobs av u created so far, pls think well

  16. Inefficiency policies government with their lackadaisical behavioural non sympathy for poor mass , selfish ambition of government lead to band okada in ikeja metropoly, this will bring more suffering to the mass and enrich poce pocket…na wa oooooo. eko oni baje oooo

  17. Sometimes last year, a family-friend was assassinated at Ikotun with the use of Okada on a Saturday morning. Also, a friend’s bag was snatched at Oshodi near NAFDAC Office while going to Office early this year. I’ll only advise d Governor to provide an alternative means of livelihood for d operators by providing Tri-cycle which can be paid for installmentally through Government’s Agencies. Even, the riders at the moment should be controlled by instructing them to be at the Service-Lane at all times to prevent accident while those caught on Express-Road are to be arrested & their Tri-cycle be seized.

  18. Readers, this ban only affect Ikeja not entire lagos state, like a yoruba adage eyan buruku ti ba eyan rere je ‘ the evil people has cause disrepute to the good one. A lot of thief pretend as okada in ikeja.

  19. This is a welcome development. Sometimes last year, a family-friend was assassinated at Ikotun with the use of Okada on a Saturday morning. Also, a family-friend’s bag was snatched at Oshodi near NAFDAC Office while going to the Office early this year. I’ll only advise d Governor to provide an alternative means of livelihood for d operators by providing Tri-cycle which can be paid for installmentally through Government’s Agencies. Even, the riders at the moment should be controlled by instructing them to be at the Service-Lane at all times to prevent accident while those caught on Express-Road are to be arrested & their Tri-cycle be seized. It will be difficult to Rob with Tri-cycle anywhere in the Country.

  20. If Lagos State Govt. want to banned okada as d govt. provided alternative means of living 4 d people? A state where level of unemployment is very high & now u want to banned them how did want them to survive? What of d thieves that rob wit cars would they banned car as well? If govt. want to banned Okada they should provide jobs first I think that we serve as alternative means of survive for d rider & unemployment. If not I don’t think this will reduce the level of thieves it will rather increase.

  21. I ride a R series yamaha, a 2011 model, am I banned too, sezly I know one of ur police, fashola, will try to arrest me, and by God,he shall lose his spine!

  22. do u think banning of okada can stop robbing with okada? i don’t think so. cutting off the head is not an antidote for headeche. fasola , pls stop victimising the less privileges in lagos.this is not democrasy,stop taking from poor to the rich, take also from the rich to the poor.

  23. Infact, lagos govt want to increase the population of thieves in lagos because someone who has no job and try to feed themself by riding okada and now they are banned, i don’t think that we can leave in peace again in lagos state

  24. It is best for us that they are stopped. I was attacked by those bike robbers and know we will live without it.

  25. No JOB. I HND in ACCOUNTING over 5 yrs ago now that I’m planning to get one OKADA to ride for daily bread after ups and downs I have gone through now U govt. Banned OKADA!!! But u pple don’t even know that MASSEs are seriously SUFFERING. GOVT. I want U to just place an advert that pple should submit their CV to a particular place. Just for U to know that the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE is grossly bad. I’m part of unemployed youth in NIGERIA. To get job in NIGERIA U must know pple in power(nepotism and politism) GOD DEY o. 07030335441

  26. If truly Lagos is to become a Modern city in the nearest future,then the issue of commercial motorcycle should be addressed tactically. With all honesty 40% of Okada riders we see on the street of lagos are those that migrated from other state where their operations have been banned. We all know they don’t obey traffic light or signs and they put people’s life at risk often. As for the case of robbery,I think the police should stand up to the task and combat all manner of crime in any form they come and not use Okada robbers as a strategy to victimise the legitimate once. Also the gov should source alternative mode to deal with the issue the same way they are almost facing out 911 buses Aka Molue from lagos.

  27. Those calling for the ban on okada are ignorant, they don’t no the security implication more arm robbers will be on the street of Lagos you can not compare Lagos With Port Harcourt because in port few people patronize bike unlike Lagos where there is traffic every time. Fashola should not be anti people, where are jobs for this boys to do?

  28. i think that BRF has done the right thing..okadas are not regulated…they do not have drivers licenses or motorcycle insurance..are a public nuisance and are very dangerous to themselves and other road users….no modern city can tolerate them as they exist in the millions….there is no possible way of regulating them as they are just too many…this is not to mention the security risk of these riders…

  29. Pls provide alternative way of generating money for this pple or else u na never see anything! Note;ONE OKADA man is feeding 3, 4 pple at home.Now stopping 100 OKADA man do U know what u would hav caused.

  30. They should be able to identify okada riders who are not their members easily,and inform d appropriate authorities since they have union,but are they doing that?I have being a victim of okada robbery in ikeja b4,and it was terrible.total ban of okada in major cities in lagos will do more good than harm.

  31. The nemesis of okada riders is becoming unbearable. I fully support that they are banned from operating on major roads in the city. period!

  32. Ban okada but assist them with means of getting keke napep. Besides crime, accidents associated with okada have become a major cause for concern and therefore justifies this ban by government. Lagos will certainly be better off without the okada in the long run. It worked in Rivers despite the initial doubts. Ask an average drivers’ opinion on the menace okada represents on the roads and you would be shocked.

  33. Let Gov. Fashola first go to Abia, Imo, Ebonyi, Akwa Ibom and other states in the east before banning okada in lagos! Whala go tipoju ooooo.Leave Okada and lets continue to live in peace in Lagos state. Where you are going now its like turning the hand of a crab backwards……

  34. Okada was banned in PortHarcourt and heaven did not fall. Let the government ban them but put somethings in place to help them individually to make ends meet.

  35. It is becoming very stressful to live in Lagos, you ban Okada without any justification, mind you this people have family at home whom they are bound to feed.

    I wonder what will become the fate of the okada riders….

    Pls BRF consider your action.

  36. The action of Lagos State Government is long over due. Heaven will not fall. FCT has ban them in Abuja like wise Cross River band them in Calabar, Enugu, Owerri in Imo state, Port Harcourt in Rivers State. While Ikeja in Lagos State be different. Fashola is working EKO o ni baje

  37. Pls Gov. Fasola leave this men to continue on their business if not crime will increase. Let your men fish out the bad and spoilt tomatoes among them.

  38. The government must find a way to fight crimes that does not deprive legitimate citizens rights to ply their trade unfettered. The rich do not ride okada. They care less about the poor who do. The government can get all okada riders to get registered and wear full name tags as aprons for ease of identification.

    • What we need is decent transportation system not Okada, they are nuisance to the society. It shldn’t have been allowed in the first place how can you have a decent city with okada? No court can tell the state govt how to run the state regarding transportation system for as long as its not against the constitution which is not, its nothing to do with human rights its just pure eyesore well done Gov Fashola.

  39. Banning okada will have security implication, hence, it will also reduce the robery in the area

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