Masturbation Not A Sin, Oyakhilome Insists

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of the Believers Love World, popularly known as Christ Embassy, has insisted that masturbation is not a sin.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

He also said the issue should not be regarded as his personal opinion but as a resolution from the Bible concerning it.

Pastor Chris, as he is popularly called, was reacting to more questions from members of the public who seemed to be confused about the story going round that he declared that masturbation is not a sin.

As reported in P.M.NEWS weeks ago, the Pastor said the act in itself was not a sin against God but that Satan uses it to oppress people of God making them feel ineffective an inefficient in the things of God.

He also said God is not offended by the practice but by any habit that takes hold of one’s mind and this had resulted in widespread condemnation.

In a recently posted video in which he reacted to many questions emanating from his previous teaching on masturbation, Pastor Chris maintained that people should rather see the issue from biblical perspective rather than seeing it as his personal opinion.

While answering a question from one Timothy based in Russia, who said he was confused by the teaching about masturbation not being a sin because there is no way one can effectively masturbate without having evil thoughts, Pastor Chris said the first question that should come to mind in the issue is: “what is sin?

“What I find in many Christians is that not many of them even have an understanding of the concept; what is sin.”

He referred the public to one of his teachings on the concept of sin, saying it would help the people understand what sin really is, adding that “sin is not what we say it is but what God says it is.”

Reading out an another question from a Zambian, who said the Pastor’s previous teachings had inspired him, but wondering why he actually taught that masturbation was not a sin, Pastor Oyakhilome asked the Zambian to bother himself more with what the Bible said about it.

He asked: “Why are you concerned with whether I said it or I did not say it? The question is, what does the Bible say?

“Have you ever studied the Word for yourself? Now whatever you think, the first thing you should do is to go to the word of God and study it for yourself.”

Using an illustration, he said: “if a man stole a loaf of bread from a shop and ate it, does that mean that eating of bread is sin?

“Where was his wrong? Did he go wrong because he ate bread? Does that mean that eating of bread is wrong?

“The problem is not the eating of bread. The problem is that he stole the bread that he ate.”

He emphasised that Jesus actually said whoever looks at another woman lustfully has committed adultery in his heart, adding that means “the sin was committed in the heart.

“If you say that imagination goes with masturbation, then where is the sin?

“The sin is therefore your imagination of sin,” he added.

He further quoted Matthew 15 verse 16 saying that out of the heart proceeds evil thoughts.

In analysing it therefore, the Pastor said: “it is not what you did with your hand that is the problem; it is what caused whatever you did. That means your sin begins from your heart.

“Jesus makes us know it is not what you did with your hand that is the problem; it is what you did with your heart.

“You can have these imaginations while reading a book, you can have these wrong imaginations while eating your food.

“So the evil conceptions of your heart is where you got a problem, so what do you clean-your hands or your heart?”

He however advised that it is not compulsory for people to accept something because someone said it, but that they should get materials that would help them to understand such issues better.

—Eromosele Ebhomele


  1. Pst Chris says that the sin is in the imagination and not the masturbation. But but it is the body that does the masturbation.And masturbation is sexually immoral. See what the bible says about our body: “The body is not to be used for sexual immorality, but to serve the Lord”(1 cor 6:13). I will rather follow the bible than follow a mere mortal. That’s mine opnion

  2. Before God and man, it is a great sin. please dont mislead people. it is a result of lust and the bible adviced that flee youthful lust. may God help us all>

  3. Pst chris why have u decided to bring shame to christ kingdom dat even the enemy has mouth to blaspheme the lord, can you be in heaven and those you taught languish in hell? Jesus said where i am there will my servant be. paul said take heed to flock that the holy ghost had made you an oversea to shephard his flock. Pls come clean as God`s word is not conflictive, thanxs

  4. Why waste your time on the subject? just get born again, get married if you need to and live a holy live and enter heaven on the last day.


  6. 2Tim. 2:19 says the Lord knows those who are his and every1 who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away frm wickedness. Also verse 22 says flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness and so on so masturbation is a S.I.N Sin

  7. Abeg pastor check ur preaching oooh….
    Read ur old testament well….
    Masturbation is a grievious sin before God….
    Shuld we go into quotations?????

  8. For me here, the issue is not even whether or not masturbation is sin. It is the logic of this argument of the pastor that is strange. His case is: “What you do with your hand is not the sin, but what you imagine in your heart.” Jesus never said this. What He said was – all sin originate from the heart. But the heart does not commit a sin. A sin is committed by an act. If we go by the logic of the argument of the preacher, what it means is that if you steal with your hand or kill with your hand, the real sin is not what your hand did; the real sin is what your heart imagined to do. If we go by that logic, then no physical action really is a sin. We should be looking for what people are thinking about. JESUS said “By their FRUITS you shall know them”. In other words, it is by the physical actions that people that people carry out that we know who they are. He does not say we should be judges. But He expects us to be “Fruit Inspectors” – and we cannot do that researching into people’s hearts. We cannot see heart. We see actions – physical deeds. The implication of this logic of the preacher is that even if you commit a physical act of immorality of any kind, it is not sin; it is only the imagination of the act that is sin. THAT IS POOR LOGIC.

    • owolabi d bible also said out of d abandon in d heart cometh all kinds of deeds so what eva d body do starts frm d heart so a sin is a sin thats all i know.

  9. Sir with due respect, masdturbation is a SIN, in the bible book of Gal, 5v19 said that the work of flesh is listed as ….including desire for having sex, uncleaness.please pastors dont gramertise or democratise the word of the living God, to avoid HIS anger.Christoper or christain, make a good reserch again and tell us your findings

    • With due respect sir,how can u tell d churh which is d boby of christ dat Masturbation is not a sin,sir if its not a sin then Fornication and Adultery are equally not a sin cos they walk hand in hand and will soon be legalise in ur churh,pls sir less not diviate 4rm d real truth of d bible,may God help us sir

  10. pls pastor chris stop leading people to hell with dis type of teaching. B/4 a man will push his penis in order to satisfy his sexual urge OR a lady finger her private part for satisfaction, there must be filty thoughts inside him or her. Therefore, i dont believe that masturbation is not a SIN. Some people watch blue film and they are led to masturbate, B/4 anyone do this act, this must be filty thought.

  11. This man is telling the world that he is not a man of God. Please dont dignify him by taking up this issue with him.God will expose him before too long for what he is.Stick with the scriptures.Just remember how Christ drove out of the synagogue the money changers and declared that his house is the house of prayers and not a den of thieves. The likes of him come now and again and they go down hill spectarcularly. Hold tight to Christ, brothers and sisters.

  12. The cause and consequence of sin is the same. any thought of sin that lead to action resulting to sin is sin. Pastors should stop philosophising the teachings of Jesus. They should not preach another gospel to pamper the members

  13. We cannot say we know it all, this issue requires that we take a critical look at it from all angles, I feel the act on its own should not be considered a sin rather the motive behind the act, for men whom by reason of their inability to make babies have been asked to submit their Sperm for test, how did they go about it?, shall we then say they have sinned?, also a man can be far away from his wife for a long time and feels like it, if he thinks of his wife while doing it how then can it be a sin?. This is my view.

  14. Please, don’t joke with eternity.It is real.Either heaven or hell fire.Masturbation is an act,a sin just like lying, fornication ,adultery and stealing.Without the Bible, did your conscience not tell you that it is a bad act.It is classified under uncleanliness in Galatia 5:19 and Rom 1:24.
    It is a dirty and sinful heart that will start fiddling with his body to the point of masturbating.
    Please, if you are genuinely born again you don’t need any pastor to tell you that masturbation is sinful.Even when I was a sinner, I know that masturbation is bad.Please,Pray for our Pastors.

  15. It is good that our so call private ordained Pastors are opening up, without one praticing masturbation how can he support it. I just de watchoooo, CEO of the private churches will legalize kissing married women in their church as part of worshipping the Lord. No one is judging no one, only uttrances of man will judge him.Pastors carrying money out side the country for politicians are not commiting sin also, its holy work. Tax payers money.

  16. I am begining to see the church in some circles taking a very dangerous stand with respect to some issues of life. I humbly submit that the best and only way of teaching the word of God is following God’s standard and not being philosophical about it. With due respect, I am yet to see how negative or evil thought and imagination can be divorced from masturbation. Apostle Paul in one of his epistles said ” The message that we preach is not according to fables and man’s philosophy but according to the truth of Christ and His Spirit” SPIRITUAL LEADERS PLEASE TEACH THE TRUTH REMEMBER: MANY ARE LOOKING UNTO YOU FOR DIRECTION AND MENTORSHIP. In my study of the bible, I have learnt that masturbation is a sin and LET ME SAY IT AGAIN, MASTURBATION IS A SIN. PERIOD.

  17. I suggest that Pastor Oyakhilome should be subjected under pyschiatric measure for mental correction, because by his public statement over the issue of masturbation as not a sin, he has already indirectly or directly lured too many into the act. recall that he has once in South Africa advised a TB patient not to take her usual drugs on a claim that he healed her which resulted to the premature death of the patient. this is ridiculous and i advice people to pray hard for JAH to reveal the source of his power before it is too late.


  19. well, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. It is almost impossible to not masturbate before marriage. Even in sex before u ejaculate sometimes u need to stroke d penis.. I think its a natural process and depends on d situation. When ur vessel is full,u dnt hav a spouse ,gf or bf, u dnt nid evil thots sef, u’ll masterbate. It becoms sin when u make it habit. Dats my opinion

  20. All i can say on this issue is that, the bible advise anyone desiring sex should get married, to avoid sexual immorality. “I wrote you in my earlier letter that you shouldn’t make yourselves at home among the sexually promiscuous 1cor5:9” The message.

  21. The pastor should have kept his mouth shut. Our society is still too backwards for so many discussions a major one being RELIGION.

  22. According 2 d Holy Quran, having a bad intentn is a sin which God can 4give & reward u if not carried out but every action dat preceed bad intentn is a sin. So masturbatn is a clear SIN

  23. Honestly i doubt if the man of God actually said that masturbation is not a sin. the media should be mindful of what they publish out of their own understanding and interpretation.

  24. It must generate controversy because what pastor says is more important than what bible says in christian world. The whole thing is personlity worship.

  25. Dear all, to my understanding is not a sin as a act but your intention of doing it.
    Which makes it difficult to perform it without committing sin.
    Let look at it this way let someone answer this question.
    1.A man was avery hungry I mean starving nobody to help, no one to give him food
    When he beg and he will need to eat something to survive.
    He saw someone cooking jolof rice and the man help himself
    With the exact quantity of rice he will survive with and the owner of the
    Rice caught him and accused him of stealing. The man was beating to death
    By crowd now judge Did the man actually committed the alleged offence in gods eyes and according to the bible?
    2. A wealthy man use his biro to defraud his company
    To get more money And he was caught and the crowd lynch him.
    Now among this two individual who among them actually
    Actually committed sin?
    In conclusion you did not commit sin by your action but by your intention for taking the action.

  26. Dear Chris Oyakhilome,

    Over the past few years you have gotten away with lies, deceit, Idolatery, fake miracles and cunning fables. Note, you are about to be exposed in a way that you have never dreamed. Your comment above shows your lack of understanding and little knowledge of the word of God. We are not surprised of your ignorance though, just like the rest of you prosperity preachers in Nigeria and across the world. You are not rooted and grounded in the word of God.
    The answer to your confusion and inability to understand that Masturbation is a Sin is below: Please Chris, do you home work properly before making stupid comments:
    (a) 2 Timothy 3 v 2
    (b)Colossians 3 v 5
    (c)1 Thessalonian 4 v 5
    (d) Mark 7 v 21
    (e)James 4 v 17
    (f) Romans 14 v 23
    (g) Romans 6 v 13

  27. One thing i will want the pastor to know is that, our body is the temple of the holy spirit as the scripture declares 1corth 6;19-20, we also have to glorify God in our bodies.Pastor, i am not satisfied with your analysis, because you are but a human.The Lord alone is perfect.
    Based on personal revelations that i had years ago on masturbation, i totaly disagree with you. my advise to you is to stop this debate so as not to lead ingnorant and innocent peolple to hell.

  28. We have missed the point! There 2 forms of masturbation. the first form is The fantasy masturbation that is induced by exposure to explicit material, sexual fantasies and infactuation with someone whom you objectify during masturbation. that form of masturbation is SINFUL because it corrupts the soul. The 2nd form is the body masturbation; this is results through the body biological processes, when your seminal versicle is full with spermatozoa, you experience a sexual circle or ‘strong urge’ by simply messaging your penis concentrating on ur body functions you will ejaculate without any form of impure thoughts involved and the pleasure will not be any less total. To write off all forms of masturbation as sin is to say SEX is sin, within marriage or outside it. Everything has a proper, holy use and the opposite is equally true.

  29. GOD knows you, you can not deceive yourself and GOD. Remember whatever thing you say on earth, God gives wisdom and understanding to judge in between right and wrong so be careful. I wonder whether you of God

  30. oh ye people of immoral justice, l could you believe our incompetent journalist and faulty media disposition on the man of God. Pastor Chris never ever said or encourages masturbation, but instead he condemned it in it totality. If you want to know the truth of what Pastor Chris said visit Pastor Chris question and answer on the church website….

    ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.

  31. If you get the picture clearly evry act is not a sin in its odinary sense but. Our heart intentions wail doing them,,you could comite the sin of funication by merely thinking of it,what d pastor is sayin is,,its not the act but thougth,,,now can U̶̲̥̅̊ masturbate without evil thougths?….you know the answer

  32. Pastor Chris, I believe you are call to bring men/women into God’s kingdom, am also shocked that a highly Rev. Pastor like you could being to tell your listeners this kind of stores if you have finish the work you came in here for please ask God to call you home before you send men into heal fire.

  33. A ‘sin’ is a sin… No matter how it is commited dosen’t matter… It is still a sin… I like pastor chris’ preachings, but on this, he is misinterpreting the word of God (bible)… He (pst. Chris) should go listen to teaching of men of God like dr. Eneche, Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Adeboye, Kumuyi etc. Everybody learns 4rm odas… May God have mercy on this generation of ours.

  34. you are full of shit,all this fake pastors really are makin money takin advantege of people with problems and lo selfesteem wonder wen are this fools goin to be arrested and put in prison couse is were they blong

  35. Pastor Chris, God have mercy on you for misleading people. From your statements, you have quoted the bible wrongly. What you are telling us is that the act of adultery and fornication is not sin but the mind of nursing the feeling is sin. Retrieve your statements because you are misleading a lot of people who are ignorant of the words of the living God.

    • this is not the first time nor the second people will be crussifying pastor chris withot thorogh investigation,,, am not suprise thogh, cus here in nigeria we judge what others cellebrate,,, dont 4get the issue of OKOTIE, TB JOSHUA,,, TUNDE BAKARE,,, TO name fews,,,, dis is not right let GOD judge,,,

  36. pastor, you may be right but so many people will not understand you.,so is better for you not to talk about it again. bless you

    • For those who are lead by the spirit of God Shall be call sons of God. Within You, if you Morally concious you know this is against God`s will (Identification of SIN and Gods don’t is the Problem as far as God forbids, its nothing but an abomination before God. It surprises me when one called by His name says this is not a sin. We we all stand before the judgement thrown of God. Including him the pastor for the last judgement after Death!

  37. this man is not meant to be alive. he is corrupting pple more. i believe thousands of men will start marturbating and defiled their body. not happy

  38. Wat i see 2 dis issue is nobody above mistakes,atimes u’ll think sth is right but wrong.leave dis man alone God is al knower,if our mind is bothered we should go 2 our holy books ourselves n study or 2 our clerics or pastors.datx d reason y Qur’an stipulated dat their is no prophet again bt teachers,atleast if somebody said we should burn our hands we are wise nt 2 do it.

  39. No wonder God has always maintained that His people perish for lack of knowledge! I don’t understand why some “Pastors” cannot understand what Pastor Chris is saying!
    For those who cannot understand, let me say it as clearly as I possibly can; the physical act of stimulating ones genitalia in order to attain orgasm is not the problem. Of course, it is dirty and demeaning. But, the main issue there is that the individual is contemplating such acts in his mind. Masturbation only gives vent to the contemplations of the mind. That is where it all starts! It is the mind that holds the body hostage in masturbation. To stop the act, one must wash his mind with the word of God and fill himself with the Holy Spirit.


  41. I will want Pastor Chris to answer this question. He is a man of God i respect. If i come to you and tell you that i have discovered that when i masturbate i get the same feeling as sex therefore i ddont want to get married again what will be your answer? How will you convince me to drop the idea?
    To my understanding of your teaching if masturbation is not sin then homosexualism is also not a sin hence one does not imagine them as sin when doing them. Sir we need a proper clarification to this because i dont believe you will want to mislead anyone judging from where you are coming from otherwise apologise and withdraw your statements. Nobody is above mistake. God bless you sir.

  42. hi my brothers and sisters this race is personal you have no excuse to give to GOD because you are going to stand face to face with GOD on that grate day no pastor will be there for you or any body to help you answer your wrong doings,the truth remains that masturbation is a sin an evil act so don,t engage your self on it for your own good

  43. Lot of folks here just saying shit, am not a christ embassy member, but Pastor Chris to me have made it clear, Clean your heart not your hand, When you don’t imagine lustfulness on you mind when then will you Masturbate, wake up people, start to imagine God’s work in ur heart and not evil..

  44. All sexual immorality begins with a thought. A lustful thought not taken captive, will eventually lead to other perversions, because sin reproduces itself in increasingly greater measures. If we do not deal with our evil thoughts, they will take root in our hearts.
    It is for this reason that God is so concerned with our thought life. Jesus came not only to deliver us from our “outward” sins, but also from wickedness that begins in the heart.
    Since masturbation begins with sin in the mind, it might be called an “affair of the mind” because it brings about sexual sin inflicted against one’s own body. Although it brings a short lived gratification, it makes one feel defiled when continued on a regular basis. In fact, it is a form of fornication because fornication is more that just sex with someone before marriage, it includes many other sexual sins such as pornography and the use of sexual toys for gratification. People who are not satisfied with God’s plan for sex commit idolatry by using evil things to experience weird and unlawful forms of sexual intercourse. Some verses in Ezekiel actually describe this kind of fornication.
    Eze.16:15-17. In fact, an older definition of masturbation is “self-abuse.” Although more modern dictionaries may no longer carry this definition, they are still linked together under self-abuse:

  45. Ezekiel 16:17
    You did also take your fair jewels and beautiful vessels of My gold and My silver which I had given you and made for yourself images of men, and you played the harlot with them.

  46. PC is speaking from spiritual point of view. God is primarily after the Heart, why? Because He knows that if He gets the Heart, only a matter of time He will get the whole body. God lamented, ” They worship me with their Lips but their Heart is far away from me”. How is this so? The Heart is center of operation of life. So before a man masturbates physically for pleasure his heart is already far from God. The human court will condemn any man that kill but yet same man could be justified in eyes of God depending on his intentions, conversely the world can award a man for saving life yet he is condemed by God due to wrong motives. So lets all give our HEARTS to God and he will make us do HIS will. We would naturally flee from lustful thoughts let alone masturbation. PC is saying in effect that masturbation is an act of those already far from God.

  47. The Bible is silent about it bt all said & done it might be grouped in sexual immorality in which bible condemn 2 b sin. But alas everyone is guilty of it why condemn Pastor Chris!

  48. Every adulterer or fornicator has a sin partner. Is it possible to commit fornication or adultery with oneself? Can you be charged to any court of law either on earth or in heaven for rubbing your organ until you ejaculate? I think the pastor is right. A lot of people are just playing religion and not facing the truth. The whole thing depends on circumstances. Under matrimonial relationship husband and wife can touch themselves any where until they give vent to their feelings especially if one of them is incapable of performing the actual sexual assignment. Perhaps what may be bad is the habbit of masturbation which may be psychologically harmful to those practicing it both inside and outside marriage. I need someone to give me one bible verse that contracts what I have just said.

  49. Please stop wasting space to publish the otiose ideologies of this con man,his forays in south africa 2 years ago is very much fresh where it was reported he got some South Africans to pretend for his fake miracle bandwagon and later did not pay for the sum agreed for thejob.his license for broadcasting was withheld and his satellite television hooked off air .Which kind of christian minister is this one supposed to be with his curled hair and ceo suit.Times have indeed changed as neo-paganists have taken over 2009, ayoung man was reported to have worked for his screen Tv but was not paid for the contract thereby pushing the young man to go and arrange for bomb to collect his money.

  50. Chris is saying dat d sinful part of masterbation is 4m conjuring sexual fantacies in d mind NOT d actual stroking of one’s genitals. One can also drive anoda hypothesis 4m d foregoing: d sinful part of FUNICATION is 4m conjuring sexual fantacies in d mind NOT d actual inserting one’s turgid penis in2 a waiting wet virgina. There4, if masterbation is not a sin then funication is not a sin.

  51. Faith is require to have works to authenticate it, it can not remain a mind issue and be faith. Likewise sin has to be worked for it to be sin. I cannot be arrested for my imaginary pilfering, but if I am caught with goods that are not mine, am simply a thief! A man cannot make heaven by what he thinks but by what he does!

  52. Nice piece, the only mistake he made was to have said masturbation Ȋ̝̊̅§ ₪☺τ̲̅ a sin but it takes the wise to really understand this write up. Only God Ȋ̝̊̅§ INFALLIBLE.

  53. Someone should tell Chris that for any human act to regarded as a sin, three things must be involved: one, that act by itself is a sin, two, the sinner is away that it is a sin, and finally he or she indulges in it. This implies that the act itself and the thought of it are sins

  54. Those of you accusing pastor Chris of being an anti-christ should beware of the anger of the holy spirit upon you. The pastor made a point and if you are not satisfied with it don’t condemn him. He said his opinion on masturbation and that shouldn’t warrant an abuse on him. How many pastors have you heard talk about the topic? Most of them know the truth but decide to be quiet because they don’t want to receive these abuses.

  55. We have a problem of Heart and Act and of LANGUAGE(Human and spiritual) The man of today is yet to grasp the full function and purposes of human mind so the operation of the mind is misunderstood even by christians who are supposed to lead the way. PC is ahead of this generation in this regard but i advice him to slow down. We still live today in a world controlled by the eyes and five senses but the world is fast advancing to a period when the mind does the work of the hand, maybe then men can fully understand that all ACTS proceed from the HEART, because then a man could actually move objects without touching the object. Also human language would have evolved more to clarify different mind functions,eg..then we will have a word for masturbation done for medical purposes and masturbation done for pleasure. Sin is committed in the Heart, the action that follows is the manifestation of the heart. God wants our HEART because He knows that if He get the Heart, only a matter of time and He got the body too.

  56. me i think dis pastor is sure misleading his followers cos it is this same bible that says the body is a temple of god and one should keep it holy.
    Masturbation destroys anyone who indulgies in it cos it not only affects spiritually but physically. So why the hell would i practice something like is a sin whether something leads to it like he says.pls guys this man is crap.

  57. my people masturbation is a pure sin, having sex ad ejaculating while dream is entirely different from wanking, wanking your dick is something you do with consciousness so no doubt my people it is sin. man masturbates without an evil thought in his mind so I don’t know why this pastor is try to insinuate by saying that it is not sin. Omo pastor Chris or wetin be your name from day 1 sabi say you be better mumu… pastor wey dey perm hair..

  58. Judge not,so you wil be not be judge. If masturbation is not a sin,Is stealing,fornication a sin?because we form habit wit these vices. The act of committing vices itself is a sin. So i might thought of stealing,fornicating and masturbate and have immune mechanism dat prevent me from carrying out the act,actual sin has not be committed,No sin, but be careful of ur thought,it might lead U to SIN. When masturbation act is committed it has become SIN ooooo my broda.

    • What motivates one to masturbate? The reason behind it is almost always for sexual gratification. This is sexual perversion. It is sin. For medical reasons a man can be asked to submit his semen for analysis – sperm count, death, motility etc. You can only get the semen thru masturbation – this is not sin. The consequences of sexual gratification thru masturbation is 3 fold: if married the partner has been replaced by masturbation, he sins against his partner, he sins against himself bcos he deprives himself of his partner, he sins against God bcos his thoughts are evil. He must think evil thoughts to initiate and sustain masturbation. This is EVIL in the sight of God. May God give us understanding,

  59. In d last days many false prophets will arise n deceive many, but is only d gullible dat can b decived , ,pastor Chris is an anti _Christ,by their fruit u shall know them,devil can teach bible,people beware

  60. I wont be surprised if i hear or read from this same ANTI CHRIST tomorrow that gay marriage is not a sin.

  61. Prophet Muhammad says all actions are judge according to intention .Prophet Muhammad also says if you intend a good deed there is a reward for it and if you actually do it,your reward with God is multiplied. if you intend to do bad but you did not actually do it there is full reward for it with GOD.There are things that we do that we don’t know there are sin, so it will be judge base on intention. The QUR’AN says if We are in a gathering with both men and women the men should lower their gaze. THAT is because lust might crept in which might lead us to adultery. so we can deduce from the above that what we actually do that is bad is sin. But is Mr Pastor trying to tell us that what we think in our mind is the sin not actually doing it. So An Armed robber that think and plan of how to rob and kill and he actually do the robbing and killing did not committed sin?. May GOD help us then….

  62. Our body is temple of God (christ) so how come masturbation in same body can olive tree bring orange fruit no.Anything that does ‘not glorify Name of God is a sin. And sin means SAYING INTENTIONAL NO.PAST CHRIS AM NOT JUDING U BUT SIN IS A SIN.MASTURBATION IS NOT GOOD FOR PEOPLE SAVE BY BLOOD OF JESUS.

  63. D issue of masturbation is a mattr of choice.sombody talk of sodom & gommora, oda vices a mentiond bt nt mastbtion.To me its nt necesary u imagine b4/wen u a doin it.If ur bank is full its beta u masturbate dan wit fellow man,sombody’s wif or harlot.I dnt knw wen it hs bcome sin to avoid HIV/VENEREAL deseases.Until u can show me in both HOLY BOOKS,to me its a mattr of choice.

    • Alaska does the bank get full or a matter of your corrupt mind wanting to fix ure libido in soe cofined space.

  64. Thou am nt a member and from what i know and from the bible.masturbation is a sin.pst chris should not have said masturbation is not a sin.he should have stated it clearly that before one fall into the art the person has already done the sind in his/her heart first b4 the action.thats mine

  65. Thou shall not judge.Endeavour to understand his teaching and really know where he is driving to.

  66. As a Theologian, I correct Pastor Chris by saying using his analogy. That both stealing and eating the bread are sins. You took and ate what belongs to another thats sin. Could this be why some of his members careless about public dressing?

  67. pst stop explaining you r missunderstanding n contraditing your point.Just stop talking about it! don’t ever talk about it!!! and continue silent about it!!! HAHAHAHA

  68. I am not a member of christ embassy neither am i a follower of pastor chris but the truth of the matter is that people should stop been irrational on this issue.people should sit down and review what the man of God said, its a high teaching meant for people who are spiritually sound and who understand what it means when mistry is been preached.Mastubartion is a sin against the flesh not a sin against God. its a tool that satan uses to defile the flesh and it comes from evil thought and tendencies, when this happens the flessh is defiled and it could cause anything to the body…just like sex, it defiles the body, you are been warned to desist from sex so that you dont contact disease or HIV, but if you refuse and insist that you love indiscriminate sex and contract Hiv, who will die , you or God? be should be intelligent in learning spiritual teachings….There are sins against God and sins that man commit against himself…Pastor Chris, if you say that mastubation is a sin against God, please with my whole heart i agree with you and stand by your words, its only God that knows who is a true preacher…

  69. Perhaps people still do not understand him. What he’s implying is that the actual sin started right from the moment you thought of it and not the very act itself. And as an advise to us all, we should never speak against a servant of God even if he’s caught doing wrong cos we were not there when God called him. God could be very bitter with anyone caught doing so.

    • I pity you my broda becus u did nt knw hw to escape for ur life dnt let someone put u there talk sence into ur head ok

    • Pple r saying we shld not judge a man of God, he is called, but r we going 2remain silence while “men of god” like dis infest our minds wt dis kind of teachings? R u 2 sure he is a man of God? R u 2 sure God has called him 4dis kind of mesages? Cos I rmemba wen God called Jonah and de kind of mesage he gave him. Dnt 4get Jesus mention something abt de “last days” n “endtime prohpets”

  70. All Pastor Chris intended ab-initio was to create a publicity fiasco.
    From his his conclusion here, it is clear that he agrees that masturbation is a sin. Tracing the chain that led to the sinful act was an unnecessary publicity stunt.
    These pastors sef!

  71. Masturbation is very good and enjoyable ,it is much better than sleeping with some dirty pussy.Masturbation,Masturbation,that is what we all are secretly enjoying,even Pope has no wife,what keeps him smiling is Masturbation,….So what is the sin about it…..? You will end up doing it even though your wife is there stretching by your side………. By the blood of Jesus Christ we are made clean….

  72. Guys, from a perspective of someone who masturbates when his wife is not around and also who masturbates when he feels stressed (because it gives relief), you all need to understand what he is saying. The man that is lustful is lustful and that is sin. Do you know that a doctor has once advise a 40 year old highbrow professional woman to go and get laid because she has been working too hard and having stress and health problems and she wasnt married (of course there are order ways of getting stress out of the body). Sex is good for your health and if that is why you do it, then it is not a sin. God is the only one that knows your heart. Meanwhile all you people that do “tufiakwa” easily ontop sexual immorality, dont forget that God will also jugde ‘mago’ ‘mago’, bribery, shortchanging others, lying, etc. These are mostly clearly conceived and carried out. Please listen to Jesus before you cast the first stone because even if this one thing is a sin that Pastor Chris committed, Jesus still looks at him as if he didn’t do it and says to all of you screaming “stone him” “stone him”. “Cast the first stone”, or drop it and go figure out the darkness in you.

  73. What a pity to a man who called himself a man of God who cannot teach or lead is follower to d right path, pastor chris should stop the nonsense we all know that masturbation is a SIN.

  74. Hmmm, pAstor chris should be wAtchful, for heaven rejoice in every soul dAt repents so will heAven frown in every soul he(pAstor chris) misleAd. Men of God should leArn not to paint words to suit their teaching

  75. G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡D have mercy… My people perish because they lack knowledge. ά̲̣̣̣̥♍ not surprised cos its all signs of end time.

  76. Pastor chris d almighty Father W̶̲̥̅̊ȋ̝̊̅ ̄ι̥ι̥ forgive U̶̲̥̅̊, coz masturbation Ȋ̝̊̅§ a sin, pls don’t teach U̶̲̥̅̊я follower’s nonsense

  77. Pastor Chris, you are the best. Your teachings are top class. I love your teachings. Infact they are very inspiring. I agree with you completely with what you said and how you have taken time to explain it. The problem people are having is that, they have refused to use their brain to understand, rather they have allowed their feeling to block their sense of reason. Thank you so much, I love you sir.

    • You will hear very soon that Armed Robbery is not a sin. You know they need donation more than a street beggar.

  78. i am nt confused abt ur teaching on masturbation pastor chris…neither am i convinced by it. I hav no right 2 judge u,nt even as a pastor,but as a human being coz i knw nd undastand too well d implications of judging a fellow human being when i knw dat even i…am no saint. Only GOD ALMIGHTY has d authority 2 judge every mankind…JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARET,having obeyed his father unto death even in his own fears… authomatically nd authoritatively earned d place 2 judge d wrld. Only one thing is certain nd vry comforting 4 me…i knw wat my BIBLE IS TEACHING ME nd WAT D HOLY SPIRIT IS TEACHING AS WELL. DAT ND ONLY DAT SHALL I FOLLOW ND ABIDE WIFF IRRESPECTIVE OF MAN’s TEACHINGS. GOD HELP US ALL…amen.

  79. ‘He who leads any of dis little ones to sin; it will b better he is not born or a stone tied to his neck & thrown into a river’ Beware!


  81. What can i say…judgement is for the Almighty God. If i may be right, the holy Bible teaches the abstainance from evil thoughts and before one commences masturbation, he must have been lust in the spirit…Masturbation to me is a sexual immorality commensurate to adultery. It is one of the reasons why God destroyed Sodom ad Gommorah.. So Mr. Chris pls drop your Phd and embrace the Bible the way it is.

  82. What can i say…judgement is for the Almighty God. If i may be right, the holy Bible teaches the abstainance from evil thoughts and before one commences masturbation, he must have been lust in the spirit…Masturbation to me is a sexual immorality commensurate to adultery. It is one of the reasons while God destroyed Sodom ad Gommorah.. So Mr. Chris pls drop your Phd and embrace the Bible the way it is.

  83. People, before U̶̲̥̅̊ go abt talking bad abt pastor chris, maybe U̶̲̥̅̊ guys should read and understand what he is trying to say.
    D act of masturbation for me is not a sin. You all will agree with me that dia is a tin called mutual masturbation were married couples masturbate together. Re U̶̲̥̅̊ going to call that a sin? All wat he is saying is that you should guide ur heart not to allow evil tot creep is d tot dat is d sin and not the act of masturbation. Is jst like sayin sex is a sin, U̶̲̥̅̊ all will agree that it is not a sin wen ur married. So guys think abt it.

  84. What this man said is in contradiction. It violate the truthfulness and the integrity of his word. By considering all his words overall, I note that he still makes masturbation a sin. Pls, let this man be. Ignore this teaching. Don’t comment on it again. We have wasted our energy on this useless and baseless teaching before. Talk of something else and leave him to his fate. He will soon realize that God is not a joker neither a pamparer.

  85. But this is just the beginning of the end, the end is still far. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Just hold on to your Bible, that’s your compass.

  86. If a man can control his tongue den he is perfect. Bt wat i deduce frm al dis is dat masturbation is 2 b tackld 4rm d renewin of d mind. Bt sayn dat it is or isnt a sin may encourage pple 2 fil ok wit it. 2tim2:22 says we shud avoid youthful pasions

  87. hey! PM News u just use this caption to sell your newspaper… What has the pastor said that confuse people now… Some are just making comment based on ignorance …is better to remain silence than to begin to make biased comment. Peace.

  88. I quite agree with him. Once the heart is right, the body is right. Why is it that effectively dealing with the habit masturbation always begin from d heart. Thinking d right thoughts, meditation and all? It is because the problem isnt masturbation. The problem is the state of the heart. Masturbation is the symptom and definitely not the disease. The same goes for other bad habits.

    • No mata hw u condition ur mind u can neva b above temptation as long as u live, bt wen temptation cums u can decide by d grace of God nt 2 act on it by masturbating. If u wait 4 d day dat sex dosnt cross ur mind b4 u stop u may die wit d habit

  89. Am happy that Pastor Christ has started exposing him self. Pastor Christ has turned christianity in Nigeria into a club of prostution by his teaching, that youths a no more interested to listen to the undilluted word of God.

  90. A sin commited in the heart may not yet be a (an established) sin until it is been practically commited. Some degree of self control inherent in individual may help take a caution from practically commiting such a sin probably due to spiritual, physical, social or some kind of legal consequences. At the same time, Qur’an says everyone shall be judged according to his intention. A line of distinction here is that Allah in His infinite mercy forgives such sins not actually commited practically but in the heart and for which forgiveness is seeked while He rewards everygood deed thought in the heart and those that are actually done practically. May God forgive us all. Amen. But the of masturbation; I vote NO. Get married if need be. Marry more if you are capable healthwise, economically, n spiritually.

  91. As in the muslim world so it is in the christian world. This i know that among the christians there are baby christians and adult ones also. Am aware the bible says strong meat belongs to men of age with good teeths while babies desire milk for them to grow. Some issues are not to be discussed in the midst of everyone.each one has a level so why make a fellow brother fall if he can not comprehend that which he finds too hard to be true. Why must your liberty make another man sin? Am await a response from any christian who can posit an answer.

  92. A sin commited in the heart may not yet be a (an established) sin until it is been practically commited. Some degree of self control inherent in individual may help take a caution from practically commiting such a sin probably due to spiritual, physical, social or some kind of legal consequences. At the same time, Qur’an says everyone shall be judged according to his intention. A line of distinction here is that Allah in His infinite mercy forgives such sins not actually commited practically but in the heart and for which forgiveness is seeked while He rewards everygood deed thought in the heart and those that are actually done practically. May God forgive us all. Amen.

  93. i think people are confused and looking at what he said on basis of habit and morality…..he only needs to discourage it.a lot of people get masturbated from dreams and not on purpose while purposely do it….so it is left for people to determine which is sin or not!

    • If you eat rice in your dream while asleep, does that fill you when you wake up? Why then do you equate involuntary action (dream) and voluntary action (masturbation)?

    • Hello Efe, please if you or any person you know is having mastubatrion in dreams by making love to women,some you know and some you dont know in the dreams, please seek help from authentic men of God, it is not fun but serious problem and draw back.try to watch Emmanuel TV.,I am not a member of TB Joshua’s church, but watch to learn.And I am looking forward to going there live in person whenever I come to Nigeria.



  95. I can’t judge anyone, let alone a ‘man of God’. In the first place, why should a true child of God engage in masturbation? Sin or not, would the act be pleasant before our God? Apostle Paul said, that if what he does would cause his brother to sin, that he wouldn’t do it. My dear Pastor, if ur faith carries you to practice masturbation, even though you have a wife, you should keep it to yourself….this is not edifying God’s church(ur followers). Its an evil spirit that requires deliverance. May God help his true children to lead the right path.

  96. Pst chris, the apostles spoke σƒ people like you, but pls consider the judgement that awaits you! That’s all Ï have to say.

  97. This is a teaching from the pit σƒ hell. Ï wish Ï can have a one on one airing with pst chris. This is a concept σƒ dualism, God help the generation.

  98. I am not a Christ Embassy member. But I must say that Past. Chris vindicated himself tru the statement he made…that’s if u understand, But the whole point he made still boils down to masturbation being a sin.


  100. Pastor Chris needs repentance, he needs to go to God and ask for forgiveness, as a man of God he is not suppose to teach on what he does not understand. Sin is Sin nomatter how you try to twist it.

  101. Chris you are full of shit, your church is full of gays and lesbians and you yourself is a big question mark if your are gay or not because a lot of people formerly from your church as saying that you and guy guy man

  102. Pastor, u’re right. I knew u won’t just say a thing like that. I hope people would undstand u.

    • We are in the world we should not condem the pastor because their sin can be forgiven easily,because we who are not odend as pastors for does of us who are insalting the man of God you should stop we the are diffrent being from them thanks for your understanding this is mis statment.

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