Pastor, 8 others killed in Kaduna

By Femi Adi/Kaduna

The pastor of the Assembly Church of God at Chikun district of Chikun local government area of Kaduna State and no fewer than nine other persons, including four members of the church, have been killed by gunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen.

A member of the church who gave his name as Bulus Joseph told P.M.News this evening via phone that the attackers came early Friday and shot sporadically at houses around the church.

He said members residing around the church who tried to escape were either shot or macheted.

Another member of the church, Timothy Zango, who also confirmed the attack to P.M.News narrated that the attackers, who came with guns and machetes raided the church area and killed the pastor, Reverend Innocent Mari and four others.

He further narrated that the attackers raided some other villages from till 3 a.m today

According to a pastor of Assembly of God Church in Kaduna who spoke to P.M.News on phone , the attackers gunned down Rev Mari in the presence of the wife ,Judith and two children.

“The killers I was told by our members there, killed with impunity and with no any resistance after which they left.” The pastor stated.

But from what was later gathered from the attacked area ,no fewer than nine persons were killed, while about five others injured are in critical condition at the hospital .

However, when P.M.News contacted Kaduna State Police Public Relations Officer ,Aminu Lawan to confirm the case of the attack, he said the police Command has sent its men to the area for investigation and they are yet to report back.


  1. titus uche

    Boma, if xtians r fools, God will soon seal dat ur mouth. And u muslims dat r killing innocent souls. Hell fire.



  3. boma

    I think Christians are Fools

  4. Prince Cokers

    Can you tell that to the family of the killed people iman of ibafo land?

  5. imam rahman hissa eniola ibafo

    my people, pls let us apply wisdom whenever we are contributing. If someone posted rubish, just leave him and make your own. Pls stop causing anybody bcs we are all nigerian

    1. Jatau stephen

      Imam, honestly is annoying, how can some one make such comment? Some pple are just like animals, i believ u’re a good religeous man, pls tell them that killing is evil.

  6. Adeniyi

    Muhibb aslu,may GOD forgive you,for you did not know what you are doing

  7. Timmmmi

    It seems this nonsence is getting out of hand killing, killing of christian everyday in the northern part of nigeria. ALMIGHTY GOD DELIVER YOUR CHILDREN FROM THE WICKED SOULS.

  8. Godwin C. Godwin

    @ muhibb, I pity ur generation 4 cursed are they dat kills a christain talk more of a pastor of Assemblies of God (d mother of pentecostalism in nigeria). Touch not my anointed…

  9. Wale Gbeminiyi

    We shouldn’t take joy in vengeance. The question is do we kill another for God to be happy. Can we actually fight for God. Do christians and muslim don’t realise that there are still many millions of people who are ungodly, who we are suppose to bring to the fold. Do we not realise that God’s primary aim is for us to love Him and extend this love to one another. Do we not know that God has given each and everyone of us choice of how to approach Him, think of Him. Do we realise that man is the greatest asset of God on earth. Think before you make the next kill or avenge.


    May the Holy Spirit use the blood of these His children to win these lost souls to Himself IJN

  11. godswill

    @muhibb aslu u will definately die a shameful death. I decree that u will be killed by ur boko haram sect within one month from now. Shameless animal!!!

  12. Prince Cokers

    muhib. you can see that I did not start your name with capital letter. Ask why? because, you are no more human. you have become a corpse. You as well as all your family together with every one closed to you shall not see peace. You will live all your life in sorrow and pain. I curse you and your generation which are yet to come for the fact that you have pleasure in the death of the children of God. Dogs will lick your blood after the order of Jezebel and every one in your family will not attain the age of the least among whom you have pleasure in their death.
    And to you boko haram group, I have cursed you already. Take note of today, you shall soon be sent out of the surface of the earth. I am not happy with the death of any children of God. In fact it just saddening.

  13. rebirth

    its so annoying that these animals raided for such a long time and no one could raise an alarm? i guess its time that christians should start protecting themselves and the police, what can i say, a big shame to Nigeria. i feel sorry for the deaths of those who were killed. God will send help. the muslem will pray in other parts of the country and are not killed for it why then christians? these guys are animals and i dont mean to be insulting, its just annoying.

  14. Godswill

    @muhibb aslu, no doubt you must be a member of boko-Haram but I can assure you that sooner than later all of you will perish! Cowards! Carnibals!!!

  15. Henry o

    @ muhibb aslu u r idiot 4 making such comment d anger of God wl cum onpon u,i hope u wl b a member of boko haram sect,idiot,animal lyk u, u wl die 1 day

  16. Henry o

    @ muhibb aslu u s idiot 4 making such comment d anger of God wl cum onpon u,i hope u wl b a member of boko haram sect,idiot,animal lyk u, u wl die 1 day

  17. like

    i belive it’s hi time they allow we christian to fight this killings is too much

  18. muhibb aslu

    Someone should tell the police to forget their investigation and just use this “Unbiased eye witness report”!

  19. Emmanikewon

    God of vengeance! See, animal ar eating ur grass. Oh! Great shepherd rise in ur power and take revenge!

    1. muhibb aslu

      When jews,christians and other non muslims kill muslims in cold blood,as was done in jos while muslims were praying in their prayer ground last sallah day,I hope you will tell God that pigs are eating our food!

      1. clement b

        Muhibb aslu, I pity u. Tell me wat happened in jos last christmas. Hmmm, u never can tell where u’ll b 2moro. Laugh now but there’s 2moro. God never sleeps. Time is our only witness nd it shall tell. Laugh now bt 2moro is pregnant. May their souls rest in peace.

  20. lekan

    When will these killings of northern christians stop? May God help us.

    1. REALITY

      how about muslims from north that were killed by christians in Jos and Kaduna and tafawa balewa? are they not humans?? im not backin killing innocent in any religion but i have justice in my speech.

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