2 Nigerian House Maids Fight Over Indian Lover

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Two Nigerian house maids, Patience Okpara and Elizabeth Emmanuel threw away decency and fought openly at Ilupeju Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria over an Indian man .

Elizabeth Emmanuel and Patience Okpara

Patience was bitter that Elizabeth started having affairs with the Indian she claimd was her sex partner and boss.

The fight resulted in Patience boiling a hot water adding pepper to it and pouring it on Elizabeth and she sustained severe burns.

The incident happened at 17, Sere Close, Ilupeju, Lagos, where both work as domestic servants to two Indians.

Both were arrested by the police at Ilupeju station.

Patience was charged to Oshodi Magistrate’s court, Lagos for pouring hot water on Elizabeth after their fight was separated by a security guard in the compound.

Patience, 25, hails from Imo State and Elizabeth, 25, hails from Akwa Ibom State.

P.M.NEWS gathered that Patience was so bitter that Elizabeth left her own man and had sex with her boss.

Patience said when she confronted Elizabeth, she was boasted about it, saying it was her boss that demanded her services that night.

Patience, who is now facing a one-count charge of assault at the court, pleaded not guilty.

The presiding Magistrate, Mrs. Osho Adebiyi granted her bail in the sum of N50, 000 with two sureties in like sum.

The matter has been adjoiurned till 23 March 2012.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe


  1. emmanuel

    if beta ppl aproach dos bastard, der nogo gree o! n see waten poverty d cuse. nig gov claim 2 giant of africa, na lai.dem be giant of africa in coruption. i tell u notin is workin in dis niga exept coruption. ask any body tnx.

  2. Prince Cokers

    Why would PM News report this type of story in the first place? Na wah ooooo. Nevertheless, both the figthers and the fightee are destinied to wroth in HELL FIRE. Imagine the romance going on between Nigerian citizens and that paddy wikky, teeny weeny, blacky dudu, faky whity, stingy guru, empty skully Punjabi man. This is not a matter of poverty my people. Those ladies are demonically possessed. They value punjabi type of prick better than their heaven. This is serious.

  3. toronto ogidigbi

    Really disappointed with comments here. Wow, we are a racist people, how can people spew so much hate about someone’s race? Its a shame to read this, so what he’s Indian, does it make him less of a human being? You guys going on about his race ought to be ashamed. Racist bigots. You forget that many Nigerians are out of the country are involved in relationships with other races, how will anyone feel if it was a white person or Indian making hateful comments about a black man. I am ashamed to be a Nigerian after reading this. Bigots.

  4. Michael

    These Indians can use anything to coarse their employee to get whatever they want.An indian i once worked wit was sleeping with a girl as young as his grand daugther all for the girl’s sister to get drums at cheaper rate.These are all sign of chronic Poverty ravaging the nation.

  5. adio

    This is share purverty and prostitution…and their’s no love attached to this drama…
    let these girls be trained about work ability and life sustainability by working hard in life to keep body and soul together and not by mere prostitutions ventures.


    that patience of a girl is not onlg a prostitute but a murderer,if she could have the gods to pour her fellow human being HOT water,her fellow NIGERIAN girl for that matter.wetin happenuuuuu,u be winch?na God go punish you and dat good for nothing.RUBBISH INDIAN MUMU.NA him type BOKO HARAM surpose BOMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB

  7. Phaith

    Nonsense. Shame on Nigeria, luk @ wat nigeria economy has turned dem into. Both girls shud b punished and d indian shud b sent back 2 his country.

  8. JAS Ojediran

    Sham on you, foolish women,that’s why you people park aids or HIV from white men

  9. onyii

    anybody that talks about my noblle igbo tribe here would be damned. Discussss the isssue not showing ur ethnic jingoism here. Assholes

  10. chyk

    Seems like quite a number would do same or at least approve of if the man was british or american yet you preach self pride to these girls. Phew! This inferiority complex of the black is really deep seated. India used to be no better than Nigeria economically but see where they are now. Nigerians go and develop your country!


    The randy indian Boss whose Dick is causing rancour between the two Maids should alsoi be arrested and arraign to court for forment trouble

  12. thelma ogosi

    its a pity dat our gels would stoop so low 4 dirty n smelling indian man dat r noted 4 their stinginess,…i blame d govt 4 making our rich country country worthless n making indian he-goat indian man king in our country

  13. Dog

    They wnt kill dere self bcos of gala nawaooo

  14. Omo Oduduwa

    This is very disgusting!

  15. Erioluwa

    Ew thats gross! fighting over an Indian man seriously mtcheww! nonsense

  16. Glow glo

    So shameful, n they re very stupid!

  17. kool

    The Police & Court are not fair and why are the Indians still walking free?

  18. olaoye sijuade

    dey re bastard fighting over a man,for india man for dat matter .instead of dem to fight over tuface dey chosed to fight for fake oyinbo.dey shud flog dem and throw inside d river to perish

  19. bless.nick

    i fear fear oooooo!. Some gals don troway shame 4 guta. Nawa oh.

  20. daddy

    una be fools…am staying in india………….trust me indians are nothing…………..malaka people

  21. Quad

    I wont blame d Indian chap,i will blame our illetrate girls who stoop so low to date dat garlic eating animal…..most of our gals cant even differentiate between an albino,an eastern european,a Chinese or a south African.silly gals

  22. JayJayKay

    Believe it or not, Indians are kings in Nigeria. They lived in choice arears & worked in enviable organisations. How cause it? Where developing or under-developed. Many young Nigerians are jobless & not empowered to make better living. What a country!

  23. The Eagle Eyes

    Igbo girls are most dangerous women in Nigeria. The other day, Igbo lady prostitute from the same Imo state was arrested and charged to cut for murder and stealing of dollars belonging to her customer who picked her from a night club to his Protea Hotel room in V/I, Lagos. She poisoned him with a poisonous substance applied on her libs and breast. Without shame, she confessed that she only wanted the money not the man. Beware of Igbo ladies! They have no value for human life. Let them befriend or marry themselves or their tribe men. Just because of little Niara notes ( N2000 ) given them by this lover man Indian, Patience wanted to kill his fellow human being also struggling to survive. I don’t blame the Indian bc our ladies are fighting tooth and nail to befriend him. Shame on you Patience Ashawo Oshi !

    1. Proudly Igbo

      @The Eagle Eyes, why are you jelous that no Igbo woman ever looked your way? Where are you from in the first place? Stop hating, you idiot!!!

    2. puppy nap

      The eagle eye, I no dat people are stupid in this life but I dnt think their is anyone more stupid than you are in this world. Do you have to show your ignorance in public by posting so much bullshit? Why not come out and accept that you are jealous of the igbo’s and wish u were one instead of talking what u were not asked to say.
      The fact is that wickedness can be found every where nd we just have to be careful, patience shld be punished for such an act and Elizabeth shld do something better with her life instead of sleeping with bicycle and keke napep ridden poor people like the indians.

  24. Omeudo o john

    Dis is ridiculous,disgusting and a disgrace to our obodo naija,govt should do something very urgent concerning sexual abuse.what a shame to patience and elizabeth!….

  25. 2plus2

    ah ha. Wonder shall never end in lagos, sorry for naija. ”who get the man”, nami get am.
    How much will the man even give them?, this is pure nonsense

  26. Amy

    Oh no! This is 2much. U girls r killin urselvs bc of Indian man and sex. U girls r very stupid, if u had killd urselvs, indian man wld stil be and enjoy hs lif whil u r in 6 feet.
    I dnt even knw why patience shld b angry, is it nt biz u grls r doin. Is it nt on eliza d man pounded, it shld b her pblm and nt ur…… Foolish girls… No shame

  27. Leke Omo-Oba

    The Indian man should also be arrested and made to face the law. A useless he-goat fot that matter. Is that why he came to Nigeria?

  28. kaycee

    It only goes to show the level of shame our ladies are exposing us

  29. Hon Dipo

    this an insult to Nigerian women. PM thanks for breaking news

  30. naubiko

    Na wah oh … These women are not even fighting over AMERICANS OR BRITISH citizen na Indians… see where our greed and corruption has led us to.. These guys used to struggle to work as teachers back in the good old days and now they are lording it over us.

  31. sololisa(United States)

    This is sexual harrasement. This man is taking advantege of these two ladies. In USA this India man will go to Jail. Nigeria will never enact sexual harrasment law becos most Nigerian in power use their positions to harras young ladies while they keep their children protected.Well,I don’t believe Nigeria is a country anymore. But I know one day God will listen to the poor and monkey will go to market and will not come back.

  32. paul

    Igbo with wickedness, patience is a dog

    1. Van

      Paul u r tribalist, wit lots of discrimination in ur head.

  33. ola

    This issue is solely that of Poverty and not shame. I blame this country for reducing the value of human life to this level, the girl were law abiding legitimate workers but saw a window of opportunity to escape poverty. In as mush as I condem wickedness in all its ramifications, I say let us allow the law takes it course.

  34. taller omooba sabe

    Stupid, smelling, stinky,disastrous entity. I wish they could be sent back to the village where they come from.

  35. Jammy_US

    Of all the Men! Indian man? Not being Racist! Fact – hardly an indian girl has anything to do with any man outside her race. Poverty makes some of our women feel inferior.

    1. naija pickin

      Jammy you are right ! They hardly ever date outside of their race not to talk marrying from outside as well.

      French, German ,British ,American ,Italian guys are there but they chose to fight over fake ‘oyinbo’

      What a shame !

  36. Sege dudu/Oroman

    What a shamful ladies. The magistrate should let the two ladies to face and tell to look at theirselve if fighting because of a non nigerian that can go to his country at any time. Useless ladies. Please kindly sentence them to 9 months in prison only.

  37. Ubong

    The Legislator should enact a law against sexual harassment in the workplace. Why on earth should these Indians date the girls who work for them. Thats sexual abuse because the girls can not say NO for fear of their jobs. That is not acceptable in any developed country.

    1. Michael

      U’re very right.Those ladies are nothing but sex slaves.

  38. Ramon

    MAN organ put them for whala!!! hahahahha

    1. Innocent Maduka Okoro

      It shows how important Man organ can be,so every man should jealously protect his organ for efficient service to any woman/lady that needs it since according to Elizabeth the man need her service and she Elizabeth the service provider provided the service and i believe there was no network failure hence the reason Patience got to know about the service provider Elizabeth provided the Indian man.

  39. irkson

    Is it only in Nigeria that times are hard. they is virtually nothing our girls cannot do for money. Yes money else what are they looking for in a bloody, smelly, miserly Indian man generally noted for their grandnut sized organ.

    Few days ago, it was in the news that 2 Nigerian professional footballers in India where charged to a kangaroo court with framed charges of running a brothel because they took home two Indian prostitutes. Here they are in Nigeria changing Nigerian women with reckles abandone.

    These bunch of prostitutes should be made to face the full wrate of the law.

  40. kenoye

    This is serious ooo,wonder shall never end.

  41. Lanre

    Nawa oooooo

  42. kolawole Ishola Anthonio

    This is a shameful act those it mean that patience has hot pour hot water on a fellow human being definately if she had seen acid she would have pour acid on the other lady . the law for such act should be use to deal with this issue stupid and shameless girls (ASEWO GBARA WON LOKO)

    1. royco

      this is a big shame na waooooo

  43. cynthy

    Hahaha, serious issue

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