In recognition of his trail blazing role in the Nigeria film industry, multiple award winning film director, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, has been named Ambassador of top flight hospitality outfit, Hawthorn Suites, Garki, Abuja, just as he prepares to premiere his award winning big budget film, Adesuwa in Abuja and Lagos respectively.

Lancelot Imasuen

The film will premiere on 13 March in Abuja, while Lagos premiere holds on 30 March. Hawthorn Suites will play a significant role in the Abuja premiere of the movie. It will host both Nollywood and international stars being expected in Abuja to an after-event gig. Imasuen is excited about Adesuwa and the collaboration with Hawthorn Suites.

Adesuwa is a riveting tale of the dangerous power of unbridled lust and its psycho-sociological implications. Captivated by the pristine beauty and innocence of Adesuwa, Eze Obi Olisa of Ubulukwu Kingdom vows to take the princess by any means necessary–even when he was warned that the beautiful belle has been betrothed to the war lord, Oba Akengbuda.

As a ploy to draw her into his bed, Eze Obi Olisa employed trickery and uncommon diabolical means…. But his game goes out of hand when he defies the Oba of Benin and murdered a Benin princess, thus provoking the wrath of the mystical and highly revered Oba and the entire Benin kingdom. But will Obi Olisa survive the unavoidable bloodbath that Benin kingdom will unleash on Eze Obi Olisa and his entire Ubulukwu kingdom?

The movie has a rich cast of celebrated actors such as Olu Jaacobs, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Ngozi Ezeonu and Iyobosa Olaiya who played Adesuwa.

—Funsho Arogundade