Fans Attack D’banj Over Occupy Nigeria Slip

Mo’Hits Records star, D’banj has once again incurred the wrath of Nigerians over his comments in an interview he granted a United States-based Nigerian online portal over the weekend on the recent Occupy Nigeria protests.

The singer, in the chat conducted through Skype, claimed he knew nothing about the last fuel subsidy removal protests across major cities of Nigeria and other cities around the world. D’banj said he was in London during the protests, but was totally oblivious of happenings both in England where he claimed to be recording and in his home country.

“I wasn’t in the country when it (Occupy Nigeria) was happening…I didn’t know anything that was happening in London about the fuel protests because I was working on my album in the UK…I am not a politician! And everyone that knows me well knows I don’t like the cold, so I couldn’t go outside,” D’banj said during the interview. :

When pressed further, an angry D’banj replied: “I don’t want to say anything about that topic. I don’t say what I don’t know anything about. If you know me very well, I speak about what I know. I will not speak on something that I don’t know about. You will not get me to speak about what I don’t know.”

And that unfortunate remark was followed with a barrage of flaks from angry Nigerians who stormed different social media especially twitter to lash out at the singer. While some see his comments as sheer insensitivity to the plight of millions of Nigerians who were the direct victims of the unpopular policy, others described D’banj as simply ‘dumb.’

“How can he say he didn’t know dey were rioting and his manager don jazzy knew? Ignorance is bad,” one Chinazo Nwaoha with a twitter handle @NaZo tweeted.

@cisuMpaR tweets “We don’t say insensitive, we say D’banj”.

@Oye_Bishop tweets: “London #OccupyNigeria rally and D’banj was in the studio recording”.

@flakkybanky retweets: “The day Tom catches Jerry and has it for dinner, D’banj will become smart”.

And @itssuzy tweets: “So D’banj said he was too busy to know what was going on in his own country? So he doesn’t listen to news? He cares about himself only. Shame.”

But rather than react to the outburst of his fans, the entertainer who performed on Sunday at the Live Nation Concert held at the Irving Plaza, New York, United States took to the same twitter to talk about his just concluded concert.

—Funsho Arogundade


  1. Oyebola olamide

    4rm ur mama or papa, na nigeria money him collect….he is entitle 2 dat……if dem give u or ur broda…u go say may him no collect….u are all shit wit ur stupid comment….fuck u 10x

    1. tk

      Olamide or wateva ur name is,u so stupid!wen pple put pen to paper to
      Write an arguement dats is constructive,u busy cursing nd shit!dbanj
      Is no longer da ordinary guy from nigeria,hes meant to know better nd yet
      Am not sayin hes obliged to participate bt because of ow big he is 2day in
      Nigeria,he ad no right not too suspend hes video shoot!

  2. Oyebola olamide

    Will u just pls leave dis dbanj alone……protests protests, is he a politician…wat is business with fuel subsidy…..abeg oh

  3. jayskay

    D’banj i hope u are not intending selling that particular album in nigeria oh… Cos u’ll be a big fool to try it. Dummy., there were 10million other excuses to give but u chose to say u don’t read news papers nor listen to news lol… U’ve really disappointed urself not me..

    1. Oyebola olamide

      Wat is ur problem jayskay, hw many u don buy 4rm him album, i knw ur type u b busybody,instead of u to think ur future, u are talking of sum1 who have accomplish his……fuck off

  4. Sokunbi

    I know most of these boys smoke india hemp excessively so iam not surprise.what do you expect from him?if not irrational words.

    1. Oyebola olamide

      He is smoking and making his money,wat are your brothers doing, dey are nt smoking and dey are making shit…fuck off

  5. Olola Dasco

    He should ask the consequential effects on those musicians who participated in unpopular Youth Earnestly Ask For Abacha rallies.

  6. chris bolo

    Kemi,it’s okay 2 suck up & let it melt in ur mouth.But d fact that he back slided remains in our minds.While we await his next album,we hope u do a good job at defending him at the stores.He has 2 do better than give us that flimsy excuse.

  7. chris bolo

    Kemi,it’s okay 2 suck up & let it melt in ur mouth.But d fact that he back slided remains in our minds.While we await his next album,we hope u do a good job at defending him.

  8. Alex

    even nigerians protest in london,what do u expect him to say when he has collected huge some of money.

  9. Neutral

    na so na, what do people expect him to say when he is Jona’s friend. ”my friend Jona!” you wuddah tot of a better or smarter thing to say dan feign ignorance. shame on u D’banj. shame on u!

  10. shandy

    Kemi, sori to have you speak like dat.. Your fans makes u and they could unmake u if they choose to.

  11. shandy

    D,banj as he calls himself is a big fool! I have lost respect for him since after the subsidy removal

  12. kemi

    Please leave D’Banji \he is smarter than most of you I would have said the same thing if i was in his shoes

  13. kingsley

    My friend jona.

  14. Malcom

    What is the fuss about it? Is it a must for him to participate? What makes those who took part more Nigerian? Abeg enough of fake patriotism and let us face business. Whatever he chosees to do is his biz and not anybody.

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