Lagos Shuts Down Lord’s Chosen, 6 Other Churches

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The Lagos State Government has shut down the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Ministry and six other churches in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria over noise pollution.

Officials of the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, LASEPA stormed a branch of the Lord’s Chosen Church at 25 Omobola Street, Lawanson, Surulere area at the weekend and shut it down.

Other affected churches are Bible Church, FESTAC; The Chapter of Christ Church, Oregun, Ikeja; Assemblies of God Church, Ikeja; The Golden Gate Church, Ifako-Ijaiye and Seek and Save Ministry, Abule Egba.

The closure of the churches is coming after pre-sanction notices were given to the churches to abate the noise pollution emanating from their worship centres.

General Manager, LASEPA, Engr. Rasheed Shabi said the closure of the churches became imperative after several abatement notices issued to them were disregarded.

According to him, some of the churches even rebuffed meetings called by the agency on how to resolve the issue.

“The agency’s stance is clear on issue of noise pollution level permitted. This has been communicated to all worship centres in the state.

“The level of noise pollution allowed in the state is between 55 decibel during the day and 42 to 45 decibel at night,” he said.

Shabi said the state government was determined to reduce noise pollution in the state because of the anomalies and diseases related to it.

He enjoined worship centres in the state to comply with the state’s standard on noise, while suggesting the use of sound proof equipment by churches to reduce noise during their worship services.

Meanwhile, the large expanse of land in Ayobo where the temporary headquarters of Deeper Life Bible Church is situated may soon become a subject of litigation, as the Olalere Family has asked the church to vacate the land.

The over 150 acres of land covering Amule, Ayobo and Onikanga communities, currently accommodates the Deeper Life Bible Church main auditorium, the International Bible Training College and the proposed Anchor University owned by founder of the church, Pastor Williams Kumuyi.

Although Deeper Life Bible Church has been in possession of the land for over 30 years, the Olalere Family who now claim ownership of the land has declared the church as an illegal occupant and warned that the family may resort to court action to evict the church if it does not legalise its tenancy of the land.

The Olalere family in a letter to the church dated 7 February 2012 noted that by virtue of a 2010 court ruling by Justice Oyekan Abdullahi, the entire Ayobo community land belongs to them, and any occupant currently on the land must renegotiate their tenancy with the family.

When our reporter contacted the church over the development, secretary to the church, Pastor Jerry Asemota, said he was personally unaware of any letter to the church by the Olalere family.

He, however, said that only the legal department of the church could confirm receipt of such letters.

When asked about the Olalere family’s claim of ownership to the church land, he said: “I can assure you that we are not illegal occupants. We have been in possession of this land for 30 years and if the initial owners have problem among themselves, they should settle it amicably.”

—Kazeem Ugbodaga & Henry Ojelu


  1. JJ

    One wonders why the mosques that disturb the whole neighborhood with their load speakers every morning and evenings have not been shut down but the churches??? I wonder who authorized such senseless act against the affected churches!

  2. encinafun

    prof, i agree with you 100%. You did speak my mind. sentiments apart, it is time we start telling ourselves the truth. We need to feel for our neighbour’s convenience. Even though i am of the view that Fashola’s administration is the best ever in Africa. I do not support all aspect of the administration, especially, the excesses of LASTMA, the administration of Criminal Justice- the way Magistrates just send defendants into prison custody through unnnecessarily stiff bail terms,etc,etc. But on this noise nuisance, and of course, the good performance of LAWMA, i dare say WELL DONE, Raji! Well said, PROF! EKO KO GBODO BAJE OOOOO!!!!!!

  3. Adeniyi

    The churches and other places that are sources of noise polution shd be shut down.u could imagin having worked all day and tryin to sleep in the night while ppl will star making singing through speakers in d name of vigil.u can whorship God this way

  4. Omoba

    I agree with aol, electricity generating sets in residentials should be banned.

  5. Hussy

    For once lets stop being sentimental, according to wat he said dat noise level 4 day nd 9t nd we all know dat mosque’s noise last 4 sum mins five times in a day but d church services can go 4 several hours with so much drumin nd singing,night vigils,blocking of d roads nd sumtyms early morning preaching on d streets with a megaphone. Lets be honest,pls.

  6. kelechi

    I support what the Government has done. The noise these churches make nowadays is too much. They even block some of the streets for their services

  7. JJ










  8. kingsley

    If I may say the truth I will say that the churches make the loudest noise wherever they are located. I have a mosque behind my house and the only time they make noise is around 5:30am and the prayer lasts not more than 10 minutes. I know this because I use the call like an alarm for me to wake up. Apart from that, you cannot compare the human voice with that of drums and musical instruments and shouting. Please let’s be bold enough to tell the truth eventhough it affects us!

  9. AOL

    Noise control shld not only stop bw Churches & Mosques alone, but 2 numerous gen set users 4rm “i better pass my neigbhour” ownes 2 Mekano & co users.

  10. Innocent Maduka Okoro

    Whether church or mosque,the truth is the noise emanating from there speakers is disturbing.Please LASEPA kudos for a job weldone.The issue at hand is the health of average person living in lagos not religion.I live at Omilade Bus Stop,Oshodi Road Mafoluku next to my compound is a church sighted inside the compound,You hardly know that there is a church there unless you are told,we the residents living within the area dont sleep at night because of the noise from there loud speakers.Most at times they will embark on a week night vigil,through out that week you will never see sleep.why must this religious bodies continue to pose as a nuisance to the health of those living around where there worship centres are situated?Poverety is a big sickness because of money most house owners give out there houses for an unwholesome purposes.Govt should take stock of worship centres in lagos and re-issue the tall order on the use of loud speakers.

  11. agudu

    Noise ke? where are these Lagos state officials when Mosholashi Agege road is blocked every Friday afternoon for an hour a la jumat service.

  12. shoke

    The funny thing is you can’t even reason with most of these churches. Try telling them to keep the noise down because you have to sleep and they will only increase it saying their prayers are tormenting you. It’s so ridiculous. In my street alone there are five churches. You can imagin what I go through every last friday. Our God is not deaf you know.

  13. Adedayo

    Good step in the right direction. I had to move out of my last house cos of noise from 3 churches around me. One of them was this CHOSEN. Chosen to make noise. Of course mosques too should be sanctioned when they go above these set figures. I love this.

  14. Foria

    Who said mosques also are nt under check. Govt. Just av 2 start frm somwhr. So,startin frm churches doesn’t mean anytin,if it were 2 b mosques dat were started wt,it wud av bn d same. 4get abt d wrath of BABA GOD,ds’s policy. And God also loves policy.

  15. Kris

    the persecution has begun even in nigeria. Please giv ur lives to Christ, so he can save u 4rm God’s wrath. Jesus is coming. All dis are pointing d way. Isnt it better u hear noises dat wud save u than going to hell where u cant quench d noises?

  16. princess

    I know that the ear of the God i serve is not deaf to hear and see all that is going on. to be sincere, the government came up with a good thing on behalf of the society but its doing it the wrong way. you dont need alarm to awake you in the morning from the mega-phones of the mosque. the government should better capture both religion so he wont be considered an anti-christ.

  17. Abubakar Olanrewaju

    Reading some comments here make me sick. Is there competition between the churches and the mosques? The news was carried simply because it affect the churches. Who said Mosques are excluded in the law prohibiting noise in Lagos? Please let the government do its work the way it should be done without bias.

  18. Nelly

    Nobody should temper the work of OUR GOD. God is not a man and should not be challenged by any being. It will not take God one second to destroy this earth, think and rethink. The earth is of the Lord and the fullness thereof, he created this world and it must be use to honor him. Amen.

  19. Nelly

    Nobody should temper the work of OUR GOD. Whoever knows fashola and his people should please tell them if they love their life and family. God is not a man and should not be challenged by any being. It will not take God one second to destroy this earth, think and rethink. The earth is of the Lord and the fullness thereof, he created this world and it must be use to honor him. Amen.

  20. Obioma

    The same should also be extended to mosques situated just at the back of people’s bedrooms and blare their speakers at the highest pitch even at 5 am every day. It is most disturbing. Something serious needs to be done about this and very quickly too.

  21. RAZZY

    Why do we use sentiment in everything we do here in Nigeria, infact we add sentiment to the most important thing in our life and this accounts for our inability to grow. we all know the truth, we keep adding religious sentiment to avoid tackling the truth. lets for once think right and avoid sentiment cos, it can bar us from growing for life. Fashola is doing the right thing, we all know who makes the most noise and when the noise really affect us. carry on my honorable Gov. good pple of lagos are behing u jooo!

  22. Hammed

    Did ur God need drumset, os does he request u to dance,clap and jump b4 u worship. Did jesus dance, clap, and jump when worship. Pls let worship God as esra did in nehemiah 8 vs 5

    1. Agbodegba

      @hammed u’re just a bunch of fools,if u dont know what to comment on,its better u shut ur dirty and hugly mouth.idiot……..

  23. meribe ekene

    The lagos state gov. Should not be partial concerning this issue. There are so many factors that cause noise pollution in our society.

  24. topson

    Noise pollution is a bad habit in our society which must be eradicated. Government should sanction any churches or mosques, salons, companies or motorist that disturbs the normal peace of the society.

  25. nwito

    what about mosque? are u not going to shut that one too? u killers God will judge u. and 4 u ABIONA or what ever u call urself u cannot see God except through christ Jesus.

  26. fashina

    I hope u will go to some of those mosques eg. Orimolade bstop in ogba and close it down for noise polution..

  27. Julius G

    Shutting down the Church all in d name of noice pollution of what? I think u will preferred Erosion & wind or storm as U hv xpetienced little before.

  28. S.O.J

    Let Fashola put an end to using loud speaker. Pl’s don’t stop people from serving GOD.

  29. Evans

    I concur with @ade2two, the concentration should not be on churches alone, the video/audio centres should be more concentrated on as the constitute more nuisance to the public. Even the barber’s shop should not be left out. Another area that need to be checked is the occupant of houses, everyone want to be noticed/heard or to show off to their neighbour that they have arrived or they have the latest sound system in town and as such the way they disturb people with their noise called music. these areas should be checked on, so also to achieve a Noiseless society.

  30. Isaac

    While dat first,all of them wil go to church when they are seeking for votes nw see the result.end time is here persecutor here nd there.God wil deliver we xtians

  31. ABIONA

    when you peolpe are saying Mosque is makingb noise, who among you as ever reported the Mosque? is it the Moslem that reported the churches that they shut? Or who? Is better you know something about the issue you are commenting on. Can Muslems shout like Chritains do in Churches bothe day and night? In our doors you will not allow us to rest, Jesus,Jesus every day? is there any compulsion in religion. telling the whole world that if one does not accept jesus as his or her saviour, he will not enter paradise, for gething that it is God’s grace to enter paradise.

    You people forgot that Fashola’s wife is a christian. what are you saying?

    1. Dr. Flow

      Am sorry to say dis but u talk like a retard. The contention is that only churches should not be shut the mosques should also be scrutinized and anyone erring against the law should be cautioned. Make logical and reasonable comments don’t show ur fundamentalist radical views here IDIOT

  32. lekan

    this is the funniest country, the world leader in ignorance,sentiment,poverty and negative reasoning.this laudable step has degenerated into religious controversy again.we may never get anything right in this country because people are not ready to liberate themselves,very religious but not Godly.

  33. paul

    Fashola is going gradually occutic people the prayers are affecting their night movement, evil men in action

  34. kingsley

    This Fashola’s government is gradually becoming anti Christian.If its not how to task the churches,its how to stop them putting up sign boards using the signage department.Now he’s closing down churches over noise pollution.Let someone tell him that’s its hard thing to kick against the pricks.I’m not surprised,Lagos and the entire western Nigeria is been run as a muslim region by ACN .

    1. kunle bello

      If u don’t know what to contribute as good comment,it is better u short u people think u are more than us in south west?

  35. don

    truly the noises of churches and mosques are becoming something else,
    must they use horn speaker to preach?
    there are other sound systems that nor matter hw loud it is, it remains sound, but all these horn speaker are disturbing for real!
    it is let’s be sincere with ourselves,
    am sound Engineer!
    if u are interested in a good, wel moderate sound in ur church…
    reach me here…


    why churches not mosque?, They are taken christian calmness for another thing, they better have a rethink of this their ungodly decision.

  37. The Prof

    The churches are the worst culprits, should you even try to discuss it with them you will be termed anti-christ. i observed the activities of both group from a neutral and i can judge the churches worst. I am not a sleep neither do attend churches, the muslims call for last for just about 15min, it is more of an alarm to me and these are not at odd hours. coming to the churches having my house between 3 of them, after a hard day some people who have been sleeping up to 11pm will leave their house to start a so call vigil with loud noises from drums, sound equipments and heavy dancing all between 11pm and 5am. That is when I suppose to be sleeping. most time you don’t see them reading up to 3 bible verses all through night.

    1. Joe

      @prof, you will continue to have hard day the rest of your life.

  38. Really?

    The churches must not be singled out for sanctions, as the mosques that moun their loudspeakers on their rooftops should also be sanctioned. Motorists that blare their horns indiscriminately to the annoyance and discomfiture of other road users must be called to order. This is not to forget record stores, outdoor advertising practitioners etc.

  39. kelly Inwang

    I am not against Fashola Shutting down churches, he should also do likewise to mosques as well and should look at it the way he’s looking at church, if he truely mean to sanitise noise pollution.

  40. Akinboro Tokunbo

    What about the motorists?

  41. ade2two

    I am not against d plan of d government in stopping d public from bein disturbed. But i think dey should work on d mosques, audio shops and more. It’s not only churches dat r disturbing public peace.

  42. alesh2

    The issue of noise pollution is becoming a problem in this state amongst our religion worshipers both the christain and moslem. I belive it is only the govt. that can cub it.

  43. samuel

    you people had better not incure the wrath of God upon you….come to the north here..come and hear hw these muslims are disturbing us day and nite shouting what we don’t understand…and nobody can stop them… Before rising against churches first deal with the noise and environmental pollution cause by cars and industry in Lagos and beyond….it is just an advice, before God begins to fight for His churhes

    1. Judgement is for sure

      One mistake we do make as NIgerians is the fact that we believe whatever is done within the religious circle is right. We should have a second thought. I am a christian but under a normal system, no one should use his or her faith to disturb others. Yes. For those who have the opportunity to visit places like UK and the rest, you cannot see a speaker outside, anywhere in the city! Yes, infact as a church you must have a sound proof so that no one will be disturbed. Does God not hear prayers offered in those places?
      Please we should be more civilised in our criticism, that it is a church or a mosque does not mean that people living around those places of worship should have heart attack because of noise pollution. My only advise is that Lagos state government should make sure there is no sacred cow. All religions must be treated equal-be it Christian or Muslim. Period!

  44. YINKA

    Kudos, LASEPA. Albeit the onslaught is not targeted in the right direction.
    By my evaluation, CHURCHES don’t make as much noise as MOSQUES in Lagos. AHUJA speakers are placed at the beam of the roof on all fours, you get woken up by blaring Microphone magnetic flux beaming for about 30 minutes every morning.
    HABA!!! may be that’s noise revolution not pollution abeg make una help ask them.

    1. mk

      u are right

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