Lagos Re-Opens Factory Where Machine Killed Worker

The Lagos State Safety Commission has re-opened the Industrial Metalizing and Packaging Company Limited, IMPCO, where plastic moulding machine killed a 21-year-old operator, Happiness Okon.

The state government shut down the company on 8, Fatai Atere Way, Mushin, Lagos, southwest Nigeria, on Tuesday, 7 February, 2012 for failing to meet the state safety standards and regulations.

The company was reopened after several inspection visits by the commission’s team led by its Director General, Mrs. Odebunmi Dominga, to the factory to ascertain the level of the company’s compliance with safety standards.

In one of the meetings, the DG reiterated that the lives of all workers were important as everybody benefited from good jobs.

The company was considered for re-opening after it was ascertained that there was a considerable improvement in the level of compliance to safety measures.

However, the commission warned that IMPCO must provide all relevant safety gadgets and equipment within a time frame as the inspection of companies by the commission would be continuous and unannounced.

The company was, however, fined accordingly and made to sign an undertaking to always abide by safety rules and regulations.

The re-opening of the company was applauded by the factory workers who expressed appreciation for the commission’s effort in making the factory a safe place to work in.

The Managing Director of the company, Mr. Chalfoun Ziad, promised that the company would be committed to safety policies and regulations, saying that “the closure of the company has made us lose the credibility of our customers, suppliers and our bankers.”

He advised “manufacturing companies to strengthen their safety standards, otherwise, the law would catch up with them.”


  1. clemns

    Safety commision what about the young girl? Any commision?

  2. Neutral

    what about the lady that died. what is the compensation to the family?

  3. Mashal

    What is the job of this so called safety commission? To close down a factory after a fatal accident has occured? Nonesense. We need to know the job description of this commission and whether they are performing. It is not when the havoc had been done that we start running helter skelter issueing false instructions.

  4. Joseph BS

    What nonsense is Fashola doing.The man said they loss customer credibility. what about the person that died?The company should be closed again until the man realizes would be jailed for life if another person dies in that factory.

  5. OMO EKO

    All factories in nigeria must have health and safety liability insurance.

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