Policemen Defy IG’s Order, Mount More Checkpoints Nationwide

• Policemen from Ashi Police Station at a checkpoint near General Gas area of Ibadan this morning. PHOTO: GBENRO ADESINA.

In flagrant disregard of the order of the acting Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar that checkpoints be dismantled nationwide, policemen and officers still mount road blocks where they extort money from motorists.

• Policemen from Ashi Police Station at a checkpoint near General Gas area of Ibadan this morning. PHOTO: GBENRO ADESINA.

Areas in Lagos where there are still checkpoints include Ajasa road, Abule-Egba, Ekoro road in Agbado-Oke-Odo Council Area and on the Lagos Abeokuta expressway.

Similarly, police still mount checkpoints at Adelabu Street, Surulere, near bread seller, close to the former NEPA (new PHCN) office at Ijeshatedo, Sanya bus stop close to the Oshodi-Apapa expressway and Cele-Ijesha road, opposite Mr. Bigg’s.

According to a resident of Ijegun in Lagos who pleaded anonymity, the police checkpoint at ‘Ti Oluwa Ni’ bus stop, on Ijegun-Ikotun road is still there despite the IGP’s order.

He added, “On Wednesday night, policemen were there collecting N100 from each commuter bus driver that passed through the area.

Although there are still checkpoints in Ibadan, Oyo State Police Command today banned all forms of checkpoints by its men saying that any policeman caught on the road for whatever reason is there at his or her own peril.

The Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Moses Onireti, who spoke through the Police Public Relations Officer, Femi Okanlawon, stated that it has become a crime for anyone to mount checkpoints under any guise.

Okanlawon said that the dismantling of checkpoints is a directive from the Acting Inspector-General of Police, stressing that the police boss handed down this instruction during a meeting with all the police public relations officers.

Okanlawon said that any policeman who contravenes this instruction would be summarily dismissed and possibly face prosecution in the court of law.

P.M.NEWS correspondent, however, moved round some parts of Ibadan this morning and saw some checkpoints.

The areas where checkpoints were mounted are General Gas and Ojurin areas of Ibadan. The policemen there were from Ashi Police Station.

They were busy collecting money from commuter vehicle drivers.

At the two points, five policemen were found in each point and their vehicles were parked by the side of the road.

According to a survey conducted by premiumtimesng.com, an online publication, readers claimed checkpoints still exist in all the states in Nigeria.

For example, a reader identified as Dr. Finest said a lot of checkpoints are in Lagos especially around Surulere while Emmanuel Nwaofunne said there are checkpoints between Asaba and Onitsha.

Another reader, Eburu Onome said that in Udu and Effurun in Delta State, there are checkpoints every two poles and the cops even run shifts. While demanding money, they cops would say “wey am?”

From Iwo, Osun State, Tola Azeez said there are five police checkpoints between Iwo and Ibadan, adding: “All they (cops) do is to collect money from the motorists and harass whoever tried to challenge them.”

Mahmoud Aboki said last night he saw a roadblock close to Samaru Police Station on Zaria-Kaduna road in Kaduna State, Northwest Nigeria.

A reader, Giwa Olumide James noted that last night on LASU-Idimu route in Lagos, checkpoints were absent. However, he said there was one at Iyana-Ejigbo also in Lagos. But Aisha Adams said Sango-Ota-Idiroko road in Ogun State was still full of checkpoints like Abel Udoekene wrote, “This is funny, police checkpoints are everywhere in Akwa Ibom State.

Another respondent, Lawal Abubakar said he noticed five checkpoints in Abuja last night.

Similarly, in Osogbo, a reader said he spent about 45 minutes on a road instead of about five minutes because of checkpoints.

In like manner, Osogbo-Gbongan road was said to be full of checkpoints.

According to Benjamin Anyigor, cops used disused tyres to mount checkpoints at Asaba toll gate; Olufemi Akindele said the situation was the same on his journey from Lagos to Ilesha, Osun State.

A reader, Ifeoma Okorafor said there is presently a roadblock per kilometre on Benin-Ore road.

Respondents also wrote that police have continued to mount checkpoints on Kano, Taludu-BUK road, Port Harcourt road, Onitsha, Ibadan-Akure-Ifon-Owo road, Gwarimpa-Abuja and many parts of Ondo State.

There are several checkpoints on Enugu-Benue road, around Secretariat Junction, Jos, Plateau State, Abuja-Kaduna highway, Warri-Sapele road, Port Harcourt and Suleja-Minna, according to reports by the online readers.

Past inspectors-general of police who gave orders that checkpoints be dismantled albeit in vain are: Tafa Balogun, Ogbonna Onovo and Mike Okiro.

Meanwhile, Lagos lawyer and activist, Mr. Femi Falana has commended the directive by IGP Abubakar that all police formations should desist from the practice of detaining suspects beyond 24 hours.

In a statement he issued and signed, Falana also urged the IGP to stop the illegal parade of suspects, saying it is prejudicial to the rights of criminal suspects.

He also commended the IGP’s decision to dismantle checkpoints but he called for a regular patrol and monitoring by anti-robbery teams in order to guarantee the safety of motorists and security of goods on the nation’s highways.

Falana advised Nigerians to take advantage of the new police boss’ commitment to reorganise the police to stand up and defend their personal liberty which had hitherto been grossly abused with impunity.

He urged Nigerians to report complaints of infringements of their rights to the appropriate authorities.

—Gbenro Adesina/Ibadan & Amos Fabiyi


  1. I think Mr IG should try and close all these gaps.
    1.Bad immage of our police
    (a) He sould allow a fair play of power.
    (b) Corruption should be a thing of the past among the officers
    (c) Lack of interest on the policing as against the call of duty

  2. If D Police guyz wer gud,D IG will nt order Checkpoints 2b cleared.It’s bn known long b4 nw dat d Image of d Police hs bn rubbished coz whn they kip demselves on d road &u dnt giv dem N20,N50 or N100,they ask u 2park,stat asking u 4ur particulars(as if dats evn their duty). If I had my way,I’ll flush out Police

  3. The ‘order’ the IGP gave was a coded message to his boys. He did mean it and his boys know! Do you think anything good will ever come out of the Nigeria policemen? They are bad from head to toe! And why shouldn’t they? The present government is rotten!

  4. It’s really laughable to say that Nigeria police will stay without road block for bribe. It’s like telling 99.9% of policemen to resign. If it succeeds which I doubt very much it will be one of the wonders of the world

  5. IG is new nigeria commendian. mr abubakar has been in road block during his junior rank position era, his directive may not take seriously and not effective and he should issue second directive to all agbero to off all bus/stop and stop disturbs all motorist.

  6. Looks like the police cannot live on their decent earnings like other innocent people they extort. Let us rebel since they do not obey their leader. If they kill in the name of road blocks, let the people their mete out the real justice to them before their colleagues come to take them to their haven. Since they are bent on breaking the law that make people to obey them, there no point obeying them. EVERY POLICE OFFICER SEEING MOUNTING A ROAD BLOCK IS AN ARMED ROBBER! FOR ARMED ROBBERS MOUNT ILLIGAL ROAD BLOCKS AND THE POLICE ARE NOW DOING THE SAME! If we let them continue like that I tell na my name everyone of una see WAHALA DE!

  7. Una no sabi wetin una dey talk here. No IG fi sabi cancel checkpoint for Nigeria. He fit succeed for him immediate area in Abuja but not everywhere. As long as I get my uniform, I go still mount checpoint. Una think say na salary make man join police? Una think say salary fit reach man take care of him family? Na fro roadblock money dey now. If IG succeed, na im be say man go qiut police work. Make una stop talking nonsense here.

  8. The ones on Aromire/Adeniyi Jones are there every night just collecting tolls. It would have served its purpose assuming they do any checks on the vehicle, especially to see if any material of security risk is in the car or if it is a stolen car…..but all they do is ask for money…chikena. Even Boko Haram with full loads of all types of bomb will pass there without any problem as far as they can part with a few Naira wads.

  9. The order of the acting IG should be allowed to see the light of day, as what most officers target is to extort money from people. they therefore become less effective, i will call some of them authorised robbers. All Nigerians should support IG Abubakar to sanitise the police force.

  10. IG, pls note also ur men along area M police hdgr.
    Along isheri-lasu-igando-ebgeda road. They still
    Block road and come up with all manner of excuses to
    Detain and extort citizens of there money. Kindly
    Save our soul from these unrepentant police men.
    The worst is that, they operate in front of area M and isheri LCDA.

  11. It’s not today wv being hearing of such ”orders”. on my way to work today along Tombia rd to Amassoma in Bayelsa state, l saw their mobile banking,when l called the so called number for where the number is not reachableOnly. God will save us.Nigeria Police can only change when l become d IGP.

  12. Sometimes whenever I read comments in here, I always laugh a lot. Well, I can see that only one person’s comment is valid to talk about. You are supporting the IG’s order. Right? Let us see the other side of the coin. If police are evacuated from road blocks, how do you think there would be fear among the armed robbers?
    How would the police be easily contacted when operation is going on in some area?
    How did the police discover some cans of bombs of the Bokos if not true check points?
    If they are to be evacuated, the IG would be living like king and the rest would be bearing the problem as the IG is interested to make Nigeria suitable for the Boko to walk freely and other criminals. Am sure that If they did not collect bribe on the road, does that mean they would not collect it in their station? The IG should rather encourage the citizen to be giving their bribes accurately to the police men on road block than that order which cannot work in Nigerian 20 lives time.

  13. Police can never stop collecting N20. What a shame. Can someone help this country out of this mess.

    They have gone so low to the lowest bottom and I wonder for the future of this country.

  14. IGP Abubakar should note you dont issue orders on radio and newspapers and expect your subordinates to take you seriously. A policeman worth his salt will not listen to “bloody civilians” or their media. There is a way where messages are communicated in the police force and abubakar is well advised to use it.

    • You sit down in the US and accuse IGP as 419er. Has it ever occured to you that millions of other nigerians at home want to do the same? The reason why you cant get through is because the number is overwhelmed with calls. You have to wait your turn.

  15. Lets emulate what is good and not bad.Police is supposed to be a highly disciplined force,but unfortunatly in Nigeria u can hadly tell the difference between area boys activities and police.Area boys in lagos use bus stops to collect egunje for their masters while police use arms meant to protect the citizeens and road block for estortion.ln all people are beaten or killed if they dare not settle them.Policemen here are green snakes in green grass,l fear them than armed robbers.sanity is needed

  16. I dey laugh, how can anyone ask Nigerian Police to jettison their traditional culture?
    Even if they are caught, police will claim they are imposters. The foolish policeman that killed a protester at ogba during subsidy strike what become of him?
    Nigerian Police are terrible people, in fact i fear them pass devil.

  17. Nigeria Police has seen bribe as their genetic trait which they inherited from their fore-father they see it as normal because all of them involved in it and system permit it, They do give return to all their boss,. we still need them for security reason but their duty need to be know not to engaged in other services

  18. The Acting Inspector General of Police has a lot to do…the DPO’s are the greatest problem in the Police Force. The people have to resist the mounting of check points themselves.
    The Acting IG should work the Union of Drivers and other organisations to compel his men off the road and any defaulter should face stiff penalties.

  19. police in europe dont take bribe but they pervert justice sometimes and rape people they are supposed to protect. is it not in your england. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  20. That iyanaoba rd to isheri idimu,truth theres much checking point but it should reduce to 3 post.bcos the high rate of arm robbering there is not what u can remove security force entiry.they beheading people there last years back b4 the presence of police scare them away.at least theres relief on the road now.if we are chasing police out of road ,let us be checking and balance oh.nigerians always make oneway conclusion.wtout check next impact on the society.let station them in some needed terrorism point.taks ng.

  21. shame to Nigeria,in europe here police commands lots of respect,u will like to join the police in europe,they are not beggars or hungry compared to their brothers in Nigeria,if u get caught in europe by the police,u’re in for it bcos nothing like bribe or egunje here.

  22. I have never seen a police check-points like the one at Iyaba-Iba- Igando Road. Between Iyana Iba(lasu gate) & Iba Housing estate junction, U wl hv 6( I mean six, in fact number.6) police check points, not up to 2KM. Before getting to Isheri U find like more 9 check points. They r not looking for Boko Aram o… but money

  23. Please somebody should mention those states where there are still road blocks; we shall decisively deal with their CPs
    Signed: Management


  25. Nigeria police road block case is like boil on tortoise head,if u press it,it wil die & if u leave it,it wil die.now if u dismantle checking point police wil be reluctant on persueing arm robbers,boko harams,and other related vices on the road, claiming they could have caught them on checking point.& if they are there, road users wil continue suffering from their abnormal act ,extortion, etc.bcos high rate of poverty have enticing people in to crime day by day in nigeria.which i know even if police evacuate from road,as soon as possible people wil clamouring for reinstate police to their various checking point for crime curb and interception of bandits.so can somebody tell me the solution?frm donchidy lagos.

  26. Fuuny order.Come to Adeniyi Jones junction at ikeja, where u have Oceanic(now EKO BANK),you will see them there from 5pm.They cause serious traffic and collect egunji from okada and motorists.A little distance from there as u approach ogba,u will see another set.The police needs complete re-orientation.They are disgusting.

  27. Let ask ourselves , who benefits from these checkpoint egunje? The IG is talking with both side of the mouth. We know the DPO’s PCommissioner and others have a share in that money..

  28. It is only God that can control this nation, the police cannot stop estorting money from motorist.but their dpo should be check.

  29. Atimes, Nigerians surprise me with their comments or should i say they are too gullible and vulnerable to deceit. Police (CP or IGP) are all products of corruption. The system that produced them will live with them, so dont expect any miracle. Road blocks, bribery is a culture and norm in the system, 99.9% joined police in order to kill, destroy, steal and make money.

  30. Check Ketu to Alapere road, they are still there and also in Alapere estate in front of their station. So IGP what next?

  31. Many had been robbed/killed by armed robbers who disguised as police officers at illegal roadblocks and checkpoints. So, for God’s sake, why can’t we do away with police roadblock/checkpoints on Nigeria roads once and for all. It will also help tremendously to fight corruption within the Nigeria Police.

  32. There are still police checkpoint at Anifowose in Ikeja, especially at that point where Iyana Ipaja buses cross the rail way to access Agege Motor Road.

  33. They will nt listen,except there is a scape goat among them,there still policemen@ ajegunle to abule-iroko sango,ogun-state,pls confirm this.

  34. The only way to stop the Nigeria Police illegal road-blocks and checkpoints.is to strip them of the responsibility of checking for vehicles particulars. The VIO and FRSC personnel should be given such duty. However, the police can still ‘stop and search’.

  35. This is insubordination on the part of Nigeria Police Officers involved. How can the Inspector General of Police for that matter gave an Order with immediate effect that is still not comply with. It is indeed Rebelliousness. Any DPO whose men is caught should be sanctioned and prosecuted, because they have the knowledge of what those Officers are doing and they should be able to tell us why they are still collecting what I will say bribe.

  36. I did not believe police can do without bribe come to end of Adeniyi Jones Ikeja Lagos the police there will quickly come in the morning and leave in time they will come back by 5p.m. again they said I.G. sit down in Abuja he want to control everywhere.

  37. it seems that Police has been cursed, that is why they cannot do away with road block and collection of illegal toll

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