UK Jails Arik Air Stewardess for Cocaine Smuggling

An air stewardess who was caught trying to smuggle a quarter of a million pounds worth of cocaine into the UK has been jailed for five and a half years.

Chinwendu Uwakaonyenma Ogbonnaya, 29, from Lagos in Nigeria had flown into London’s Heathrow airport as a member of crew on an Arik Air flight from Lagos on 18 December 2011.

During searches by UK Border Agency officers at the airport’s crew clearance facility, searches of her luggage revealed that she was carrying a rucksack with a false back.

Officers discovered packages of cocaine hidden behind the false back.

Forensic tests later showed the packages contained approximately two kilos of high purity cocaine, which if cut and sold on the UK streets would have had a value of around £250,000.

Ogbonnaya claimed that she had been given the bag by a friend and that she was unaware it contained drugs.

However, she later pleaded guilty to attempting to import a class A drug, and a judge at Isleworth Crown Court in west London today (Thursday 2 February) sentenced her to five and a half years in prison.

She will also face deportation at the end of her sentence.

Assistant director Pete Avery, from the UK Border Agency’s Criminal and Financial Investigation Team, said:

“The cocaine found here was of a very high purity and there is no doubt that had this woman not been stopped it would’ve ended up being cut and sold on the streets of London.

“Ogbonnaya sought to abuse her position as a crew member by bringing these drugs in. As a result she now faces a long time away from home and behind bars.

“UK Border Agency officers are on constant alert to keep class A drugs and other banned substances out of the UK and take them out of the supply chain before they reach the streets.”


  1. Chike

    How could you be so stupid, longer prison term awaits you after doing your time in UK.

  2. frank

    somebody might have been using her 4 d business.

  3. Ogbagba

    Idiot girl

  4. sanchez

    It beats my imagination that a right thinking person will tribalize this issue. Come to think of it,we all know that Drud peddling is , international business run by all nationalities. Now tell me,if that girl has succeded is she going to be the one to peddle it on the streets? I live in London and I know that yorubas are the agberos on the streets of UK, from credit card cutting,advance fee fraud to drug retailing. But when they are caught, no one cares about their tribe,what they know is that they are Nigerians. It is down here that we segregate. For God sake that girl committed a crime and I only condenm her because she has an enviable job. She only manifested her greed. If it were to be a jobless youth, my dear, I will keep my calm,things are really tough in the street. So befre u condemn anyone,search ur heart…peace

  5. Great

    Lets nt tribalise dis incidence. Just like ibo gurls like money a lot, so do all nigerians. Its juz shameful nd disgraceful dat she was 4rm dat tribe. Nigeria’s image has bin rubbed in d mud once agn so it is 4 d airline opperators.





  8. christine

    All of us na criminals, na person wey fall inside trap be thief.

  9. God is God

    Evil is evil not minding who committed it. But why are some people trying to ‘tribalise” the issue. May God have mercy on us that are too quick in judging others

  10. Mayowa ADo ekiti

    My people,this is good and bad news.Firstly, I congratulate the people of Great brithain for this indicent,unacceptale,igbodiotic,Omo aale,incourigious element,problematic and akward person. Its only unfortunate,She ‘ll remain fat in that cell.She should be in naija so she could eat beans and akamu and sleep in mosquto net.Fullish jelifish of a girl.

  11. Lord Esiri

    Let’s be fair to her. Punishment too harsh , been a first time offender. All race, nationality, religion, etc are involved in drugs. Drugs are been peddled by black/white , man/woman.

    1. Olawole Famakinwa

      Lord Esiri, you mean this is the first time she was caught. She has ample opportunity for privilleged access tto the UK, with only random searches of aircraft crew. Law enforcement will assume that every previous trip has been for drug running. Unless if you know her to be on her first trip in the service of Arik.
      She has also needlessly compromised the good name of her employers, Arik Air. It will bring unecessary attention to any subsequent flights by this company. On the other hand, there will be reprisals against those who put her up for the employment. Do not forget someone has lost £250,000.00 of cocaine to Customs in the UK. They would want to be repaid. The girl in prison would be in danger the minute she is released in 5 years time. She may consider remaining here in London to save her life.

    2. yinka 2010

      The level of depravity of the mind of an average ibo man when it comes to money is shocking, all over Europe ibos girls are in the thick of the prostitution ring, visit any brothel in Nigeria and u are likely to find more ibo girls than any other tribe, in the last fuel subsidy demonstration, the whole of s/east was supline why? because the average ibo man is merchandise oriented, egalitarianism is none of his business,Perhaps that is why despite incessant killings in the north greed is still prevailing against common sense to relocate and preserve their lives.Like somebody said the gal is well paid……….

      1. Bambi

        Whoever associates tribe to this is tribalistic and narrow minded. Its such people that prevents Nigeria from functioning as a unit. If you want to condemn the girl do so, and if you want to extol her feel free. Do not involve tribe. She is a Nigerian carrying a Nigerian passport and was a lso jailed as a Nigerian. Ask the UK agency

  12. Bankole Jones

    @ Gentle,Obo and Vincent. Kindly listen carefully, i resides outside Nigeria, to say the truth and the facts, Our dear Igbo boys and girls are behaving somehow, they want to be rich within a twinkle of an eye. They prefer to do anything to get money / been rich. Let’s be factual. That lady was doing a good job with a good salary, i didn’t what prompted her into such illegality. Anyway, she will face the music alone, but her family will bear it as well.

    1. RSK

      Bankole, wrong to put tribe on it. I live abroad too and Yoruba.Where i am Yorubas commit horrendous crimes for money….rare to read of an Ibo person doing so.Guys crime is crime…..the thing is that dishonesty thrives all over our country and this is manifest at home and abroad in all these crimes.

    2. gentle

      @Bank ole jones, your name speaks more about you….I live in abroad too, most of my friends are yorubas, their job is to cut credit cards, some are in jail now. so keep quiet, we are all Nigerians, we knows ourselves.

    3. carlos

      Bankole your response shows how biased you are. am sure you reside in Britain where people are doing it tough. i reside in the country that has the best economy in the world, the only country that didnt go on recession during the great depression. so you can guess where i am. do you know the number of Yoruba boys in jail in Melbourne?so never expose your ignorance online. trafficking is a bad thing and is not limited to a tribe as you claim ok

    4. carlos

      Bankole i was UK for two weeks holidays i saw many Yoruba Nigerians doing all sorts of shoddy business. in as much as we know Yorubas to be tribal in their judgment, please keep quiet and continue with your hard life in Britain. i prefer staying in Nigeria to living in Britain. i saw the life style. if you are in a good country i would have known what to say

  13. Agbodegba

    Oleee,shop alone die alone,stupid lady,let asume she suceed now,she will now come back be riding JEEP,who see her will think it her hard working….idiooot muntulaaa…

  14. Ojins

    All these bruhaha sounds like what in legal perlance is called non-sequitur(it does not follow).if dat babe succeeded,d same pple crucifying her will b d same pple 2 sing her praises.take for instance my friend JESUS,those dt sang hosana!hosana in d highest 4 him,were d same pple dat shouted crucify him!crucify him!.4 me d babe is just unlucky!

  15. Ifeanyi

    I wish she was as smart as i was but she ve broken d rules my dear til we meet again in world of d druglent.bye dear


    Is this sentence all that is available? They should please decorate her very well by adding more to her years. Neither Nigeria nor her family needs her in a hurry. We can afford to donate her to Britain. I do offer her for free on behalf of decent Nigerians. In fact, her riddance would be a great relief.

    1. suze

      ‎​W̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊å†̥ more does she want,she’s got a good job fat salary visit any W̶̲̥̅̊hε̲̣̣̣̥я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥? In †̥̥н̣̣̣̝̇̇̇ǝ̩̩̩̥ world she must be possessed or even cursed to have done that am adding 20 years more to her jail term for disgracing nigeria

  17. Gabu

    Look at who is talking, malo! for that matter what do they add to this country apart from killing and he is now condeming igbos

  18. Tunde

    Bash,Yomi didnt mean Igbo,He meant Igbo(Indian Hemp)

  19. Tunde

    Base,Yomi didnt mean Igbo,He meant Igbo(Indian Hemp)

  20. Vincent

    Bash control? U ar fundamentally insane, typically mad, and figuratively nuts. Capital ‘MUMU’

  21. jioke odu

    @ bash u most be stupidman,wat about baba suwe?

  22. Obo

    Bash Control otu nne gi gbaa tube and tire..idiot

  23. Bash Control

    Don’t mine her, She is igbo girl. U know they are the most dengerous people in the Nigerian society. If U look carefully into the social vices we have in this country, such as robrey, 419, drugs trafficers and Bobm everywhere, more especially in Northern part of the country, they are the highers category in performing such activities. Take note

    1. gentle

      sound funny? how can malu like you blamed that igbo´s of the bombing in northern Nigeria?

    2. DON

      Maga wey dey blame Igbos u get identity? Serious matter dey ground u dey talk another thing. U don forget say u mama carry coco go uk. EWU Muo.

    3. DON

      Bash contol ibu noo ezigbo Ode, Maga wey dey blame Igbos u get identity? Serious matter dey ground u dey talk another thing join am. U don forget say ur mama carry coco go uk. EWU Muo.

  24. yomi

    Why she no first start with igbo?

  25. awoyinka

    why can’t she work hard,and receive good salary?let her face it

  26. Joe Obiefuna

    Five years is too small considering her position. She should have ben given 15 years with hard labour, for blackmaîing Nigeria. Stupid girl. You guys over there should also search the pilot and other staff members.


    Can they please add more to her term? She definitely deserves more years and that with very hard labor.

  28. O'tello

    This world is all about trial and error. Keep trying until u get to the climax of ur desire.

    1. Bankole Jones

      Kindly listen carefully, i resides outside Nigeria, to say the truth and the facts, Our dear Igbo boys and girls are behaving somehow, they want to be rich within a twinkle of an eye. They prefer to do anything to get money / been rich. Let’s be factual. That lady was doing a good job with a good salary, i didn’t what prompted her into such illegality. Anyway, she will face the music alone, but her family will bear it as well.

      1. Curious guy.

        Hey…!, that trade is not limited to only igbo boys & girls. I ve also travelled outside nigeria. Eg Germany,Austria & london . Like that london u knw, its Yoruba boys, girls, men & woman that run area there,both big time & street. So no just go there. Ur peo also wit some top hausas partially runs saudi. I knw u well Omo. Kettle & Pot re blak not one alone.


    What a shame, greedy lady.

  30. Baba Eko


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