Igbos the Target of Kano Bombs, Leader claims

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Chief Tobias Michael Idika, President, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Kano State Chapter and President General Leaders of Ethnic Communities Resident in Kano State has claimed that Friday bomb attacks on the city were aimed at Igbo people and that they would spur an exodus of about three million non-natives out of the city.

Idika issued a statement today where he traced the chain of events that led to Friday’s bombings, which claimed the life of an Igbo insurance broker and an Igbo TV reporter, working with Channels TV. He also called on South East Governors to begin the evacuation of their people from Kano.

His full statement:

“In about a month ago, the dreaded Islamic terrorist gang called Boko Haram issued a threat message ordering all Southerners to vacate the North or face annihilation. Though the three day ultimatum they gave had elapsed with some pockets of attacks in Borno, Niger, Yobe States etc. Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Kano foresaw the wreckage that took place in Kano on Friday, January 20th 2012.

”If we can recall, Kano was the first base of Boko Haram insurgence following their first onslaught in April 2007 when the Boko Haram elements invaded Kano through the Panshekara axis and engaged security agencies in a series of attacks that claimed lives and government properties.

”Since then, they have continued to put an eye on Kano with malicious concentration on non-natives. Ohanaeze Ndigbo Kano, can also state without fear of contradiction that the January 20, 2012 attack on Kano remains the only biggest coordinated attack by the Islamic terrorist group where about nine locations were bombed and lives (including one Mr. Ibe, an insurance broker was killed) and properties lost!

”In this light, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Kano is convinced that there is a planned JIHAD on non-natives in Kano, particularly, the Igbos. Security report reaching us indicates that there is a serious plot by the Islamic terrorist group to invade Sabon Gari Kano, an enclave pre-dominantly dominated by the Igbos.

”We are also aware that this Islamic group serving the interest of some Islamic Clerics, Northern traditional rulers and ruthless politicians, have a big plan to bomb Churches, public places, hotels and selected private homes within Sabon Gari Kano.

”There is no gainsaying the fact that our people are now scared. The Igbos resident in Kano is living with naked fear and apprehension. Though there are few of us who may like to stay and defend ourselves, the majority of us, particularly, women and children, numbering over three million are jostling to leave the North (Kano), because unfolding events indicate that the North (Kano) is no longer safe for easterners.

”Ohanaeze Ndigbo Kano, thereby call on the governors of the Eastern States and Igbo speaking States in the South-South to provide means of transportation with adequate security to evacuate our brethren who would want to leave because human life is precious and should be protected as such.

”For the fact that in the January 20th 2012 attack on Kano, even Journalists were not spared with the killing of the channels reporter, Eneche Akogwu, by the Boko Haram terrorists, means that nobody’s live is protected in Kano. Ohanaeze Ndigbo Kano, with a deep heart, uses this opportunity to commiserate with the National President of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Muhammed Garba and all working Journalists in Nigeria. The killing of Eneche Akogwu brings to two, innocent Journalists who have fallen victim to the wicked attack and agenda of the Islamic Boko Haram in recent times.

”Finally, we call on President Goodluck Jonathan to identify the sponsors of these killers and make them face the wrath of the law. Failure to do this means that Mr. President is failing Nigerians who voted him into power.”


  1. AY

    The obvious strategy is: Kill the muslims, give them bad name and hang them! The name BH is a coin Identity created to easily and subtly indoctrinate the major ignorant populace that the hausa muslims(Northerners) are the enemies of peace when you separate from the north peace will reign (Absurd hypocrisy to split the country!).

    A well informed Nigerian knows that whoever kill and maim innocent people in the way and manner BH does is completely in the wrath of Allah not to talk of calling it Jihad or revenge! In Islam this act has no position( its a total taboo!) so muslims knows that such people that commits these atrocities against humanities are the exact enemies of islam. So why do Nigerians call them muslims? Just because they call themselves that? How else could they win the heart and support of non muslims in their horrendous mischiefs to cause destabilize the nation? Of course they have so much to gain and that bring about the most important question of who benefits from all these crises? And if we are able to answer that question carefully without sentiments then our problem is half solved. Until then we will continue to dance to the tune of this conspirators!

    The president of Ohanaeze Ndigbo of Kano state is clearly not for the igbos or other community as he claims to be. The presence of igbos in kano is a vital coexistence with mutual benefits to both party. As a leader he the president of igbos shall strive to see this benefits continue to exist in a peaceful and sustainable manner not by deliberately and maliciously creating a scenario of fear and insecurity to his fellow subjects through deceit, deception and blatant liars! If his accusation of the traditional rulers and clerics of the north of master minding the bomb attacks has any iota of truth he shall go to court and ask the court to provide justice for the 200 igbos that were killed as a result of the blast! Since according to him they were the target of the blast that occur in police headquarters, immigration office, IG house and the SSS offices! I thought it would have happen in Sabongari Area of Kano where 90% are igbos and requires no strategy compared to those places mentioned that houses security personal if the target are igbos! After all it would have had more impact over there not a mere two igbos as of nearly 180 hausas killes by the blast. So who are you deceiving? Why are you lying? What is your benefit? What is your interest? really not the igbos in kano! I urge felow Nigerians to call igbos in kano and hear if they share the same view with this so called president.

    So who are you? Were you bought or you are part of them initially? The traditional rulers should drag this man to court to provide them with proofs of his accusation or tell the world his fellow colleagues in all this conspiracies and atrocities to destabilise the nation.

    BH is only a chosen name. Its now evident the actions of this people are far more than what the media seems to know or tell us.

  2. Okwi

    It is in the biggest dimension of stupidity that you people at this locale condemning the comments and statement of the Ohanaeze for their targeted group to be saved of these mayhem that is being fomented by devilish Boko Haram. If he is not right, then why the targeted attack in the church where we have 100% Igbo pple, why mubi attach of igbo community, yobe attack of igbo community and so on? I’m becoming dazed that in as much you people condemns Idika calls for his pple to be saved. This is an utter indication that you people are in support of these cannibal acts of Boko Haram. It is unfortunate and does not represent the principle of being your brothers keepers. The entire Southeast and Southsouth need to be safe in this country!

  3. Joe

    Our country is going through a very difficult stage in the nation’s history. I don’t think we should use this forum to insult ourselves.Clearly everyone is not happy with this ugly development. If we cannot stay together as a nation, let us convey the national sovereign conference and chart a new course for the country. If we wish to divide, Nigerians are civilized people and they know the clever way of going about it. Please stop insulting yourselves. Let us all send our representatives to the united nations and fashion out the peaceful resolution towards this suggestion. I do not think we can live together as a nation anymore.The level of Hatred is too much for a nation to survive at this difficult time.

  4. muhd2210

    Point of correction pls fellas; Boko Haram are only hiding under the disguise of religion to steal, kill, maim and terrorize innocent souls. The impossition of Shari’a is not truly what the are fighting for; if the Shari’a is implimented to be implimented then they will all be sentenced to death. The shari’a demand is just a smoke screen that they think will justify there criminal activity.

  5. jjjazz


  6. olabanji mikail

    sentiment apart. Their target are d govt and d security agencies. Let everyone of us send our thinking to brain in order to process it, whether it makes senses or not. Cos, dose calling for segregation are too sentimental and talking without using their senses.

  7. dili

    Nigerians are living in denials, BH want a sharia state will it amount to crime if you let them have it, or is it better for them to continue their senseless killing whether Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, bini, Efik or what have you, all is not well with Nigeria, I wonder who will see his people been killed every day and kept quite worst by people who don’t value life, look around the world and tell me what you find in most moslem areas

  8. Rabo

    Its clear that this igbo leader lacks the qualities of a good leader.Infact,GE should arrested and tried in the court of law for treason.He is calling for war n succession aat this time instead of calming down the situation.BH are our common enemy,perharps he is an agent of the Zionist movement who are busy planning on hhiw to break up this country with active support of the US n UK.Let them continue to plan.And let them know that God is the best planner.I called on the peace loving people of kano,the Hausa/fulani,Ijaw,Edo,Ebira,jukun,Nupe,Yoruba etc to join hands and fight the fifth columinst among us.For now BH and their sponsors are our common enermy.

  9. Mr Sharapp

    NIGERIA IS FULL OF SHITS… NO BODY SEES THE TRUTH ANY LONGER. PLEASE PLEASE.. These false marriage is not working.. It was an experiment.. 50years of Experiments is enough.. It will Never Never Work, LET THERE BE CONFEDERATION.. TRUE FEDERALISM. This is the ONLY AND SURE WAY to settle Nigeria Problems..

    1. servant of God

      Sorry to whoever lost anything to BH. An able leader should always reserved his comment on an important issue like BH. Even, the igbos always attack yorubas and there properties in sabon gari during riot is this wise thing to do? GOD HAS NOT CREATED HUMAN HE NOT DESTROY. We all hav common enemy we must unite to them because BH consist of all the 3 major tribes. WE SHOULD BE WISE!!!

  10. Chris

    God help naija!

  11. Joe

    All i know is that, we all need to join hands together and flush out the menace called boko haram from our country before it is too late.

  12. dd

    @ijawman….ur full of shit…for ur final statement….

  13. okey chukwu

    This is calling for religion war

  14. okey chukwu

    Government should do something be for this will turn to religion war

  15. ijawman

    I have always said igbos are tribal jingoists. The same they melted to other minorities in the old eastern region. This shameless leader knows very well that many moslems and indigens of Kano lost their lives in these new attacks. Igbos do not see any good in anyone except themselves, that is why they are never an organised people. BH is the enemy of all good Nigerians, Yorubas are killed, Ijaws are killed, Irhobo are killed, Itsekiri are killed, binis are killed, birons are killed, hausas are killed but the sectional igbo leader does not see all these, only the igbo man he pointed at. Stupid people.

    1. Okenyi jerry

      You will see

    2. Bassey

      Why are you ranting? Or are you affraid igbo are now willing to leave.

  16. James

    What are some of you people talking about?the igbo leader also made mentioned of other ethnic groups as well or does it mean some of you can’t read?life is for the living not the dead.BH know there leaders who formed them and should go after them,not innocent people and they should remember nobody or group of persons have monopoly of violence.

  17. Ak

    Imagine such kind of irresponsible statement coming from somebody calling himself a leader if IGBOS were the target you would not been alive to making such a preposterous statement . You should even be with the state security telling them who are the people behind them -as you have mentioned that they are working for traditional rulers and clerics -please stop this your beer parlour talks and face reality you people have adopted the israeli tactics of always been victims while you are the culprits my friend if you can t stand the heat get out of the kitchen nigeria will be better up without your people ungrateful human

    1. Bassey

      May boko ram help you

  18. Uzziah

    De statement of de ibo leader is nt wrong, dis is tellin us dat de ibos are united and hv codination, may be previos experience lead to dis cry. Let otha ethnic group talk of dere own. Leaving de north is nt de solution. Lets join hands together to unite nigeria. Dis nation wil be great, lets be patient wit each other.

  19. Omepulu

    Busari, Abbas, Yahaya and Chioma, I must commend your comments especially that of Busari because I think the target for this particular Kano carnage is government and its security agencies because of their failure to release their claimed arrested members in Kano, which I could remember in the past when they warned about this attack.

    I strongly suggest, we fight this BH together as a nation but I support serious dialogue with this sect because as you can see that they mean business, all they threat has been carried out to fullest, so I dont consider them as threat but as command or alert, GEJ has tried his best to change the topic of the time by switching the nations attention to subsidy because he knows too well that he is helpless in the face of this bad security situation in the country.

    Finally, Please let all the well meaning Nigerians pray together in any religion you believe, be it christain, Muslem or traditional religion, the most important in all religion is Beleive in the maker of universe and love and treat any creature around you with dignity including animals.


  20. dili

    Lots of Igbos and other tribes are trapped in the North not only trapped, if they manage to board a Bus, are they safe to pass through moslem towns and villages on their way out of the moslem North.
    At this point in time I strongly agree that respective state government should help to evacuate their citizens, there is no bases for Nigerian unity, those that are shouting move Nigeria forward or for the interest of unity, or the unity of Nigeria is a task are only after their selfish interest .

  21. omooba

    divide Nigeria now or we will see blood in few days. we don’t have anyting in common. have you seen any tribe in Nigeria killing people like this it can only happen in the north. i pray that Nigeria splits

  22. muhd2210

    This makes perfect sense to me now; the President of Ohaneze in Kano is BOKO HARAM:
    This is an attempt by the socalled leader to further escalate the spate of insecurity of life and property in Kano.
    Common sense ought to have inform him that:
    Out of the two hundred (200) people killed in Kano 2 Igbo’s where unfurtunately involved not at there homes but caught up in the mayharm. How can any right thinking person begin to say that the attack was targeted against the Igbo’s? Besides the Igbo dominated area of Sabon Gari did not witness a single bomb blast how can the so-called Igbo leader claim that the target where the Igbo’s?
    His careless, reckless, and highly irresponsible statement will only succeed in making a bad situation hedious and more volatile not only for Kano but the whole nation.

    Its understandable if they (Igbo’s) feel threatened but over 200 people sharing thesame faith with the Boko Haram pple where killed some in cold blood not in a cross fire. And all the bomb attacks where concentrated in markets dominated by the Hausa’s and the police H/Q. How can someone who can’t identify who his enemy is be reposed with leadership responsibility?
    He must retract this careless statement and vacate the leadership of the Igbo’s in Kano, he doesn’t mean well for his own people…

    1. uzo

      muhd2210, the bombing took place when the muslims were in the mosque for friday prayers in a very quick sequence so who were targetted? christians of course! igbos are in the majority! one thing i know is that we have a big God. i dont know what islam is actually teaching. i know sincerely that God is alive and he is not a man.he knows how to take vengance. why is it that in the history of this country muslims in the north will raise their weapons on non muslims. they are always the ist to shed blood of non indegens.

  23. the man

    Dis stupid so call leader thinks that igbo only deserve to live more than 100 and thirty ppl died and he is der propagating and mentioning igbos if he thinks that the igbos are safe in their states so what broght 3million of non indegin to kano we have a common enemy to fight here !!! Instead of him to call d igbos to join hand in the fighting his there calling 4 a war and split kk let him no that if dis country will split its going to be with war and if there is war there is blood shed and his blood will be the 1st and no country have ever split from seating room …..


      first identify ur self second wht do u call wht BH r doing.no war i dn’t blame u i blamed d Niger Delts 4 dis nonsense,if nt their sabotage during Biafra war we would have gone far in Africa.nd u knw it.u r noting bt Animal bastard called a human being.

  24. flex



    I am sick and tired of these careless sectional complaints. Everyone knows BH is only revenging the death of their leader in police custody and security outfits have been their main target. Remove the word ‘Igbo’ from that statement, and it applied to Nigeria all over. So the best option is to team up to solve any problem collectively. Everyone knows it is the slow style of GEJ that elongates the nefarious activities of BH; and the strange revelation on BBC interview of 500 witches attending GEJ’s inauguration leaves much to be desired. Although they said they were white witches, who are known to be loving and kind, these ongoing bloodletting leaves some questions unanswered! This is not about Igbo or any tribe; this is all about self-protection and fervent prayers not to fall prey to witches’ blood-sucking escapades!

  26. Eze1ofeuropa

    Listen Yemi, Its been obvious that the killings of igbos is getting out of hand, For christ sake, Let them divide nigeria, into three parts, As even the president is afraid tooand cant secure his country, Yorubas from Odua’s has been a traitor as we all known and they are afraid for the igbos to go, Hausa’s are cowards, they dont count life as nothing as one of them major pets are cow’s. Let the igbo’s be wise, Afterall all the national cake income comes from the southeast. And yet them lifes are not protected.

    1. Abdullahimiya

      Eze i dont think you are following what is going on in the north.most of you sitdown in one place.and some mischevious men are feeding you with lies.are you telling me that all the police officers serving in the north are southerners?

    2. Dayo

      Eze, Yorubas are not afraid if you Southeast or whatever should pull out, pull out all your millions from Lagos, Ibadan etc and go back to your land. Let us have a breathing space. Anyhow let the Hausa too go their own way too and see who will crumble first. Which kind “all the national cake income comes from the southeast” ? Before Oil west was thriving big form..and you should know that there is oil and bitumen in the west too. You should ask all your South east leaders that are collecting Ghana must go to sell your birthrights in Abuja…what are they doing to protect you and your kins.

      1. Francis cole

        Thank you very much, I do agree with you. At times what pains me is that, some Igbos Igbos always insult the yorubas for nothing. But insteady of them to fight for the right course. I dont like the killing of Igbos in the north. The only solution is to break up for good and have peace. Some Igbos leaders said they will never leave not and why. The north just dont want the Igbos any more, they just have to leave and go back to their states and invest their money there instead of going to other states. The north and BH really mean it and safe your lifes.

  27. Isa EGO

    It is very stupid of these so called community leaders to start making cheap propaganda.

    So, now the police headquarters and various gov. Facilities are occupied only by igbos?

    Please, if they don’t wanna be part of this country, i suggest they exile. Because just like when they started the diafra war, they want to start another.

    Let them be sure that we the notherners understand that boko haram is their creation with the conspiracy and we shall see to its end.

    1. cato

      u are very stupid just like your boko haram brothers.

    2. peter paul

      Isa Ego i hv neva seeing fool like u. Wot is wrong on wot d leader say. Emaging wot u ar saying boko haram is conspirence of igbos.

  28. ABBAS

    This is absolute nonsense, out of many who died you could only give out the names of two Igbos yet saying Igbos are the target.
    Instead of you to advice Nigerians to pull thgemselves irrespective of religion and region to fight these criminals, you are there giving it ethnic colouration.
    The bombs that blasted know neither Igbo nor Hausa.
    Lets join hands and fight Boko Haram and their sponsors, and leave people like you who only use other people’s misfortune to seek relevance.

    1. cato

      Most moslems said we should join hands.. join hands? are boko haram members not muslems, most them sleep under the same roof with wit other muslem, and if you guys have the courage to point them out, they will gone for good. u dont fool anybody u know them but dont have the courage to point them out. the evil sponsors take advantage of the high illiteracy in the north and fanatical teachings of islam to poison young minds who thinks they will go to paradise by killing innocent people. well God is watching, there is no paradise for them but hellfire.

    2. peter paul

      Abbas, wot do u mean cn u fight some body u did see or knw, d best is 2 leav d state 4 them. Igbo leader is right

  29. Yemi

    This boko haram had already said the reason for this very attack,what kind of bunkum this Mr igbo leader is talking about anybody or any ethnic groups clamouring for war shall be consumed by that war in the name of God because enough of these impalpale acts !

  30. A

    D solution is succession or soveriegn national conference!

  31. yahaya

    It is sad ppl of Chief Idika’s calibre are making search statements. Why why why this man is suppose to be a leader.

    1. Chioma

      @Yahaha, and are his statements untrue? I think it is time to tell ourselves the truth. WE are not one, point blank, period. The North has continued over the years to display actions that make the call for the nation to splict a valid one.

      1. Mukhtar

        i can’t believe u r falling 4 this scandal, all our useless so called leaders are try 2 bring enmity between us

      2. abubakar abubakar

        From thr onset, there has been hatred and efforts by the Easterners to secede. Though am not a separationist advocates, but I think let every one be. The country is ripe for separation.

  32. yahaya

    It is sad ppl of Chief Idika’s calibre are making such statements. Why why why this man is suppose to be a leader.

    1. Bassey

      Are you deaf and dump? Dont you have feeling? Or you want until all the sourtherners are slaughter like ram before you are satisfy. Boy wise up. I think this marraige should be over.

    2. Timmmmi

      you er stupid to ask that question.

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