I Worked On Over 63 Stolen Vehicles For Robbers —Panel Beater Confesses

Muyideen Mudashiru, a panel beater, and member of a suspected robbery gang who specialised in snatching exotic cars, has confessed to have assisted his gang in altering over 50 Toyota vehicles and 13 SUVs by changing all their original engraved fittings and replacing them with new ones.

•Muyideen Mudashiru

The 31-year-old robbery suspect who disclosed this during an interview with P.M.NEWS, was arrested by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, of the Lagos State Police Command, at Abijan Labora, New Site, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

Also arrested with him was Victor, said to be the driver that takes the stolen cars to Warri in Delta State and Port Harcourt in River State, for sale.

Their leader, Festus Ehis Aghatise, an ex-convict, has died, according to the police, as a result of the injury he sustained during a gun duel with the police.

Vehicles recovered from the gang include one Toyota Sienna with registration number EF 843 FST, two Toyota Matrix with registration number BU 247 EPE and CH 356 KSF and 13 Toyota Corolla cars with registration numbers as follows: DD 58 MUS, CD 156 AGL, EL 273 GGE, EU 214 SMK, BZ 973 AKD, SQ 369 AAA, BU 337 BDG, TA 611 AAA, BU 746 BDG, BU 248 EPE, FJ 304 APP, BP 361 BDG and FF 361 KRD.

Mudashiru said about his arrest: ”I was with my wife and two children at Abitu-Ajah, in my own house when SARS operatives picked me up at about 3a.m. It was their boss, SP Abba Kyari, who came with five others and arrested me. The house has no address because the place is new and is called Labura site. Many people live there.

“Whenever Aghatise brought in a vehicle, he would take it to one of his apartments at Sangotedo in Ajah and called us on the phone. We would go there with hammer and chisel and break the car which carried the registration number of the real owner or any mark the owner had identified the car with.

“The person who lived in the house is an Igbo boy named Israel. We would then used gum and new glass that Aghatise had bought and fix them, after which we would collect N50,000 and leave. Aghatise has his own painter to who he contracts painting jobs. He built more than three houses in Ajah and each of them is a three bedroom flat.

“I had worked on more than 50 cars and 13 SUVs for him. I used to see the buyers when they came around, but I had no business with them. Their business does not concern me. It is a job in which you mind your business. Otherwise, you could be misunderstood and that could land you in trouble,” he said.

The Osun state native told P.M.NEWS that when he first met Aghatise, he told him he was an importer of vehicles or smuggler. He said Aghatise used to give him money whenever he informed him that he was broke. Then, Muyideen said, he was arrested one day by policemen from Ajah Police Station and asked to write a statement as a member of the gang.

“When I was released, I asked Aghatise’s friend, Akaba, who is still at large, Aghatise’s real job and he told me that he was surprised that after working for Aghatise for more than two months, I did not know that he was an armed robber. I told Akaba that I would not be able to work for them again. Few weeks after, life became difficult for me again and nobody was willing to help.

“When I heard that Aghatise had been discharged in court, I ran to him and narrated my problems to him. Without talking much, he asked me how much I needed. He helped to foot my wife’s hospital bill. I had no choice but to agree to work with them again because I was financially down and there was no job,” he told P.M NEWS.

SP Abba Kyari who led the team that arrested the suspected armed robbers told P.M.NEWS that the leader of the gang had earlier been charged with armed robbery after he was arrested on 24 May, 2011 with his gang.

He said a total of 15 Toyota Corolla cars, four Toyota Hiace buses, seven Toyota Camry Saloon cars and one Honda Element car were recovered from the gang.

Kyari added that Aghatise was consequently charged to court with members of his gang on 27 July, 2011, and was remanded in prison custody but regained his freedom in September 2011.

He said on 1 November, 2011, he was again caught in the act while robbing a man of his Toyota Corolla at Ajah area of Lagos and was arrested after exchanging gun fire with the police.

He was said to have been seriously injured in the gun battle.

He took the police to his house to recover another stolen Toyota Corolla car, and further confessed to stealing a total of 19 vehicles between the time he left the prison in September 2011 and the time of his arrest on 1 November, 2011.

His confessions led to the arrest of Muyideen Mudashiru, the panel beater who allegedly changed all the engravings on stolen vehicles and Victor who was said to be the driver that took the vehicles to Delta and River states.

—Jamiu Yisa & Ayodeji Dedeigbo


  1. Prince.

    Every body run run run
    every body scater scater
    somebody lost some die…
    someone just die….
    someone nearly die…
    police dey come army dey come…
    confusion every where…..
    second minutes later…
    all don cool down brother…
    police don go away…
    army don disappear….
    dem leave sorrow tears and blood…..
    dem always trade mark…. thank to the Afro beat legend Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti
    Only God will deliver us in this country….

  2. adio

    Now is the time Nigeria govt change from this Demo-crazy ideas into communism ideas.
    People crazy for money every time made greedy people do crazy things for money.
    The North Koreans President died and for 3 days people are still crying non stop.
    But In Nigerian and in other DEMO-CRAZY countries of the world,their leaders will die like Abacha died several years ago and people were laughing,what a contrast in people behaviour only because when you work you work for the state and the state take good care of people,so you dont need CRAZY MONIES for nothing and people will have a good life…CHIIKENA…END OF CRAZY LIFESTYLES FOR MY PEOPLE.

  3. babaalago

    police killed aghatise because he go reveal the top police officers wey dey collect settlement from him.Na to silence permanently be d best option for the men in black.Hmm naijeria…hmmm

    1. Loko

      @babaalago…your comment really make sense…Aghatise was removed bcos of reason…..we all know 9ja police…the most corrupted and ill trained police

  4. Samuel

    ADEGBANKO, you look like a stupid person, police arrested a thief and charged to court, the suspect was released by court, are you blaming police for that for God sake, how many of these robbers are being release from court and police arrest them again, uncountable numbers, call spade a spade, our judiciary are not helpful in armed robbers trial, they should change their mind before things will fall apart.

    1. Alagbe Olufemi Mtthew

      Thank u my bro Samuel, dat is d real thing. Those judges are d one discharging robbers frm d court all jst bcs of money, but one thing am sure of is dt one day they also will b judge by d grate superior judge which is god.

  5. seun jay

    its a pity that the law enforcement agents [police court and judges] are the people encouraging armed robbery kidnapping and murder in our society, and i believe one day they too will face the agony of these crimes ,i cant not imagine an armed robber arrested with ample evidences of gun crime was released within 60days of arrest ,do they no how many people are dead physically emotional financially and buried after being robbed of there properties

  6. Apata Philips

    There is a need for Nigeria Police to be retrained and adequately catered for. The reason is that this is not the first time in Nigeria that Police would be collaborating with robbers,it’s only that now are days they are trying to go advanced with the way they do it. Just like what Chief Nwachinemere said, time of Anini a notorious robber with Iyamu a police officer in old Bendel State,nobody knew that Iyamu was strongly behind Anini until government put some things into the system tactically before Anini was eventually apprehended,Iyamu involvement was unbelievable. Aghatise and panelbeater who were arrested with the gang are not spirits. Getting their freedom all the time from the prison or wherever of Police custody was based on no other thing apart from heavy money from this bad guys and police wouldn’t stop embark on investigation of deceit. Hum!!! The insects that eat up the vegetable lives right on the vegetable leaves. Only God would help up exposing the evil people in our society.


    The cour in Nigeria is another business centre where justice can be bought. The question is, do u have the money to buy justice? But wait a minute. Does the police know the implication of freeing an armed robber? No real policeman will do such a deadly game but guy man police will do it over and over again. We have not forgotten Anini and Iyamu in the old Bendel state.

  8. Rufai

    What. wiould ve been d faith of d policeman dat intially arraigned D robber b4 Court if d suspect was not track again. May God b protecting our Police officers.



  10. Alagbe Olufemi Mtthew

    The bible says “you shall know the truth & truth shall set you free”. Nigerian judges you will give account of your steawarship on that grate judgement day.

  11. Adebayo Oluwole

    This is one of the several nauseating news/situations in this Godforsaken country? How could Aghatise and his notorious team evade justice to this moment? I guess, almost everybody in his Ajah neigbourhood and police officers in that area would know the Gang and keep looking elsewhere. Yoghurt, generator, handset, and wine thieves get long term jails while billionaire robbers and bombers walk and party on our roads freely with cheap bail conditions. Nigeria is indeed a great country!

  12. nil

    i pity dis poor dude !

  13. UGH


  14. kolawoleI Ishola

    The judge to that case should face trial for conspiracy in the deals those armed robbers had been doing

  15. dan

    innocent people in jail, criminals getting bails, only in

  16. Juliusloye

    That is one out of d problem in wish police are facing . In d hand of Judiciary . May God save us.

  17. Unique

    How could Aghatise be charged to court with members of his gang on 27 July, 2011,for armed robbery and remanded in prison custody ONLY to regain his freedom in September 2011 (within only 1 month)? Hmmmn, connivance and power play from the top enchelon at display! Are we sure the man is actually dead or has been ‘helped’ to evade justice?

    God, the unbiased judge will surely bring all culprits and their cohorts in power to justice.

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