Minister Seeks End To ASUU Strike

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Minister of Education, Professor Ruqqayattu Ahmed Rufai, has called on members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), to embrace dialogue with government and end its strike in the interest of the nation and students.

Speaking at the 19th convocation ceremony of Auchi Polytechnic recently, the minister said “I urge ASUU and other staff unions of similar tertiary institutions to seek redress through dialogue and consultation with the government and their institutions in order to avoid unnecessary disruption of academic activities and call off the strike in the interest of the nation as well of the students.”

She stressed that government will always remain committed to the welfare of the academics and in provision of basic teaching and learning facilities at all sectors of tertiary education.

The minister also frowned at the current challenges facing the education system. According to her, they include “poor performance of students in the school certificate examination, decrepit infrastructure, outdated equipment, inadequate funding, cultism and lack of commitment of teachers.”

She added that government is determined to ensure that the youths are given quality education that would afford them decent livelihood and enhance their ability to contribute effectively to nation building.

The ceremony was attended by dignitaries from all walks of life including the governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole; the former Chief Judge of Edo State, Justice Constance Ayashe Momoh; Prof. Abraham Inanoya Imogie and royal fathers, among others.

Addressing the gathering, Rector of the Institution, Dr. (Mrs.) Philipa Idogho, appreciated the effort of the governor for identifying with the aspiration of the institution which, according to her, is now making a greater development in the area of technical vocation and capacity building.

She said for the past three and half years, the management of the institution has consciously put in place polices aimed at furthering distinguishing the citadel of learning, citing the recent 2011 webometricks report ranking of world universities and other tertiary institutions which ranked Auchi Polytechnic among the best 19 institutions that made the list in Nigeria and the only polytechnic ranked in the category of universities since the ranking began in 2004.

Idogho also lauded the effort of some students of the institution who have distinguished themselves and made it proud in various competitions, especially the Nigeria Model United Nations Summit (NIGMUNS) and taking the first prize in a debate organised by the Federal Ministry of Education and the Speech Academy.

Earlier, the Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomhole, appreciated the effort of the management of the school for repositioning it particularly in the area of restoring balance integrity to the its academic calendar system to enhance leaning.

He described quality and sound education as bedrock for positive development of any society and enjoined the graduating students to remain good ambassadors of the polytechnic and as well contribute their meaningful quota to the development of the country at large.

High point of the ceremony was the conferment of Honorary Fellowship of the Auchi Polytechnic on the governor and the former Chief Judge of Edo State, Justice Constance Ayashe Momoh, among other personalities.

—Tosin Ajuwon


  1. moureen

    We d student are getting frusreted at home pls asuu call off d strike for d betterment of the student

  2. Ehisata

    It’s really embarassing that a nation lk 9ja can’t stay 4 5yrs without going on strike,asuu pls call it off dis january 4 d good of the nation & we students.peace

  3. alefune

    Plz asuu am tired of stayin @ home,I want 2 grauate fast and liv d educational system plz call of d strike

  4. olumide

    Na wa ooooo 4 u our so-called many pple suffered be4 dey were admitted havin gained admission,dey ar still sufferin…hmmmmmmmmm remember dis is our father’s land toooooo…may God forgiv u

  5. Innocent

    Pleasss!!! I plead with ASSU and the Federal governme nt to reach a final conclusion before the 12th of January so that we can go back to school.I wish Nigeria the best in 2012 in Jesus name.

  6. anne

    Pls ASSU call off the strike! I’m tired of waiting in agony here!!! Please! Have some compassion and end it!

  7. tomiwa

    So far….president jonathan is yet to make any move towards ensuring resumption…little wonder though..his kids won’t attend any of d affected schools amd he still collects his salary every month..and his A.C’s av nt stopped working….so we might as well trade our pens for all he cares!!!!

  8. Sullxy

    my ?n is dat, I Dnt undstnd Y boko haram ii leav dis evil & sinful men & women 2 scot. If dis strike is nt called off by Jan. I ii personally tel report dem 2 boko. their own atak ii b double

  9. Falilat ibrahim

    Pls we students affected by this strike applead 2 d FG 2 pls hv a gud negotiation wit d members of asuu so dat we cud go back to skul

  10. Vivian

    Proudly 9ja at 51! Corruption, we r d Head. Arm-robbery, we r at d fore front, Bad Roads, we r tkin d frnt lead. NW, ASUU strike has become d oda of d day. MR. GOODLUCK plz try n do smetin abt ds strike n let us graduate at d stipulated tym cos we r tired of staying at home..


    pls, ASUU & d FG! i urge both of u in God’s name 2 cal 4 a round table dialoque were dis difference wil b resolvd & we student wil get back 2 schl by jan 2012. may God grant both party d spirit of agreement(Amen).

  12. Ingibo

    Now that I have the passion & ability to go to school, ASUU pls do not deny me this. Time ain’t on my side. Perhaps ur kids ain’t in d country. dats why u guys play so greed. Pls, i have many dreams to live, don’t kill it.

  13. Bucheche

    What pains me most is that the so called ASUU and the Federal government stake holder’s children are not suffering this with us(the poor mases),their children are studying abroad while we are on five yrs course is going to seven yrs now.
    Oh my God we need ur help,our country Nigeria is not helping matter atall,atimes i regret being a Nigerian,why,somebody why, we need leaders not rulers.GOD PLS SEND ANOTHER JOSHUA TO LEAD US TO THE PROMISED LAND.


    they nd mor arm robas and BH members

  15. Abiodun collins edu

    Dis strike is an opportunty 4 mst studnts 2 join boko haram and ngage in several social menace and.FG AND ASUU should beware dat they themselves are nt secured because THE STUDENTS AT HOME IN LINE WIT BOKO HARAM AND MILITANTS AND KIDNAPERS WIL CONTINUE 2 HUNT THEM.they had beta cal d strike off.

  16. DUNSI

    Mr President u were once a lecturer have mercy on them and the student remember ur name be goodluck let it work 4 dis generation.i hope nd believe by 2nd week in january we will resume back 2 our institutions,na beg we dey beg oooo

  17. Jim s.Ibrahim

    Gudluck not badluck,y av u shown badluck 2 d young generation.U promise assu since 2009&u av nt fulfiled it,is unfair mr.Presidnt pls show us som gudluck cos we’r tired of stayin hm pls b4 jan 5.Tanks.

  18. Jim s.Ibrahim

    Gudluck not badluck,y av u shown badluck 2 d young generation.U promise ASUU since 2009&u av nt fulfiled it,is unfair mr.Presidnt pls show us some gudluck cos we’r tired of staying at home pls before jan 5.Thanks.

  19. Ama

    May God purnish doz who are tryn to play wit d ignorance of d poor people ov our great Nigerians, look at hw d stdnts are cryn abt d stryk why cant u help?

  20. williams

    i want 2 say dis 2 dose pple out dia seekin 4 admission into dis skulz.after strugglin 2 enter,u nw join in d world wer strike is d oda of d day.b4 u can graduate.hmm,i did my yr 1 4 1yr stil dis strike. God plz help me 2 help my children nt 2skul in nigeria…datz my prayer

  21. anonymous

    May God not allow students join bokoharam out of joblessness,d idle mind is d devil’s workshop..pls ASUU call off d strike.

  22. segemenge

    Dis country needs 2 load n cock dier guns again better use Ω̴ modern gun coz ‎​i dnt knw Æ” we shld b 51 n yet call awa slves developin country….dis asuu strike as 2 b calld off coz wat we ar left wif is student on D̶̲̥̅̊ street doin nofin.well we cant blame dem dier children ar studing abroad

  23. simon peter

    Officials of the FG AND ASUU, have sent their children to study abroad and make us to stay at home, let them go and come back, militants and boko haram will welcome them at the airport , except there is no GOD.

  24. Chrisbenjamin

    Pls great people of nigeria, the chairman of ASUU ,the lecturers of different institutions and the federal govt including minister of education, let us reason very well. fighting with one hand when the other is in the fire is like getting ourselves killed. fighting for negotiation and leaving the future lecturers,governors,presidents,prime ministers and so on will not help us. to me i just pray and believe we are on xmas and new year break,by God’s grace amen.Thanks brothers,sisters,mothers,fathers and relatives as u cooperate amen

  25. Akeelah

    We beg you Mr. President and ASUU please have mercy on d citizens of ur country, call off d unreasonable strike and let the majority be happy dat they did not do the wrong thing by voting you in.

  26. favour

    pls,u guyz sud call off ds strike.our president,u were once a lecturer n u sud knw d importance of educatn.plz give asuu wat dy 1t so dt dy wud cal it off b4 d yr runs out,den we cn all enta in2 d nu yr hapi.

  27. Elijah

    I don’t see any good reason for this strike please. These Lecturers have actualy concluded theirs and should allow young men like us to become reasonable persons and contribute meaningful impact in our nation. Pls your excellency,The Minister of Education should pls help us bring these two parties into a concensus. Our destinies are at stake please. Thanks so much.

  28. Esther

    FG should remember that the destinies of students(Future Generation) are at stake,and try to help make these destinies not crash on d floor.

  29. Bola

    We are pleading to Nigerian leaders to help us do it on time…ppl are nt o.k staying at home, ur children are schooling overseas nd here we are…please, we dont have neither money nor power but we have God.. Failure to resolve dis issue after newyear, i’m very sure dere wil b serious problem 4 dis country o…i rest my case ahn nigeria leaders wetin… Na only dis country?

  30. Jummai

    Pls call off dis stike, we r tired of staying at home.Mean while,i am stil in skul hoping dat dey wil call off, nd i tink am wasting my tym here,i pray allah should interven.One love ,one unity,together we r one.

  31. Ufoskybrand

    Na waa ooo! Its means that we unical students will stay at home for more than 6months. . . .sober!

  32. Olasunkanmi olanrewaju

    The fact is that the decision makers and all the ASUU members on strike, do not have their children schooling in Nigeria.

  33. Okiemute

    Strike or no strike, it’s when govt like they wil do wat they want for the institutions, Asuu better suspend its strike and move, pray to God better still cos its nt a physical battle

  34. brightpure

    why have we made it our custom that every year there must be a strike, or should strike continue to be our tradition? Is better we stop it now because it is giving us a bad name in the world.

  35. Rapheal nelson

    Pls call off d strike, we need 2 go back 2 school by jan 2012 it’s important

  36. Awonaya

    Well! FG Should comply with d terms and conditn of Asuu,dis ppl ar right wt thr actns,bt they should put us into ther consideratn. Plss Nigerians!

  37. Zaga

    Student lets jst pray baba God will definately interven soon after xmas break.lets jst we re jst on xmas break

  38. NEYO

    mk dem resume abeg mk we continue studyin….sch tins noooniii

  39. Let dem be happy d lecturers n government

    See even dose people claiming to be leaders…..deir children dont skul here…so let dem just be happy

  40. Onyi

    Pls asuu call off d strike pls let us nt spent 3 more yrs b4 graduation pls we are tired of stayin at home pls

  41. willyfish


  42. Dammy

    “Sanu” minister! You only ended up in blowing the government trumpet. The governmment is determined to ensure a condusive environment 4 learning abi? See our universities, no comfortable lecture halls, lack of accomodation for student, only but a few to mention. Now she dey tell ASSU to dialogue. Why didn’t the government play its own part in the agreement they arrived at with ASSU ?

  43. eby

    plz, asuu shld cal it off

  44. alexdk

    the strike is doing us no good. Let it be call off

  45. awwals

    Better may u 2 reconcile cos it will cause futher set back in d sector if nt resolve in time.

  46. max

    abeg mk dem cal am off oh,mk i graduate

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