Be Careful, Men Also Gossip

Good to be back after a long break. Okay girls, as you know, I talk about issues that are very important to us, but are less discussed. Being women, we take a lot of things for granted and we easily believe what they tell us. As women, we are always conscious of our looks and want to be admired, not just by own friends and fellow women, but the opposite sex.
But in our effort to be admired, we have made certain mistakes and fallen prey to a good number of predators out there. How many of us believe men the moment they say they are in love with us? How many of us have fallen for someone we just met in a party, never talked to only to be told he admires us? How many of us believe love is a gradual thing and needs no rushing?

It might interest you to know that no matter the level of his spirituality or exposure, the thing, the first thing in a man’s mind the moment he sets his eyes on you is that three letter word, SEX. The moment a guy sets his eyes on you or even speaks with you over the phone or the internet, he begins to imagine how good you will be in bed.

When a man meets you for the first time and says he loves you, he is saying he loves what you have on and in your body; don’t be deceived. Like a friend recently told me, real men fall in love with a lady mostly for three things- Intellect, beauty, and ability to engage them. When a guy sees you in an aircraft or party and goes ahead to tell you he loves you, he is simply saying one thing, “I love what I see and can’t wait to get in there,” it has nothing to do with your inner being.

Another thing you should also have in mind before falling for that cheap trick is this; in this generation, we rarely have men who can keep secrets. Our men are now worse than women when it comes to the use of their tongue. I say this because I have a lot of male friends and I will advise you fellow ladies, don’t be too sure he has not talked about you.

A friend told me how another guy, on seeing their mutual friend enter a restaurant with his woman, told him how he slept severally with her. He said he felt like slapping him because that he slept with her doesn’t mean she is a bad girl or that she is unfaithful to her new man. But girls, this is the case with our men.

Most of our so called big boys are nothing but empty taps and I implore you to avoid giving your body to them just for the dirty cash in their pockets. Our politicians happen to be the most randy because they have money they never worked for. If all you want in life is money and fame, please go on falling for every Tom, Dick, and Harry. But if you are interested in a good name then you have to be wiser than you are at the moment.

Kiss and tell is the order of the day among men. Even some of our ladies are not left out as they are now too shameless to talk about their sexcapades. A married woman I know shamelessly opened her mouth in public telling people she must sleep with Tuface; what a shame to womanhood.

I was with my cousin in Port Harcourt when one of his politician friends came in. This guy was getting text messages from a girl who is a pimp. The girl was busy sending nude pictures of different girls showing their boobs, vagina, and bum. He was laughing very loud and when my cousin asked to know what it was, this dirty politician showed him the blackberry.

A commissioner friend recently told me how, during their executive meeting, his colleague was transferring his phone for people to feed their eyes with nude pictures of some girl. We keep seeing a lot of things on the internet; I know a good number of them are photo shop technology, but that doesn’t change the fact that some are real.

A girl I know too well sent terrible pictures of her vagina and others to a man on Skype. She didn’t know I have a work relationship with this man who doesn’t have any regard for Nigerian ladies. When I asked to know why he speaks of Nigerian women the way he does, he forwarded nude pictures to me. To my surprise ladies, the girl happened to be my friend on Facebook.

For the sake of your name and interest, have a relationship with a man who respects and loves you. No matter the amount of money that guy has to offer you, avoid the temptation of giving your body to a very irresponsible man. Life is not about the designer shirts and good looks they wear, there is more to life.

What do you gain from selling yourself so cheap and using those filthy words to lure a man to bed? A girl I know too well who parades herself as a journalist on Facebook does a lot just to have a man sleep with her for money. She doesn’t know this, but her name is all over the place now with men narrating their experiences with her. According to one of them, she does not fail to tell any man who talks with her that she can give them her “toto” (so she calls it) for money.

You keep sending different nude pictures to men just to have them sleep with you for money. Have you taken time to ask yourself what he does with your pictures? The fact is that any man who asks you to send nude pictures to him is saying just one thing, “You are a cheap whore”. Don’t be misled into thinking those nude pictures are for his eyes only; he shares them with his friends.

All your runs on Facebook are open to the public. Even when as a married woman you do terrible things on Facebook with a false identity, they know you. That same man who plays along with you is the one sharing your stories and pictures with everyone.

There are better things to do with your blackberry and internet. People are on the internet making good money in a very clean way and there you are shamelessly revealing your vagina and boobs to anyone who cares to have it for a fee.

Have it in mind that what that man says before you is totally different from what he says behind you after the whole game. They praise your semi-nude pictures on Facebook and tell you how much endowed you are; the story is different once they leave your page.

Even if you don’t want to think about now, what happens if you get married tomorrow only for your husband to walk into his friends house and see some nude pictures of his wife?


  1. Juve

    I dont like it Amara when u generalise that women are is mostly Nigerian ladies that are for me.aint gonna marry a nigerian lady.

  2. Sam

    Thanks for admonishing your fellow women who have the impression that after all, everything boils down to what do you have in terms of material things, and how do you look, in terms of outward beauty, instead of contentment and inner beauty of the heart which is the hallmark of a responsible lady. As a man, I believe that a lady’s body is sacred and very prescious. As such, should not be carelessly exposed anyhow. I believe that a woman’s body is gorgeous and fragile, and should be handled as a fragile entity. Otherwise, any woman that is careless with her private parts will one day shade tears of, “how I wish and had I known,” and imagining how she could turn back the “clock hand” after the fact. But as the saying goes, alas, “there is no repentance in the grave.” Whether your audience – the women heed to your warnings, please, continue to enlighten and warning the women about the dangers and consequences of ones behaviors at later days.

  3. Jasper

    Great work Amara. I strongly disagree wit u in regards of the 3 letter words to reflects in guys minds as soon as they set their eyes on the opposite. I sincerely appreciate pretty, beautiful, nice n naturally endowed ladies. I say to myself dis is wonderful by God. I started dis after i regained myself from a heartbreak a lady put me through. Thumps up.

  4. Biola adebanjo

    I always like ur conversation and advice.just keep it up

  5. Kristen Artale

    This really is an incredibly intriguing article to learn. Are grateful for posting this and please come up with more articles like this.

  6. emmanuella

    this only shows that the end is near ..most times am so ashamed calling myself a lady because of what my fellow young ladies are doing and what pains me most is that this same ladies occupy front seats in church and yet the bible doesnt make any meaning to so discouraged by this generation and to crown it all guys believe every lady is like that and tends to treat us as such unless you proof them wrong.

  7. amaka

    Your piece is ok but I think de men make our ladies demand money for sex.take for instance a married mam going out with a young,single girl,wetin de girl want gain from de man if not money.afterall he wants fresh blood..if a man cannot take proper care of his family,what do u expect de fulltime housewife to do.

  8. nwaoma di Igbo

    Amara, nne u said it all i so much love this..a lot of things has gone worng in our country

  9. Vincent

    Can any of us change this dead life? An american rapstar, lil wayne, would say: ‘women lie, men lie’. Its a crazy world anyway. Make i think betta thing abeg!

  10. Bolaji saheed

    It is always good to be objective. A lady that is sees a gay for the first time, giving him list of demands show that she needs nothing but the gay’s money. Gay in turn ll demand for sex.

  11. Elo1

    Amara ur friends know people who ar into this shameful act,how sure ar we dat they ar not also doing same in their hitech offices,friend told me bla bla… she sef dey d league.

  12. Elo1

    Amara ur friends know people who ar into this shameful act,how sure ar we dat they ar not also doing same in their hitech offices,friend told me bla bla… she sef dey d league.

  13. Nat

    Amara !!!. At times I see you as not been sincere in what you say. Try to always weigh your thoughts before they are published. I agree with Alaba, but I want to add here that this is a wrong caption as your focus mainly is on “women”. I do not see a married man or sensible guy discussing the spouse’s endowed areas like the length,size,depth,width,tight,loose etc, their things are,? Look for something else about men and definitely not this area you delved into.Good advise to the ladies that are ready for a change in anyway.

    1. lekan

      Nat, Amara is right men says more than that about ladies whenever they are together,pls kindly keep on telling our young ladies that money is not everythings about life,they should learn to respect their God gift [body] and stop parading those things to the public to watch free of charge.Amara pls keep up the good work

  14. Evans

    Good piece and advice. hope they will hear. I quite agree with you on this, Man gossip alot especially once they are slept with a guy, they will inturu tell their fellow men about it and even with the strategy they used in getting her. Before u knew it, his friend is already in the same hotel room with the lady even calling in his to tell him that he is with the lady and had went several rounds with her. Some men even bet among themselves just to make ensure that they sleep with a particular lady and before you know, they all have had their turns one by one, without the lady knowing wat is happening.

  15. Tony from Canada

    To a level i agree with you on your article but all MEN are not the same.(1) A man can see a beautiful lady and just admire her,after she has gone he has forgotten about her(2) Men who sees a beautiful lady “like the way some mumu guys were commenting seductively on your pix on facebook are being controlled by the SPIRIT of LUST.(somebody like me when i see overflashy “Very fair” ladies i take to my heels.
    SEX is good for the body but its not the major priority.THE SPIRIT of SEDUCTION is WORKING SERIOUSLY in the lives of so many young Men/Women and what they want is to seduce a man and put him in Trouble(One way or the other we all need DELIVERANCE fro SEX CAGE) may GOD help us in Jesus name… Amen

  16. ALABA


  17. Benjamin


  18. femi

    VERY GOOD article. abeg interview other people for such a good work next time , no be only your friends get opinion…make I add my own….Ive come across very FAT n Ugly girls online that claim to be divas ? the men praise their thickness/FAT and call them all kinds of sweet names only for them to leave her page with a laughter…i’ve seen this in person but and I don do am too….

  19. Es3


    “It might interest you to know that no matter the level of his spirituality or exposure, the thing, the first thing in a man’s mind the moment he sets his eyes on you is that three letter word, SEX…”

    “Like a friend recently told me, real men fall in love with a lady mostly for three things- Intellect, beauty, and ability to engage them…”

    With the two quotes above and as a man I want to confirm to any woman that cares to listen and desires a change in her own life that you are very very…correct!!!

    In the past, it was men that hunted for women (permit the use of the word ‘hunt’ here, as it is meant to capture the predatory instinct in-built in man by God and meant us to keep needing women for marriage and continued sex with our wives thereafter) but now it is the women that hunt for men! How much has the world changed?!!!

    Amara, I will say more than that here, but I sure KNOW what I’m talking about!

    Thank you for this piece meant for ‘women with ears’!

  20. Apata Philips

    Lady Amara!!! First and foremost,why did you go off without notifying readers of your colum? Your newly published books are both good for mind setting,grooming for men and women no doubt. This edition of yours today could not be read without being criticised. This piece of write up is too romantic for our promiscuous for both our young ladies and the politicians of this present government,perhaps this might have been written before ”NOT ALL ABOUT UNIVERSITY QUALIFICATION” nevertheless,it’ll still make an impact on those who are so kin to change. I must be frank with you,TOO MUCH MONEY FOR OUR POLITICIANS contribute lavish spendings to make our young ladies live dangerous luxury life with no respect for their images and they can do anything to get along with these politicians. RELIGIOUS PRETENCE IN VARIOUSE HOMES is also contributing to what you are talking about,PORNOGRAPHIC PICTURES AND VIDEOS are found in almost every young lady’s phone in the places of worship,they want to see how their boobs and private part look like on their phones and they share this with their intimate ones. It’s not only about ladies but also about men,they both talk about what they’ve seen…how long is the length,how thick it is and how energetic….by ladies and….. how fresh, big or small even how wide or tight it is….all these are freely and proudly discussed to gain pride where they think is safe for them to say it,because they know that marriage is not the final answer with whosoever they bring about his or her matter but as for the ladies, MONEY FOR THEIR PLEASURE is paramount and when you can’t meet up their demand they shift to where money can make them do ANYTHING JUST ANYTHING TO GET IT. We pray for God’s intervention to bring about sanity into our society.

  21. Bakare

    Amara U are member of iLLuminati but i’m so suprise about your article

  22. Lawyer.

    As far as am concerned, this article is rubbish and is meant for dustbin. Why is it only her friends and people she met. Is it a kind of £$$!

  23. sharyor

    I disagree me this statement “the first thing in a man’s mind the moment he sets his eyes on you is that three letter word, SEX” Pls note not all men are sex machine and u should know that women are wayward. Nevertheless ur article is quite teaching and sensible – keep the good work

  24. JIFY

    I wish they could listen. unfortunately they do not care, ladies of nowadays are so shameless, they are as useless as animals. They are every where. That a man is showing their nude pictures to others is not a big deal to them, We all know that THE WORLD IS VERY CLOSE TO THE END. It is only FEW that has the FEAR OF ALMIGHTY THAT WILL MAKE. THE WORST PART OF IT IS THAT THIS SHAMELESS POLITICIANS DO NOT LIKE TO SEE THEIR FEMALE CHILDREN CLOSE TO MEN, BUT HAS HIS WAY OF DOING THINGS “VENGEANCE IS MINE”! SOME OF THEIR KIDS DESPITE THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE

  25. ak

    The thing dey enter one ear and pass through anoda

  26. Tina


  27. agun ayodeji

    nice piece… but do you think some ladies realy care when there is money involved??

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