Alleged Sexual Harassment: US-Based Lady Accuses Yemi Solade; She’s A Fraudster, Says Solade

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A United States based lady, Bunmi Ladipo, has accused popular Nigerian actor, Yemi Solade of harassing her sexually.

•One of the controversial pictures

The lady told NollywoodReel that the incident, which is totally embarrassing started one month ago when the actor sent her a friendship request on popular social network site, Facebook.

The lady narrated: “I accepted his friendship request because I recognised him as an actor.

“After accepting his friend request, we started doing normal chatting and along the line, exchanged Blackberry pin. But unknown to me, his intention was beyond the normal relationship as he began to disturb me for something else, but I politely told him it is impossible because I’m happily married.

“At a point, I felt it was someone impersonating him. But I got the biggest shock of my life when he started sending me his nude pictures and sorts. He later called on phone and I recorded the conversation. In fact, that was when I was convinced that he was actually the one harassing me sexually.”

In some of the pictures sent to NollywoodReel, the actor snapped himself with a mobile phone from head to chest level, while the controversial one shows a man’s private organ.

Mrs. Ladipo added that she has informed Senator Abike Dabiri and Funmi Ikeji, a woman activist about the issue and would make further legal actions against the actor.

She added that “when I informed him that I will expose him, he said people will not believe me because he is a star. He said people will rather believe his own words, not mine.”

When NollywoodReel spoke with Yemi Solade on Saturday afternoon, he claimed that the lady in question “is a scammer” who had been disturbing him for some time.

“She is simply a fraudster. She lied to me that she is a lawyer in U.S, but with the way she was speaking, it is obvious that she is not one. She had been disturbing me on facebook and bb (blackberry) until I deleted her. I’m sure that is why she is saying all these.

“I’m an actor and can take pictures without wearing a shirt or just with boxer shorts, so what she is saying is irrelevant. Even if I want a relationship, there are many ladies here in Nigeria that I could date, not someone like her. I don’t want to join issues with a faceless person like her, so let’s forget it. I don’t even know her.”


  1. Apotierioluwa

    You‘ve all spoken well,bt what I strongly believes in is dt man can deceive man bt it‘s nt possible for man to deceive him/herself and if it happens then man cannot deceive GOD,in the both explaination there‘s an iota of truth bt GOD is in the best position to judge.O ye OLORUN.

  2. lollly pop


  3. Dame

    she must tell the whole world what really transpired between them. She need not to engaged in any relationship if she is happily married as she claimed. Let her go and look for her own arizo abi na by force. Yemi ignore her let her go to hell.

  4. Mr Capsble

    Mr yemi solade,u need to ask for GOD forgiveness and his mercy.if I was ask to jugde from what I read,its was he,Mr Yemi that did not play the game well.The woman was playing along with you but something happened that u has a man would have handle maturely,I blame u bcos when she said she doesn’t want a screat love affair,you should have left her alone bcos she will sure come back asking if she wants you.Woman are weaker vessule and they needed to given attention.So,Mr Yemi,once beaten twice shy….leave her alone .You are a Star,you don’t to ask a Lady out,just come to Abuja where we have 100% single mother and single woman..they will call u themselve and scatter you with money!!!…And for you Mrs sorry for what has happened,since its a public issue just forget it and move on bcos shit do happen.we are all living agent of stories of different kind and nature.we are all Nigerians and a Yoruba for that matter,pls don’t allow the rest tribe to be laughing at us…Odua a gbe wa Ooo,Ami

  5. Sambakiu, Nasir

    I’m not sure if this lady is factual. There is no crime in asking for a date. One either accept or turn down the request. Besides, they’ve not met physically. My honest advice to this lady is to stop the blackmail.

  6. Eldorado T

    Ride On Man… U D Best

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