Nigerian Lesbians Invade Facebook

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Facebook, the social internet site, has gone beyond a major source for meeting friends and interacting. It is now a medium where Nigerian lesbians meet and get hooked for amorous relationship.

This is the result of a one-month investigation carried out by P.M.NEWS on the activities of lesbians on the social internet site.

Within the one month, our correspondent, who disguised as a lesbian had 164 friends with 110 of them being Nigerian lesbians and another 24 being Nigerian ladies who are bisexuals. This means that they sleep with both men and women. The other 40 were friends from Jamaica and other African countries including Liberia, Benin Republic and Ghana.

Again, among the 124 Nigerian ladies, 109 are students of various higher institutions in the country. Such institutions include Olabisi Onabanjo University, University of Lagos, University of Benin, Imo State University and the Lagos State University. Some of the ladies are also students of private universities in the country.

Some of the remaining 15 are workers while the others are “self employed.”

These lesbians, investigations revealed, usually register their profile with odd and foreign names to mask their real identities. Most of them do not claim to be Nigerians in their profile but rather prefer to pick other African countries as their place of origin and except one is accepted as their friends, their true identities are left hidden.

It was also discovered that they hardly use their photographs as their profile pictures. They would either use cartoons of photographs of nude white ladies while their real photographs are hidden in their albums.

One of the lesbians, who later gave her name as Tina, and lives in Fadeyi, explained that she became a lesbian after she was raped several times by her step father from the age of 14.

According to her, she was dehumanised while she lived with the man and her mother at Oshodi.

“My mother never believed me when I finally summoned the courage to tell her. I had to summon the courage to run away from home.

“I ran into the hands of a lady who took me to her house in Fadeyi. She was so caring that I had all the confidence in her and hated men instead.

“She actually taught me to be a lesbian. She taught me everything about lesbianism and introduced me to another woman, a divorcee, who engaged me and made sure I went to school,” the 300-level Mass Communication student of UNILAG explained in a chat with our correspondent.

Asked if she has ever thought of later getting married to a man, she said she does not have any soft spot for men. She, however, said she had many male friends who she gave the impression that her man is abroad and that she is decent enough not to double-date.

“How do you think I would cope if I eventually have to marry a man?” she asked in the chat while she expressed joy that her distance from her mother since she left her is to her advantage as nobody would put her under pressure to get married in the nearest future.

Philo, another student of Ambrose Ali University, Edo State, southsouth Nigeria, in a chat with our correspondent, claimed to be from Benin. She, however, said her lesbian mate is a female bank staff in Lagos State.

She said she frequents Lagos because she does not want people around her to know.

According to her, she did not go into lesbianism because she had any terrible experience or because she needed the money from it.

“I am the last of five children and the other four live outside this country and are responsible for my training.

She explained that she actually began dating by having a boyfriend who was a novice in matters of sex.

“I was the one teaching him what to do every time. But at a point, because I am a party freak, I met this lady who was then in the University of Benin.

“We became friends and she then introduced me into it after six months of knowing her.

“In fact, I still remember that Saturday afternoon. We started with having a bath together in her off-campus hostel. In the bathroom, she set my soul on fire before we shifted to her room.

“What happened in her room is best imagined than described. I never tasted that kind of oral sex and use of vibrator before. By the time we finished, I was feverish,” she said and maintained that since then, she had become inseparable from the banker.

She said though boys come after her, she had continued to rebuff their advances because of the long lasting impression she has of men.

Lilian, who says she lives in Ebute Metta area of Lagos State, said she decided to become a lesbian because she does not just get going with boys.

She said she has tried several times to remain in a relationship but has always opted out because she is not one to be dominated by men. She also said she is self-employed.

Being self-employed in this regard means that she is among a clique who often patronise rich ladies in the society, who invite them for the ‘show’ and pay them off after getting the satisfaction they need.

“If I start mentioning names of some of them, you will marvel, but I will introduce you into the business if you are interested,” she told the P.M.NEWS correspondent.

Lilian further explained that the group has a leader who is well known among the patrons. She is contacted anytime “there is business for us and she would in turn contact us.”

Joyce, a student of the Olabisi Onabanjo University says she is engaged to Abike, a business woman based in Lagos.

“She spoils me like crazy and my friends in school do not know where I get the money to buy the things I use.

“My mate is a married woman whose husband is a sailor. You know they come home only once in a while and this affords us the opportunity to run our shows.

She however said she has a boyfriend who is more interested in benefiting from her financially than bother about the source of her finance.

“He is a student of my school and does not care as long as we are happy. He sees my lesbian mate as my elder sister because I have her photograph in my room.

“Whenever I am coming to see her, it is easy for me since to him she is my sister. I also spend weekends in Madam Abike’s house because her two children are in boarding school, so we have all the time to ourselves.

“Madam Abike does not have another man aside her husband. She says she does not want to cheat on the man and that it is better she gets satisfied through a lady like her than look for men and I give it very hot to her anytime she wants it.”

—Eromosele Ebhomele


  1. I know of 2lesbians in my area...owerri...

    I know of two lesbians in my area..owerri ..studentz

  2. Samuel Doe

    Eeeeh! Lesbians u go kill ur self ooh’ wat u r doing s nt right u wld go 2 hell u all.
    Am searching 4 a lesbian 2 add me on yahoo at i wnt a rich lesbian..i luv u lesbians

  3. oladimeji olumide

    Pm news you can introduce me to any of this girs especialy the bi sexual..

  4. Hansom

    Imagin this life see how life made people to go agog. When the female folks have decided to turn this world upsidown,forgetting that the way of man seemeth right in there eyes but in sight of God, they are wrong.

  5. victoria

    iamblessed lesbians are not allowed here…

  6. Obinna

    How do they sterilize the vibrator against HIV? Pls leave them alone.

  7. unique

    this story smacks of falsehood..

  8. Timi

    All men out there should watch out for all these MISS LAMBOS AND LADIPUPO COS OF H.I. V. OUT IN THE WORLD ?

  9. benson

    yes, lesbianism is imoral but have u investigate gay practice among rich & prominent men? incest btw father & daughter among d rich. what about ritualist among d bloody rich & prominent politcians. y lesbians r now d devil? let anyone among u comenting that has not commit any imoral be d first next to condem lesbians. including d pastors & alfas among u. as for d correspondence, u just demote ur newspaper. i am not a gay or lesbian but i will instead advised against it technicaly, psycologically & health wise.

  10. emmanuel

    pm news, am so dissappionted in ur research. Is lesbianism d issue facing Nigeria 2day. We have series of heart breakin crimes eating up dis country but it saddens me to know dat no rearch has been carried out by u guys abt d detasteful crimes commitd by our so_calld leaders. Pls we are not all fools and refuse to dance to d tune of dis ur research. Come up wif sumfin beta nxt time. By d way u r kind of infinging on their foundamental individual rights, since they have their right to emotion So do u have a right of worship.

  11. Tina(this is not d lesbian)

    In fact this group of offenders(offending both man & god their creator) needs serious prayer & delieverance

  12. henry

    na wah o.

  13. OLAIDE

    This is sign of End time. Wal-Asril, Irole Aye.

  14. Raimi Olatunbosun

    I am nt really amazed bcos this is one the foretold signs of end time.hweva I advice u all to clear frm lesbians act, bcos heaven & hell is veri very real. Please always think abt he’ll and heaven b4 u tk any step. I pray dt God’s grace find all lesbians that are ready to repent. Jesus loves u & will nt wnt u to perish wit d world @ d end. Pls help urself.

  15. Mettie

    Eldorado T na won kyn funny guy o! I laff sotey tears dey comot 4my eyes. May God hv mercy on dos dauthers of Jezebel.

  16. Bashir

    purify be to God. Its a great catasthrophe a female have a feeling of sleep with her female sister just because of worldly desire which u dont even know weather u are going to get benefit from it or not. Please and please my sisters in living stop commiting this act if u were in, while if u hav such feeling remove it all let repent to almighty who created us with a reason before his tornament send upon us and we know the consequencies after death. May he the guider guide us to the right path

  17. Mukhtar

    The world is gradually coming to an end. May God hv mercy on us. What a shamed.

  18. iamblessed

    I think you are an African traitor; you have deceived these girls. You have even published their real names which is not very fair. You are a scumbag. Poor and distasteful journalism. Leave the girls alone.

    1. Timi

      Another member ? yeye people keep licking or sucking u hear ?

  19. Vincent, Unical

    @Omo Eko: how do u mean? Is it that Nigerian men cant satisfy their female counterparts in bed any longer, or do u inject that or rather infer that the carrying capacity of men in Nigeria has fallen way below standard for the opposite sex? Pls, i (we) need elucidations here.

  20. Adewumi femi

    I’m short of words. That was why God destroyed sodom.

  21. Sola

    Omaseo eyin obirin naija nbayeje

  22. kollyn

    Omo eko whats behaviour of nigerian male that will now make girl sleeping with girl

  23. francis o ogbeide

    God, pls have mercy on them. how would people come so low to involed in this evil act.

  24. jossy

    My broda, even where dem dey kill armed robber, dem dey catch anoda armed robber. Dem no go hear ur preachin o. Devil don initiate dem finish. If u doubt me, tell dem say heaven dey make u hear their reply. Abi if e no be like dis, hw devil go take recruit dem 4 hell. See, even if catch ur sista in it, try convince her 2 change. If she refuses, leave her alone. Afterall, bro. and sis. no dey 4 heaven o.

  25. OMO EKO

    With the behaviour of the nigerian male, I am not surprised the women are seeking solace in each other’s arms.

  26. Uzezi

    Wat is reli wrong wit these girls? I wonder wat a girl enjoys in anorda fellow girl when you have the real gist is wit a guy and a girl, just the way the creator made it to be.

  27. Ayekooto

    This is Sodomy, This one of the reasons God destroyed Sodom & Gomorah, tell this to whosoever is involved in this terrible act that, the wrath of God will descend on them. If God has his blessing on this perversion of social order, God would not have created Eve, he would have joined Adam with another male creator (ADAMSON).

  28. dooles

    Wow nigeria is gradually backing ilu oyinbo .this is interesting Men beware oooooo

  29. jossy

    My pple dis one no be news again now. E don tay. As at late 90s, 2ndary sch. girls don sabi dis now. Abeg dis writer dey waste im time. 4 ur community self, dem full there brekete (evrywhere). Dem get dressin code, slangs, sign, a particular finger dat wears a ring e.t.c.

  30. 'damilola simeoni

    Dear pm news,
    i think u’ve just successfully betrayed d confidence imposed in you by these women, by revealing too much about them. Lesbian, straight, i care less, in as much you are of good character

    1. Timi

      Damilola you be quiet shameless fiful are you one of them ?

  31. Vincent Chukwu

    Na Wao; Uwa Mebi, Warenu Nwayo.


    stop set of women called lesbians God wil punish u women.that is why u dont give respect to men that marries u,because of havin sex wit ur follow women God wil punish u al.

  33. philip

    Iyke l agree with your submissions let PM news doa reseach on the subject matters you raised.

  34. emeka

    honestly this world is coming to an end. Making money or enjoying sex under lesbianism can neither yield anything beneficia for their future pls advice them to disengage from that act, it totally abhorrent. Tnx

  35. babaalago

    he heh he eldorado made me laugh fall for chair…..

  36. jayjay

    lesbianism carries the same sin as prostitution so its condemnable.frm different literature anyone using vibrator would not be easily satisfied by men again

  37. Iyke

    Vintage PM News!!
    How on earth did you concieve the idea? are you sure you are not the real lesbian?
    I will like to have a follow up research on this, wish you well.
    I would appreciate if you research on ‘why successive governments have failed to cater for the interest of the majority whom they held office for on trust’, and why our elite are so blinded by corruption, that they steal the wealth they cannot finish in their generation.
    I will be expecting the results of these researches, Thanks.

    1. Timi

      Iyke go and sit somewhere is that the right answer to what is on ground ?

  38. Eldorado T

    Ori yin buru………… Very useless set of people…. Una go hear scores sooon

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