Pastor Adeboye Retires 6 Deputies

The General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, has approved the retirement of six assistant general overseers and some workers in the church.

Pastor Adeboye, General Overseer, RCCG

P.M.NEWS learnt that at the recently concluded annual convention of the church at the Redemption Camp, Kilometre 46, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, at least 25 members of the Elders Council and 40 midwives in the children’s department also left the ministry.

It was gathered that the six deputies retired on account of age and not because of any rancour in the hierarchy of the RCCG.

Also during the convention, the church members were delighted to learn that RCCG has increased its provinces by 6,000.

The newly established 6,000 provinces were given a grant of N60 million for take off.

Pastor Adeboye’s office as the general overseer will monitor directly the newly created provinces of the church which are located mostly in USA, Asia, Europe and parts of Africa.


  1. alaigbagbo

    Almost everyone wants to kill Olatunde because the guy expressed an opinion which does not go down well with them. Whatever happens to tolerance! For me, every so-called “Man of God” is a BIG FRAUD, because the God they talk about is an illusion, created in the imagination of priestcraft to oppress and exploit the gullible. So long as gullibility is not a crime, people like Adeboye will continue to feed fat on other peoples’ sweat and get away with it. Nothing can beat the purported sale of eternal life, because when the promised good is not delivered, it’s too late to ask for a refund!

  2. Paul Esan

    I strongly believe Olatunde needs deliverance.He’s not d one talking.It’s d devilish spirit residing in him.May God help ur condition.

  3. Atheist

    @ Tunde , thanks a lot for your intelligent observation , while majority are blinded by these fraudsters in the name of pastors its always a releif that there are some out there who can see through frauds like Adeboye , MY PEOPLE PASTOR ADEBOYE IS A MODERN DAY FRAUDSTER , he is selling you paradise in the sky while living the paradise on earth .

    1. Atheist

      48 hours awaiting moderation ? haba Piunch .

  4. Atheist

    The so called Pastor Adeboye and his likes are the modern day intelligent fraudsters , they use the fear and stupidity of the people and lack of knowledge to gather wealth , their greed is being fuelled by the gullible Nigerians who beleive there is a cullt leader who died 2000 years ago called who Jesus will come and free them from their poverty They stubbornly refuse to challenge the lifestyle of these greedy pastors,. the mind enslavement of our people through these poison called religion has been our curse in Nigeria and frauds like pastor Adeboye are there to cash in on the misfortune and lack of self beleif of these vulnerable Nigerians.

  5. Segun

    Point of correction. It is not 6000 Provinces but Parishes across Nigeria. Pls confirm ur information b4 going to press. Though, that is our prayer to have 6000 Provinces across the whole world even as having the whole world as members of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. This will surely come to pass IJN.

  6. Adefila Bambo

    Okedara, may God almighty forgive you all your iniquities

  7. Mayowa Dare

    Baba, God had brought you to this world at this time, even though i was not on earth wen Jesus came physically, I am so greatful to God that He made me to be now to witness the beuty of His Holiness. The only one thing I ask from God at this time is the double portion of annointing on Baba Adeboye, just like Elisha did ask and he recved it.

  8. Ibrahim

    GOD pls forgive okedara

  9. Mercybocco

    God knows His ppl. So nobody shd judge anybody. D rich churches shd help d poor 4 gudness! De shd emulate T.B. JOSHUA.

  10. Fatide Taiwo

    @olatunde may god forgive you,and all of us,but when next u wanted to talk do not talk to man of god like that.

  11. Odumosu Adekunle

    It is obvious that this OKEDARA doesn’t have a religion or just that he is his own god. That explains his baseless and unguarded statements about giving and tithing as regards one’s relationship with the MOST HIGH GOD… Maybe you could try to dig deep in your reasoning & thoughts the next time you decide to comment on any media forum… GOD will mercy on you.

  12. Wealthlynk

    @samuel, i am disappointed that u can reply tunde’s comment with a curse. Your response shows that your heart stinks and you are not a believer.

  13. lai

    It is well mr olatunde………

  14. Toluwani

    They said more of this ugly statement to JESUS but still HE told GOD to forgive them. May GOD touch ur heart and makes you and several others to know HIM more. GOD forgives us all of our iniquities.

  15. Adeleye A

    Either u ar OlaTunde Okedara or not, God knows u even b4 u were bn formed in ur mother’s worm. It takes GOD nothing to wipe u off or place a curse on u & ur offsprings, bt our God is God of mercy. Even with HIS Mercy ur reward await u. GOD doesnt act on name(s). I personally can gv my life as an offering if required by GOD thru our ‘daddy Adeboye’. Why ascribing much value to money,do u think our God is poor?

  16. Talent

    @ Olatunde Okedara, be careful, a word is enough for the wise that is if you are even among the wise.
    @ PMNEWS pls always get your fact before going to press not all news are news to some people who have the information about what you are publishing.

  17. Samuel

    Ah, Okedara! For your statement, when next you open your mouth to talk,it will be filled with WORMS.AMEN. Iru yin ma nparun lojiji ni.(people like you perish suddnly).



  19. John

    Olatunde, it’s my advice that you control your tongue and don’t pass judgment on what you know little or nothing about. It’s obvious that you are not a Christian and if you are, definitely you are only religious and know nothing about our God. Obedience is better than sacrifice.


    Wat a foolish and satanic talk 4rm olatunde okedara. Re u God 2 knw who is saint or not? I pity u…..


    Wat a foolish an satanic talk 4rm olatunde okedara. Re u God 2 knw who is saint or not? I pity u..

  22. adex

    @olatunde, thou you make a lot of senses there but please watch what u say & where u say it…God Bless 9ja

  23. ayo ogunsola

    the likes of okedara needs pity.except he is a complete unbeliever,did not all the holy books command giving?how could you open wide your big mouth against the lords annointed.only you can see what the hundred of thousands other intelligent and enlightened soul cannond see.god help you okelana.

  24. ayo O

    If people are foolish why do they rush to church. It is because there are solutions to there problems? Heaven is real and Jesus through the church is the way to it! Nobody has ever force anyone to give,but Luke 6:38 is real! God bless those who have different opinions!

    1. John

      People go to church because of the high poverty rate in the country… Its only very few that go to church to worship God. Most just go to church because they hear they would be prosperous if they attend so so and so church. Most pastors are there for the money and only after materialism not really after winning soul for God… Remove tithe and offering in the church and you would be surprise how many church would still stand…. Poverty has blinded most people brain that is why they are gullible and toy in the hands of our modern days pastors…

  25. popoola olayinka

    Olatunde Okedara,How dare you address a respected man of God like that? May God have mercy on you.

  26. olowofela ayodeji

    I pray that your cal anointing wil not dry in Jesus name.A true man of the living God

  27. ola adenola

    Daddy we bless God for the success of our worldwide Annual Convention. More Anointing dear Daddy.

  28. ISRAEL A.

    kindly get your facts right before publishing information. Thanks

  29. Nice öne

    The lord is good.

  30. igwe omolola abiodun

    May the LORD increase is anointing upon the life of daddy GO how i wish God will use me as a honourable Vesel in is vineyard

    1. Olatunde Okedara

      God is not using Pastor Adeboye, he is using himself to enjoy the sweat of the “mugus” who are foolish enough to pay their hard earned income as tithe and offering. The day of judgment will be a day of surprises not only for the so-called daddy G.O. but all those who were foolish enough to believe that he is God’s third-in-command.

      1. oluomo

        what warranted your unguarded comments? do not judge any man of God…

      2. owolabi

        Bros l believe you are one of the anti adeboye. If it’s easy to pray and fast you also can establish a church and enjoy the sweat of the ”mugus”as you said. Tell me are you a christian or not?

      3. AKA

        Ha,Tunde be very careful.

      4. AKA

        Your names are not Olatunde Okedara .You know yourself and God knows you.Let God decide if the man is HIS’s or juju.Kindly tell your people what you have just said.I pity your mummy.repent

      5. joseph

        You are a Son of perdition. There is nothing we can do to you. But unfortunately your are leaving a curse on your children for talking about a man of God

      6. John

        True words Olatunde Okedara… make u tell them ooo

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