Boko Haram Claims Responsibility For Abuja’s Deadly Blast

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Nigeria’s Islamist sect, Boko Haram, has claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack on the police headquarters in Abuja, yesterday morning. The blast at the car park of the police killed two persons, including the suicide bomber.

The Boko Haram said their target was the police chief.

“We are responsible for the bomb attack on the police headquarters in Abuja which was to prove a point to all those who doubt our capability,” the group known as Boko Haram said late Thursday after the attack.

The powerful explosion, believed to the first suicide bombing by Islamist extremists in Nigeria, ripped through the police headquarters car park, killing a police officer and the bomber, wounding several others and destroying dozens of cars, according to police.

“It is unfortunate that we could not accomplish our mission because our target was the inspector-general of police, Hafiz Ringim,” the group said in a statement distributed anonymously in Nigeria’s northeastern city of Maiduguri where the sect is believed to be based.

Witnesses said the motorcade of a senior police officer had driven into the headquarters just minutes before the attack.

Boko Haram, sometimes called the Nigerian Taliban, had warned Wednesday of “fiercer” attacks saying it was angered by a police declaration that its days were “numbered.”

In the statement signed by spokesman Abu Zaid, the group said the police chief had recently been making “unguarded utterances to the effect that he will crush us in a matter of days.”

The sect this week admitted links with a foreign Islamist group connected to Al-Qaeda, but security experts earlier speculated that it had established ties with Islamists in north Africa. It said some of its members had just returned from training in Somalia.



  1. Ace

    @Bokoko haram,
    Why do u guys blow up a common police headquarter when you have the senate house and National assembly to bombard. Pls channel your bombings to those criminals known as law makers and you would see the world would support you and give you your islamic nation in the north though.

  2. magashi luper

    I was wonderin why nigeria is blessed, i said so because our country has alot of money but we only spend it in the senate house. This attack should serve as an example to our leaders on how to use our money on security measures and other important matters rather than on selfish politicians who cares about themselves only. MAGASHI LUPER 4RUM BENUE STATE.

  3. Anthony Iloegbunam

    We should stop beating about the bush, the type of action these bokoharam guys needed is not yet applied. If the current IGP is not capable, we can recall Former DIGP Parry Osayende to come back for only one year to get us going again. These retired IGP’s can be recalled, because they are on reserve, if u get to that position be it the army,police, navy or airforce, u are on reserve and can be called back to come and serve.The current IGP does not have the Liver to be the IGP and should be shown example by inviting a Hard former IGP to put him through. The bokoharam boys have called for Pure Hot water to be pured on them, they will soonest know that we have a lawless police that can do bad things. Our dreaded Mopol 2 can comfortably handle those Rascals. Am not afraid of them, only that our northern brothers are playing Pasha in this bokoharam thing. They dont want the main govt Boys to go visit them (bokoharam). Time will tell.


    Bomb explosion in police head quarter is a big slap on our security bodies. I will suggest that strict measures should be taken to check mate this heinous and deadly acts of BOKO HARAM SECT.

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