Office Sex Wrecks Woman’s Marriage

The marriage of a female manager with the Law Union and Rock Insurance Plc, has been wrecked after she was accused by her husband of sleeping with two persons, one of them, a director in the organisation and the other a client of the same organisation.

Mrs. Charity Chineye Ogugwa was accused by her husband, Fidelis Chukwunwike Ogugwa, of infidelity and has therefore gone to a high court presided over by Justice Williams Dawodu to seek the dissolution of their marriage.

According to Mr. Ogugwa, the situation has gone beyond redemption as the woman, who bore him two children, Grace and Chibuzor, has been engaging in unprotected sex with these two men.

He also alleged that she also engaged in oral sex with the men who the husband identified as Olusegun Augustine Ilori and another client of the company. She confessed this to her husband, Chukwunwike alleged.

Narrating the entire story in a petition seeking the dissolution of their 16-year old marriage, the man said he got married to the woman at the marriage registry in Lagos in 1994 and that they both lived at 126, Ilogbo Road, Sabo-Ajangbadi, Ojo area of the state, but they later moved to 65B, Odaliki Street, Ebutte-Metta.

He said he started suspecting his wife when the woman would excuse herself to receive phone calls at odd hours in 2003. He then became watchful and decided to follow the issue carefully.

In the petition, he further disclosed that “sometime between December 2003 and February 2004, the petitioner (Mr. Ogugwa) found an amorous text message from the first respondent (Ilori)” to his wife.

“On 18 April, 2010, the petitioner sent an e-mail that could only be shared between lovers to his supposed wife. She acknowledged the mail on 19 April, 2010.

“Shortly after that she forwarded same mail to the first person (Ilori) who is her Executive Director and lover in the office and in error forwarded a copy to the petitioner.

“This opened the floodgate of suspicion that led to the discovery of several amorous e-mail messages between the two lovers,” the petition stated.

As for Mr. Onisoya, the petitioner said his wife was also locked in an internet amorous chatting resulting in the exchange of photographs between the two on the net in 2008.

The husband said when he confronted his wife over the accusation, the woman confessed to having an adulterous and unprotected sex including oral sex with the two men who are also married since 2004 to date.

Mr. Ogugwa is now asking the court to also grant him custody of the two children after the dissolution of the marriage.

He is also seeking the court to award him N20 million being damages to be paid to him by the two men for the trespass and trauma they made him pass through, for their irresponsibility and the role they played in ruining his matrimonial home.

When the matter came up yesterday, Justice Dawodu adjourned hearing till Tuesday, 12 April this year.

Meanwhile, the case has taken another dimension as Mr. Olusegun Ilori, the accused Executive Director, has also sued Mr. Ogugwa before a high court sitting in Lagos for defamation of character.

According to him in an affidavit, “on 21 September 2010, (a day before the Annual General Meeting of the Law Union and Rock Insurance Company), an unscrupulous culprit sent a malicious text from the number – 08169406977 to key Board members of Law union and Rock Insurance Plc.”

He said the content of the text message reads: “As you get ready for your AGM in the city hall, watch oga Segun Ilori. He is not who you think he is.

“He has large appetite that compromised his position. He also enjoys married female staff of LUR (abbreviation for the name of the company). He has at least three in his hotel bed any time he likes. He also has underground associates…”

He is a therefore seeking a court order to stop Mr. Ogugwa from circulating materials that tend to damage his reputation and to pay him N100 million as damages.

He is also seeking a retraction of previously circulated materials by Mr. Ogugwa and payment of another N1 million being cost of instituting the action.

—Eromosele Ebhomele


  1. the bible says about the golden rule do to others what you want others to do to you my mr ogugwa is my friend and i made sure i too slept with mr ilori wife so 50-50 she had to oblige because she see it not has a revenge for my friend but a revenge for against her husband

  2. People,
    Adultery is an age old sin.Jesus christ personaly handled this problem during his first physical presence on mother earth. Women ,especially office women pass through a lot of office temptations.Most are under the admiration and official grip of their bosses.Women who deparately need the job and money are the easiest preys.The best thing for a woman to do is to say NO. when the presure persits,threaten to report the HE GOAT and inform your husband.If the pressure persists ,report or resign, if your husband reasons that way.

    Women are under pressure in the offices as well as in the society.Very unfortunately they suffer blame.The muslim laws and the christian laws are very hard on the woman over adultery.But man who wont allow the woman rest seem to be comfortable. It is sad that someone else would engage another man’s wife with all sex styles ,oral and what have you.

    There is however a proplem where a married woman engages multiple sex parteners in her life or in her office.It is clearly for the Love of Money.This woman loves money too much,and prefers it to her marriage and husband.

    At this point ,the husband has a choice of divorce.But if God touches him, he should let bye gone be bye gones,and give his wife a second chance for the sake of the children,and if the woman has other good qualities as a wife and mother.I know it is not easy for the husband.

    The directors of LUR should watch that HE GOAT in their company.He may be using the company’s fortunes on women.
    May God help us.

  3. @Igosun, thank you very much. Some men are irresponsible. Once a woman starts making a little headway and progress, they get jealous. I am a man and I know what I’m saying.

  4. In my own opinion, the confession of this woman need to be collaborated by another person, because the evidence before us is not enough to penalise these men infact how did he want to proof it that they have sex with his wife, but some men are shamles, because you think that court will award you #20m you are washing your dirty cloth outside, who knows if the couple have not agree among themselves to defraud all this people indicted or the woman is forced to confess under duress to play along with her husband, because married women don’t agree to this type of accusation easily, even you meet men on their top they will tell you he has not penetrated. Please don’t judge this men yet because not all of us the contributors can claim that he or she has not had extra marital affairs for once outside our marriage especially we men. But Mr. Ogugwa should’nt have expose his wife, because of the negative effect on himself and the stigma on the children, who knows if those children even belongs to Mr. ogugwa self.

  5. Any man who has appetite for another man’s wife is a big fool. Mr. Ogugwa is a kind person to ask for only N20 million. He should have also sent the idiot to the great beyond.

  6. The husband was supposed to have dealt with the concubines in our traditional ways like using ‘MAGUN’ instead of going to court. He should be careful so that the concubines will not kill him, they are more ‘powerful’ than him.

  7. its a pity that the couples allowed this to go on for so long without calling in the help of marriage councillors or at least reasonable family elders. at this point, the marriage seems irredeemably scandalized. point is, can the aggrieved husband prove beyond reasonable doubts to the court that mr olusegun slept with his wife? all these considered, i think a DNA test of both kids from the union should also be done b4 deciding the way forward for the couples. atimes, separating the couples for a while and at same time encouraging both to seek marriage counselling while tempers cool can help [ie assuming the DNA results show that both couples really own the kids]. Lets be careful about the normal nigerian hypocrisy of blaming and ridiculing others here b/c we are not better in our different ways. my heart bleeds for the poor kids and the traumas and shames they might have to live with.

  8. If I were the man his wife confessed i’ll take my time and make sure that the children don’t know the other story that follows there fathers remaining life.Cheaters are as good as moving coffin cause i’ll make sure i kill the men without any trace one after the other and finally send the woman packing after making her pass tru a severe serious brain madness.

    • u wicked no be small oo
      se na woman matter had reach that level a beg softly softly
      oooooooooooooo biko!

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